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  1. Kaltorak

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    Hi, I am in Beta from almost ten days now and I noted this thing. Characters, are by design a collection of cards, and nothing more.
    This isn't a bad thing per-se, but what differentiate my 8-lvl dwarf fighter from that of another player? Changing his items/skills, his character can be exactly like mine.
    RPG players love personalization, so there are my two cents.
    What about a system of, let's say "feats" which you choose at fixed level (I'll say one every 5 levels) and change your character permanently?
    Some examples below:
    1)+1-3 HPs.
    2)An extra item slot of your class.
    3)An extra item slot of another class.
    4)The chance to choose a skill from another class/race.
    5)Drawing an additional card at fixed rounds (i.e. 3,6,9)
    6)Preferred Enemy: +1 damage against a class of monsters
    7)Bargainer: A character with that skill sells items for +X%
    8)The chance to discard a movement card at the beginning of the turn to draw another one.
    and so on...

    You could pay pizza to "respec" characters.

    Another minor thing. It would be nice to have the chance to set Sex to characters or, at least to rename them. When I started playing I created a femal human cleric called Lavinia. Then in the figure shop I found a cool male cleric fig. But having the pic for the character is... well... weird :).
  2. Gray

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    There's a little pen icon beside the name of your characters - click that and you can rename them.

    Like you I am an RPG'er and like the idea of personalisation - but I think that's a long way from the vision and implementation of this game. I have expressed my personalisation by buying the extra figures/pictures and renaming my people. I am hoping that in the future there will be lots (and lots!) more images to buy.

    The feats type idea is interesting - a possible idea for the future maybe?

  3. Sir Knight

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    If I recall, changing around items to make a wildly different character--say, turning your Priest into a plain old healer versus a crusading paladin--was what they viewed as "exciting character personalization."

    I can say for sure, though, that they won't want to make gameplay changes that are unrelated to cards. Visual changes, probably: but they struggled for a very long time to define characters by cards and cards alone. They eventually acquiesced and allowed HP to be based on levels (i.e., not cards). Given this struggle, I have to conclude that "it's all based on cards" is too fundamental for them to consider much else.
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