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    The active discussion thread for the Castle Mitternacht changes (changelog).

    Few rules to follow:
    1. Keep the discussion on the topic.
    2. Try to point out what you don't like ;).
    3. Try to write concisely and clearly.
    4. Do not backseat someone's else opinion.

    I also encourage you to create your own forum threads in this subforum. They are always welcome!
  2. Tried Spreading Blight on Test server today. Still hard, only real difference I spotted was the elf priestess on part 2 cast Disenchant on my party removing all attachments! Okay, now I am glad I already nimbus-spammed through that 1hp quest!
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  3. Tackled Svitlana's Inquisition today, and part 2 was way better. New spawn points that let you actually engage Captain Teadora straight away are great! Previous spawn points meant Teodora was wolfing up and drawing 3 Monstrous Hides and 3 All-Out Attacks while you chewed through her henchmen, then one-hit killing you with Vicious Thrust and those All-Out Attacks. She still had 3 Monstrous Hides on turn 2, but I had a chance to get a good formation and Boil Armor from afar with my elf wizard :) I was surprised that when I killed her I still had to dispose of the henchmen. I thought Teadora used to give enough stars to clear that stage before, but maybe I am imagining it?

    Part 3 still a rough one, but I managed to get past those pesky shades. Part 4 was definitely easier, the nerfing of Too Horrible helped a lot!
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    No, this was another change. You have to kill all the vampires now.
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