Caverns of Chaos

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  1. PurpleRed

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    Ah, you have correctly identified the main problem with hide-and-seek with Bliz on this map. I found this Elf Warrior has just enough Dynamic Armor/healing dash/scouting run/nimble strike to stay ahead of bliz. The single step moves can also often be used, it is important that you set-up and use the single step moves as often as you can. The necessity of always holding your biggest 2 move cards at the end of the round, to deal with a potential triple move from bliz, is one of the reasons the fight took so many rounds.

    I've idly wondered if any other characters have the potential to reliably fight bliz. Quick Jon probably has enough move, not sure if he has the attacks. Some of the mages with indirect/burst attacks (volcano, acid pool etc) give you hope, but they just don't really have the move to avoid being caught.
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  2. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    I think Bolg might have a fighting chance, just by never taking damage, but it's hard to say.
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  3. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    Got to level 6 and lost with Magma Sprays against Crude Plates. Not sure if I will ever make it beyond level 8. :D
  4. Yxklyx

    Yxklyx Mushroom Warrior

    Me too, 8 is the highest I've gotten after many tries. Does the game collect stats for these things and sends them to the developers?
  5. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    Dont think so, because Flax asked us to post the stats here in the forum.
  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    It doesn't send us stats, but we can compile them with some work. During testing it was easier to ask for reports than to investigate.
  7. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    @Farbs should add a page to the meta site like the Centurion page tracking how many nodes players have gotten through and/or how many times they've defeated the whole thing :)

    I just finished my 3rd completion... no legendary characters the whole way. Troll King, Whorl and bunch of Spark Sprites against my 2 warrior, 1 priest at the end.
  8. Wocket

    Wocket Orc Soldier

    I love this idea.

    Also, three times already? @Scarponi OP.
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  9. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member


    Currently campaign results aren't available through the API, but it might be possible to tweak that to include CoC. Hmm...
  10. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    I'd love to have a scoreboard to track who's finished CoC so I can pester them to team up with me to play Return to the Caverns.
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  11. ClanCrusher

    ClanCrusher Hydra

    You know...sometimes you just get those maps that makes Caverns of Chaos worth it despite its flaws.



    Zombies discarded Zombie Mob.
    Magma Spray damaged Zombish.
    Zombish took 3 Fire damage.
    Magma Spray damaged Zombitude.
    Zombitude took 3 Fire damage.
    Fire Bolt damaged Dhelae.
    Dhelae took 1 Fire damage.
    Fire Spray damaged Thormin.
    Thormin took 2 Fire damage.
    Gorvarr projects a Holy Presence!
    Dhelae recovered 1 HP.
    Radioactive Spray damaged Eft.
    Eft took 2 Radiation damage.
    Dual Laser Beacon damaged Zomboni, Newt and Ignatius.
    Zomboni took 4 Laser damage.
    Newt took 4 Laser damage.
    Ignatius took 4 Laser damage.
    Dual Laser Beacon damaged Ignatius, Iggle, Eft and Drogtor.
    Ignatius took 4 Laser damage.
    Iggle took 4 Laser damage.
    Eft took 4 Laser damage.
    Drogtor took 4 Laser damage.
    Dual Laser Beacon damaged Eft and Drogtor.
    Eft took 2 Laser damage.
    Festering Guts damaged Eft.
    Ignatius took 7 Acid damage.
    Superstitious triggered discard for Lizardman Netters.
    Ignatius died.
    ClanCrusher scored 1 point.
    Drogtor took 9 Acid damage.
    Superstitious triggered discard for Lizardman Netters.
    Drogtor died.
    Fire Sprites have been defeated.
    ClanCrusher scored 1 point.
    Fire Sprites discarded Fire Spray.
    Fire Sprites discarded Fire Spray.
    Iggle took 6 Acid damage.
    Superstitious triggered discard for Lizardman Netters.
    Iggle died.
    Arcane Imps have been defeated.
    ClanCrusher scored 1 point.
    Arcane Imps discarded Run.
    Eft died.
    ClanCrusher scored 1 point.
    Dual Laser Beacon damaged Zomboni and Newt.
    Zomboni took 4 Laser damage.
    Newt took 4 Laser damage.
    Radioactive Goo damaged Newt.
    Newt took 2 Radiation damage.
    Newt died.
    Lizardman Netters have been defeated.
    ClanCrusher scored 1 point.
    Radioactive Spray damaged Zombor.
    Zombor took 2 Radiation damage.
    Mind Leak triggered discard for Zombies.
    Radioactive Spray damaged Zombor.
    Zombor took 2 Radiation damage.
    Mind Leak triggered discard for Zombies.
    Laser Beacon damaged Zombish and Zombor.
    Zombish took 4 Laser damage.
    Zombor took 4 Laser damage.
    Mind Leak triggered discard for Zombies.
  12. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    I decided to try it a last time after not trying it for more than a week. And finally got to level 8 after a hard fight against Adult Wyverns, Mind Flensers and War Dogs with the mighty Combo of Elvish Insight and Devastating Blow. Feels good to finally being able to be them. But it was close, they did a lot of damage, but I had a good healing priest.
    There I had to fight Umber Bulks and Goblin Hulks support of Goblin Shamans. No fun. Especially because the Goblin Hulks drew 6 cards every turn and had every turn Powerful Hacks and Powerful Bludgeons and tons of move. But getting one of them with a Duck was pretty great. Xanders deck is more than sweet and he beat the monsters while beeing supported by an elf priest. In the end I had all the armors of his deck in hand. If only the armor rolls would not take so long. :D For this battle I got a Hydrogen Staff.
    In the next game I got Glasod, how started by destroying his Frenzy Aura with a Travelling Curse. A problem in that battle were Arcane Spirits with Mind Drains and Goblin Hulks with War Dogs in front of them. But after thinking that Xanders with millions armors in hand is silly, I got to know, that there are even better legendary chars. Especially after the support priest gave him a Martyr Blessing. It is good to know a vamp. ;) A Cleansing Diamond was the trouble worth.
    With such friends the nodes with low entropie were easy. The last opponent was Greenfang with Blackhammer, an Oak Tree Slinger and Rad Spiders. He was bravly fought by two Bleneth and a nameless elf warrior which started a great (Elf) Maneuver in the first turn. Bleneth together with Glasod would have been easier, since I was drawing way to many Mass Frenzys, but I dont want to complain, since the elf, which look like he was a cultist, did the heavy lifting. Having no heals was a little bit problematic, but both Bleneth inspired them in order to draw Absorbing Blocks and heal that way. Unfortunatly on Bleneth did not manage to block and died, which nearly cost me the game. But in the next turn the elf warrior got impenetrable and with two Pulverizing Bludgeons ready, I won the battle.
    Wow. It was the first time I got to the eight node. That and the ninth did not feel particularly difficult. And getting Greenfang was great, I guess as well as getting the Elf Warrior, which, allthough fragil, can deal tons of damage. There were a lot what could have gone wrong, for example the Tough Bark can be ... tough. :p The crown and a Petochl's Sword is now mine.
    I have to admit, that I enjoyed the last battle much more than the first ones. Getting to know the legendary characters was cool. But nevertheless I wont go into that Caverns too soon. But Return to to the Caverns of Chaos is a nice adventure and a great break from speed farming. Allthough it feels a little bit like speed farming with level 23 wizards and a priest shooting there way through that adventure.
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  13. billiska

    billiska Ogre

    Did anyone expressed the opinion that between the lvl10 boss 'Troll King' and 'Blizzy', The troll is waaayyy easier?
    If it wasn't said before, let me say it now.
  14. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    I forgot CoC existed! Thanks for posting something :confused:
    (Yes I am serious, not sarcastic)
  15. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    For me it was the same. After beeing totally frustraded I did not remember it exists.
  16. karadoc

    karadoc Hydra

    Yeah, the troll is super easy and Bliz. is super difficult. It's true, and it has been mentioned. Apparently Greenfang is also super easy, but I haven't had the opportunity to see that for myself.

    Here's what I've faced:
    • The Elder Mind (lost)
    • Blizkenripper (lost)
    • Blizkenripper (lost)
    • Troll king (won)
    • Blizkenripper (lost - but very nearly won until I got overconfident and misplayed. :( )

    I feel that often my loses in CoC are pure bad luck; as in, there was no way I possibly could have beaten the stage no matter how I played. I guess that is sometimes inevitable; and the real challenge is to focus on maximising the amount of times I win when it _is_ possible. (Because it certainly isn't uncommon to lose due to poor decisions rather than bad luck!)
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  17. Rebel7284

    Rebel7284 Ogre

    Got what I felt was a pretty easy level 10 matchup yesterday with the tree king as boss. Lost with the tree at 5 HP. :-\
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  18. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    From my experience, the Oak Tree Boss is quite squishy.
  19. DupleX

    DupleX Champion of Cardhuntria

    This is by far the most challenging selection of monsters I have seen to date :) so many stars
    So many Staffords!

    I didn't have the heart to kill them while they huddled in the corner
  20. Wandere

    Wandere Lizardman Priest

    @DupleX , you're *almost* as lucky as I am!


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