Cavern of Chaos Legendary Characters

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    Then Wym has a bunch of sisters, that character has a randomly generated name. :D
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    Wym actually is the black sheep of the Fractal Frost Family.
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    Has anyone figured out what has changed with the legendary character decks?

    Also, do the AI legendary characters still have less HP than regular CoC heroes?
  6. Vlamona

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    I've seen a new legendary character: Aloyzo. If i remember correctly his deck include Tongue Lash, Acid Jet, Deadly Spark and 2 Hypnotic Beacons.
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  7. Vlamona

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    Maybe he has items from Aloyzo's aresenal. Spritastrophe, Tasty Tasty Staff and Pipes of Hamelin.
  8. Vlamona

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    Not all that new but not listed here are the AI characters, like Jim.
  9. BlackVoidDeath

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    I recently did a co-op coc run, and we got Aloyzo who's first 5 cards were 4 hypno beacons and a spell skill which really got me worried about his deck.
    I remember (very clearly, so 100%) Aloyzo had at least:
    4 Hypnotic Beacons
    2 Spell Skills
    2 Cloth Armor
    1 Tongue Lash
    There was more but I cant remember the rest for sure. @gurel2 @Wandere
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  11. hello world

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    Hijacking this, here's some more complete lists I got:

    Quick Jon



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