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  1. Right, so booting this thing up and I'm immediately impressed by the sound quality and the visual style. Looking into the options, quality is set to 'High' not 'Best', so I remedy that and continue.

    I clicking on the first available location on the map - the Pug and Hart Inn. I get a quest to kill kobolds; everyone's gotta start somewhere I guess.

    First Level (kill a kobold in some old guy's basement)
    • Pretty easy, move then use a few attack cards
    • Loot was a barrel of food (pickled herring, lvl 1 common treasure)
    • Feedback: I'm not sure I can use the herring for anything. Is it a 'quest item' that I need to hold onto? Is it generic loot I can sell?

    Second Level (Clearing the streets out of kobold raiders)
    • Feedback: I'm not entirely sure why I'm here now, did I miss some story linking the first level to the second? Why am I not going back to the inn with the herring? .. It's only later realise that the 'campaign' has two levels, and I hadn't skipped anything. A progress indicator of the battles might be an idea (1/2, 2/2), or an announcement by the GM that we're going to fight another battle, or I was intercepted on the way out, or something.
    • Loot: more picked herring, and some amber shards (lvl 1 rare treasure).
    • Feedback: There's no 'loot all' button, so I have to individually ctrl + click both items to take them into my inventory. I'm wondering if there is an inventory size limit -- if not, should the items not jump out of the chest and into my inventory straight away?
    • Feedback: At the top of the screen I notice some counters: [gold 0], [pizza slices:50]. Clicking on the pizza icon, i see 'feed a family 150 pizza slices $5.00' with a paypal checkout button. Confused as to whether this is a joke, or whether pizza slices is a currency I can use to buy items in-game. Doubly confused as to how pizza slices relate to gold. Hoping IAP won't ruin the game, I'm not normally a fan of it.
    • UI Feedback: Dragging the screen around, I can go way beyond the wooden board backing. not sure if I should be allowed to do this. I feel like arrow keys should pan the overhead camera along the x/y axes.
    Headed back to town, there's noone left at the tavern.
    • I18n Error: The Game tells me to click 'onward' to move on, when my only option down below is 'Exit'.
    • UI Feedback: The button to the left of exit shoves my camera left a little, and then I can shove it back right a little. Doesn't really do much as I only have my character sheet visible. Would be better to enable this only when there's more than one panel on screen?
    Back to the map: there's a shop! Awesome.
    • I can sell my little treasures and by the single axe there for 5 gold. amber shards worth 10, so I have some gold spare.
    • Dragging the axe onto my character slot is easy. I am apparently dual-wielding my old sword with my new axe.
    • Thinking i want a shield to match my character's picture.
    Back to the map again:
    • There doesn't seem to be anything more for me to do on the map screen (no lvl 2 adventures available), so I click back to town 'The Pig and Hart'.
    • Inside town there's nothing to do - just my single character sheet.
    • The lvl 1 adventure says 'exhausted' so I guess there's a cooldown.
    • Feedback: I don't know what the cooldown is - a 'resets in hh:mm:ss' would be good.
    • Feedback: I was just getting into the swing of things, and now there's (apparently) nothing more for me to do. I feel a bit in the dark here!
    I click the only other thing I haven't tried, the Multiplayer lobby.
    • Am greeted with a nice felt green background
    • Bug: you probably know this already, but nothing's happening and there's no 'Back To Map' button. I have to reload the page in my browser and login again to get back to the map.
  2. Ryuuji

    Ryuuji Orc Soldier

    Seems like the tutorial bugged out on you as there should be a bit more explained until you have a party of 3.

    Also the Story for the Missions isnt done yet so there is no story transgression between the different battles of an adventure yet.

    try hit F1 and type help , there should be a command to reset the tutorial maybe that helps.
  3. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Herring and other Treasure items are just Cardhuntria flavoured "junk items", instead of giving you gold straight off.

    Pizza is used for cosmetic items (avatars et c), resetting cooldowns on used adventures, Multiplayer packs and unlocking some optional content (i e "premium dungeons").

    No inventory loot size, only likely reason there's no autoloot is you wouldn't be able to see what you actually looted once your collection gets to big. You'll unlock more slots as you level up, so no shield yet.

    Lots of valid points there though - cd timers on adventures et c , and seems like you ran into the infamous tutorial bug like you realized yourself it seems.
  4. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Sorry you hit this bug. We're still looking for it.

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