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    You're right, It could be fools errand. But why not give itna try, it could lead down some relatively un-explored rabbit holes of design opportunity?
    There are many ways to interpret and mis-interpret colors, classes, etc, but in an open idea forum I feel it's important to be less dismissive and more open, less black and more green ;)

    In the intereests of thi and for fun ill take another stab at iterpreting CH in terms of mtg colors.

    Warriors. Iirc, red/white or "boros" is the military guild, a mixture of aggression and structure. In terms of what warriors do and have, I feel this is the closest two-colour fit. They like to charge in early with strong direct damage (red), and also have strong armor and blocks, not to mention structure via early positioning (white). You could also argue that warriors are g/w, but to me the flavor of red charging and getting in your face has to be represented on warriors.

    Wizards- blue/red or Izzet. Red on wizards? Yes, Sure, why not? Red doesn't have to always be hasty and in your face, but it does represent the direct damage of wizards perfectly (nt to mention wizards have burn spells), while blue to me represents the slow controlling aspect, either via control spells, various terrains, or simply moving away from melee range.

    Priest, yes, absolutely you're right they have several black aspects. And of course with their healing and various buffs they have several white aspects. Black + white = Orzhov! Which is of course not only represented by a church in mtg, but has a major theme of draining (opponent loses life, you gain life), which is represented nicely with the many vampire attacks a priest has access too.

    So it seems that since white and red are both well covered with these three that to me loosely leaves:

    Dimir (black/blue)
    Golgari (black / green)
    Simic? (Blue/green) cover the gaps.

    Golgari especially, could be a perfect class to put poison into, a slow yet strong manipulative guild and therefore class perhaps? Maybe a Dark Ranger? Corrupted Druid? Troll regeneration would be also nice for Golgari type class. Although of course we might also need the Troll race ;)

    For Dimir i could think of no better class than rogues! Mysterious, silent assassins who attack from the shadows. They would also have access to invisibility, how cool an Emerald card this would be;) Again, could have a venom dagger attak.

    Simic - summonr as previously mentioned. Summons spiders andzombes with er, nasty poison bite.

    Did I mention some poison items in the next expansion would be nice?? :p

    Anyway, these are justsurface ideas, for more detailed ones I charge by the hour;))

    Edit: in the long long-term I really feel having 5 classe and/or race will be great fit for the longevity, variety, and depth of the game.
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  2. orian34

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    Still, you forgot Selesnya, Rakdos, Azorius and Gruul guilds.
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  3. Vholes

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    Or just cut Dimir and the colors will be balanced.
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    Explained in-post.

    Cut Dimir? And lose out on unblockable invisible rogues??
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    Hum, if i understand your post, you choose 5(6) guilds . But the others can be interesting too.
    About simic, i disagree, they are not suited for being summoner, it's more based on transformation, evolution than summoning. It would be using cards that transforms the characters, perhaps adaptability :p . Even cards that could up your max health during a few turns.
    Take azorius : It could be a cleric that uses magic that prevents damage, or stops being able to attack(oh god, i want so much a pacifism :D). Even the ability to create decoys that takes damage when an attack is used near them.
    About Selesnya, they are the people creating people, the summoners, they even populate! The number makes the strength. They could have cards that boost as long as your have all your characters alive.
    Gruul could use shamans, you know? Feral strengeth and all that thing. They would use some cards on the same kind of AoA. Also, perhaps cards that "trample"s, could do damage to character near the character attacked.
    Also, rakdos have an opportunity : berserk or sadist, deal damage without caring for yourself. They could use some self damaging attacks, do you remember fighting those berserk goblins/gnomes? It would be similar. Also, they would need to get some discarding cards like skull crush. And attacks that does more damage if the target have no cards or such.

    As you can see, everything can be used, as long as you get your eye on it.
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  6. Christofff

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    Good points Orian about Selesnya being better summoners than simic.

    Yeah I chose just 6 guilds for now, as my brain started hurting, but thanks for fleshing it out.

    Gruul trample damage intrigues me the most, since we already have chop maybe it could be like an ember burst attack, meaning it would be strictly superior to a chop? Or maybe it could be;

    Full damage to target character, then half damage to each enemy in an adjacent square, rounded down.

    Rakdos attack trait. "Blistering Sadist. duration 2. at start of each round, target character and all allies take 4 unpreventable fire damage. Add 3 damage to all melee attacks and 2 to all fire damage".
  7. ciopo

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    I remember on some of the earliest developer diaries, back in 2011, there was some consideration that additional classes in the future could be easily implemented as a different combination of slots, with an example being made for a battlemage being someone using weapons and arcane items.
    I think this is the most feasible way of having additional classes added, because it doesn't create new category of items which would necessarily also have new items being created, that would be a LOT of work.
    New classes that use different combinations of already existing item types would on the other hand be much much easier to implement, not needing the big hulk work of creating whole new items for new categories.
    Now implement the berserker with 4 weapon 1 boot 2 martial slots !
  8. Juxtapostion

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    I agree with you @ciopo . Multi-classing is by far the easiest way to add some more depth to the game.

    On a tangent. It would be really interesting to be able to equip any number of any items with the limitation of 36 cards. Complete class and racial freedom...
  9. GorGhandi

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    rogue: 2 bows; mostly pierce, and bashing attacks, low damage with good range, that add push, move, slide. and can trigger land effect like that crushing one. (shoot a rock over its head and rubble drops on enemy.) and also the spike land effect is also viable.
    they should use helms, boots and *quivers.-armor that supplies the rogue with good parry, and ranged defense. like a shield but with better abilities faster than a shield would. their items, can include special shots like triple, or a burn 1 max fire shot.
    their class skill can be things that add those land effects(which would only last 1rnd max, unlike the mages normal 2-3rnd ) to their attacks. for duration. one for the crushing rock skill, one for adding spike traps, and their third main effect for class skills can be something like adds burn1.

    sage/red mage/ 3divine items, 3mage items, mage armor, boots, shield, helm, class/race,
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  13. ciopo

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    8x parrying buckler 4x hexagon shield :D
  14. Kalin

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  15. ciopo

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    6major, FOUL!
  16. Han Lee

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    12x ring of appropriation...?
  17. Kalin

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  18. melkor_unlimited

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    At this moment I enumerated 15 slot types.
    1 1 1 : (3 card) Boots
    1 1 1 : (3 card) Racial skill

    1 - - : (3 card) Martial skill
    3 - - : (6 card) Weapon
    1 - - : (3 card) Helmet
    1 - - : (3 card) Armor
    1 1 - : (3 card) Shield

    - 1 - : (3 card) Divine skill
    - 2 - : (3 card) Divine weapon
    - 1 - : (3 card) Divine armor
    - 1 - : (3 card) Divine item
    1 1 - : (3 card) Shield

    - - 1 : (3 card) Arcane skill
    - - 2 : (6 card) Staff
    - - 1 : (3 card) Robes
    - - 4 : (3 card) Arcane item

    Each class uses 4 unique types of slots. Only racial skill slot and boots slot are shared between all 3 classes. Shield slot is not shared by wizzards.

    I do not guess that new class will share existing slosts (except racial and boots).
  19. Robauke

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    A deck heavily build around class skills, each of them consisting ONLY of (unpurgable) drawbacks with duration 3 that turn your shapeshifter into a creature.
    Your weapons are generic cards that only get concrete once you've taken another form, same with default moves. All cards from class slots are placeholders and only at full potential once they adapt to the creature. So the attacks are just bland, typeless damage as long as youre human, but are poisonous, piercing bites once your "Spider Form Trait" kicks in. Maybe you could differentiate attacks that get an effect according to the creature you turned into (poison, step, ranged, fiery, penetrating, encumber etc.).
    Whatever goes on in the other class specific slots is open for discussion, my first idea would assists to either boost or iniitiate creature form. Or how about a touch that replaces your own cards with the oldest cards of your opponent?

    The trait format might be problem, so maybe "creature mode" should be achieved by a card in hand, with the qualities of quick reactions and officers harness, something that cant be undone to easily.

    No need to thank me for this exiting idea, youre welcome.
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  20. Dingding123

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    How about
    Green - Shaman and
    Black - Rogue?

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