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    Celestial Forge Cards

    • Brain Freeze: increased quality from 9 to 10 (affecting some item levels).
    • Curse Attraction: filter depth reduced from 6->5.
    • Curse-Hardened: remove Trait. Add Mandatory Action & Cantrip. Add “Create a random Melee Handicap card in your hand.”
    • Drown: base damage reduced to 3. Range increased to 3. Add +1 damage per Impassable terrain square adjacent to target.
    • Empty Mind: Heal reduced from 5->4.
    • Frozen Core: no longer hits the user when played.
    • Grinding Aura: Add Free Card. Reduced quality from 6 to 4 (affecting some item levels).
    • Honorable Block -> 100 Years Too Early (new card)

    • Hungry Plate: Heal increased from 3->6.
    • Iai Strike: Add Hard to Block 4.
    • Vow of Poverty: remove Trait. Add Mandatory Action & Cantrip. Add “Create a random Empty card in your hand.” Increase duration to 3.

    Older Cards
    • Ancient Grudge: damage increased from 0->3. Instead of dealing additional damage based on the number of cards in the user’s discard pile, it now attaches Curses to the target based on the number of cards in the user’s discard pile. For 7+ discarded cards, it attaches a random Handicap Curse. For 14+, it also attaches Unholy Curse. For 21+, it also attaches Dastardly Curse. Attachments occur before the card’s damage, so Unholy and Dastardly Curses apply to Ancient Grudge’s damage.
    • Boo!: can now target from the front. Discards target’s oldest Attack instead of attaching Fright. Only creates Panic if used from behind.
    • Crusher: damage buff increased from 2->3.
    • Ethereal Form: effect changed to Armor 2 against Melee
    • Ethereality: effect changed to 4+, cushion Melee damage to 1.
    • Panic: now limited to a range of 6.
    • Ready to Strike: now deals 5 damage with no die roll.
    • Inspiration is now Psychic
    • All Out Attack no longer removes and prevents Unblockable and Penetrating
    • Gusts of War is now Crushing and Hard to Block 1
    • Winds of War is now Crushing and Hard to Block 1

    Form Pools
    • Vampiric: removed Invigorating Touch
    • Ethereal: removed Telekinesis
    • Lycanthropic: removed Bite

    Changed Celestial Forge Items
    • Novice Honor renamed to One Century Veteran
    • Trained Honor renamed to Two Century Veteran; Dwarven Battle Cry -> War Cry
    • Focused Honor renamed to Three Century Veteran
    • Bureaucrat’s Attire level -> 16 (minor token)
    • Wearying Robes level -> 8 (tokenless)
    • Grinding Raiment -> Grinding Aura, Grinding Aura, Brain Freeze
    • Sword of Focus -> Honorable Attack, Honorable Attack, Honorable Attack, Lunging Strike, Empty Fist, Ouch!
    • Insistent Sai -> Stoic’s Blade, Stoic’s Blade, Empty Fist, Raging Strike, Raging Strike, Curse of Hunger
    • Midnight Edge -> Stoic’s Blade, Iai Strike, Dancing Cut, Dancing Cut, Penetrating Lunge, Shifty Stab
    • Cursed Tower Shield -> Restless Seal, Shield Block, Immovable
    • Dead Princess Geta -> Restless Talisman, Dodge, Team Walk
    • Novice Stoicism -> Curse-Hardened, Arcane Feedback, Curse of Exhaustion
    • Cold Ring Staff -> Icy Apparition, Icy Block, Frozen Core, Cold Snap, Curse of Exhaustion, Curse of Exhaustion
    • Sweltering Staff -> Awful Flames, Awful Flames, Awful Flames, Instant Burn, Perplexing Ray, Perplexing Ray
    • Suffocation renamed to Submersion

    New Celestial Forge Items
    • Akuma’s Violent Bulwark: epic L19 shield - Restless Seal, Barbed Platemail, Crusher
    • Tempest Orb: rare L13 arcane item - Drown, Gusts of War, Maze
    • Stratus Robes: uncommon L14 robes - Frozen Core, Resistant Hide, Hover
    • Careless Helm: rare L5 helmet - Quickness Aura, Mempo, Curse of Amnesia
    • Supernatural Subtlety: epic L21 elf skill - Subtle Arts, Subtle Arts, Reflexive Teleport
    • Surging Hardship: rare L6 human skill - Curse Attraction, Empty Palm, Demonic Miasma
    • Rending Axe: rare L10 weapon - Sundering Strike, Massive Chop, Honorable Attack, Dancing Cut, Arcane Feedback, Arcane Feedback
    • Arsonist’s Delight: rare L15 staff - Fireball, Awful Flames, Awful Flames, Boo!, Firestarter, Combustible
    • Weightless Boots: common L18 boots - Sparkling Cloth Armor, Sparkling Cloth Armor, Empty Tracks
    • Ikari’s Gauntlet: epic L21 heavy armor - Empty Body, Battle Rage, Curse-Hardened
    • Painful Stoicism: common L6 martial skill - Curse-Hardened, Arcane Feedback, Ouch!
    • Thalassic Pressure: legendary L18 arcane skill - Tongue Grab, Crusher, Drown
    • Pazu’s Profane Pledge: epic L21 divine armor - Empty Body, Dark Pulse, Vow of Poverty
    • Evil Bath Token: rare L10 divine item - Hot Spring, Lunging Drain, Brain Burn
    • Transcendent Asceticism: epic L18 divine skill - Vow of Poverty, Wings of Faith, Immovable
    • Impervious Veteran: epic L18 dwarf skill - Toughness, 100 Years Too Early, Shrug it Off
    • Haruki’s Hammer: uncommon L7 divine weapon - Empty Fist, Empty Fist, Empty Fist, Empty Fist, Surestrike Blessing, Curse of Hunger

    Other Changes/Bug Fixes
    • SFX added to all new cards
    • Issue with Restless Seal discarding or not should be fixed
    • Empty cards no longer trigger at the start of round if their holder isn’t on Victory terrain
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  2. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    Good looking card changes. I don't have many suggestions except Grudge is now a lot of text and it probably does not need the scaling factor, so maybe simplify it by attaching a random Curse for each 7 discard?
    "a random Curse" would include:
    Two more relatively weak Curses, but also a chance of strong Curse starting from 7 discards. 28 discards would also matter because duplicates are possible.

    I don't think Crusher was ever a bad card, though it was certainly a niche. I'm not sure about making it even better at its niche. At least it's not completely broken either way.
    I'm wary of making Form pools even smaller than it already was. Makes it too easy to draw specific card.
    I get Grinding Aura was too weak, but Free Card reliable Armor is not something we had before. At current cost I suspect they'll be used just for the Armor. 4+ or 3+ roll would put it in line with other Free Card Armors, and ensure that it will be used for its primary effect.

    The new items I'm worried about. Akuma's Bulwark looks like it has off-slot cards for the sake of it, which is not good even if it's balanced. We're already adding second Barbed, we don't need third especially on a non-armor slot.
    Do I really need to say that Arsonist's Delight is even bigger problem? I thought everyone, dev or not, knew that Fireball and Firestarter is extremely powerful cards. The lack of Instant Burn does not matter because Accel Time exists... and because you have the other staff slot for it. The new Boo! even synergizes with fire by providing strong anti-melee defense, something fire wiz can't get other than from Forgefire Staff.

    Overall, I don't mean to impede anyone's innovation, but I think you'd gain much insight from some more laid-back kind of game designer, say, Jon. Restrictions in CH are there for good reasons, and should you break one you'd better have better reasons to do so.

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