CHIRP! - Randomly Generated Infinite Dungeon - New PvE Content

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    You can find the details of item level and power token cost in the FAQ, relevant posts here and here. But in general changing item rarity won't change level or token cost.
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    Thanks, that explained it well :)

    So rarity is kinda a semi-arbitrary thing based on the rarity icons on the cards.
    That explains why power between items of the same rarity varies so much, at least.

    Oh well. It'd still be an interesting item :)
  3. Sir Veza

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    Definitely. In a scary sort of way. (Should I run it, or run away?)
  4. Sir Valimont

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    Glad folks like the random-dungeon idea, which wasn't strictly mine at first. (Although, I did come up with my own version in this thread's OP. I based my ideas loosely on some of the design concepts of the Ancient Cave in Lufia II of Super Nintendo fame).

    Suffice it to say that I think some more PvE content would go a long way in Card Hunter ... and it does sound like the devs have the same thing in mind.
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