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    I made this deck before I went inactive about a year ago. I thought it was amazing at the time but I didn't want to play a ton of multiplayer then. I haven't played a lot of games with this deck but it's always been fun, win or lose.

    The decks are built to serve not any one strategy but to counter other strategies in the most obnoxious way possible: be hard to kill even though its characters are often right in front of enemies. That's about as hard as it sounds! But these decks try to do it with a healthy mixture of value and variety. It has mobility (duh! Elves), flexible and valuable Priest cards, plenty of survivability and a good amount of cost-effective melee attacks that can be used collectively to snipe characters over the course of a turn or two.

    The team consists of three Elves, two of which that have enough defensive cards that they can be considered as a non-cheesy frontline. One is an Elf Priest [Dingding] with good attacks and defensive Priest cards, heavily stated by his 2 Nimbus Blades. The other is an Elf Warrior [Dingaling] with two Spears of Dancing, five positive traits and variety of cost-effective items that give him lots of flexibility. In the rear is Dingdong, who has lots of supportive Priest cards as well as three Inspiring Presences which work wonders since his teammates are a solid and mobile frontline and he himself can keep up with them since he's an Elf as well.

    This is an intensely reactive deck even though it is very assertive. In other words, deck's hard to play, yo. But when the party is played well, it's not just cool: it's the Bee's Knees. That's the idea at least haha.

    There are plenty of perfectly good alternatives for a lot of items here. I'm positive, for example, that there's a strictly better third Weapon for Dingaling that I just don't have and haven't bothered to look up so that's definitely a good place to start haha; keep in mind that this deck hasn't been touched in over a year! Disorienting Block is amazing but other Weapons with Parries like Warrior's Mace are fine substitutes as well. If you want to try to fit in some Elvish Scampers, feel free; that's probably a great idea. Dingdong might be better off without an Elf Skill with Vulnerable on it, but changing it might hit his consistency a bit so build around that if you decide to change it.

    If this deck needs any modernizing I'm all ears! I had a lot of fun with it in the past so if there's a way to optimize it with new items while keeping its playstyle I'd love to hear suggestions.
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