Cardstock II Secret Preview done, what's next ?

Discussion in 'Adventure Discussion and Strategy' started by Valles Marineris, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Hey, that's Valles Marineris from France.

    I have been playing since official launch and finish all quests and all treasure hunts (ok not this damn Return to astral Shrine) but no new adventures poped up on the map which is so huge !
    When can we expect new modules ?
    I am not sure to have captured the advice of Melvin at the end...

    Meanwhile I am also enjoying multiplayer mode so that's quite fine but after few lessons of experienced players, single player mode is refreshing ! ;-)

    Last but not least: do you have a date for a release of Card Hunter on tablets ?

    Sorry for duplicate topics if already addressed (maybe it is worth a faq for my first question ?)
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  2. I don't think these questions have been answered officially, so in short: no one knows. Many of us are in the same boat, eagerly anticipating another SP campaign (or at least recycling quest line!) Until then you've got MP and SP quests to keep you going. Levelling up different classes is quite fun.
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    Last I heard, some of the devs were developing new adventures - and we've seen mention of new monster art and decks et c in their work twitter feed. Nothing official yet, but I'm pretty sure we're not getting a level cap raise for quite some time - probably side adventures, or some lvl 18-20 adventures to fill up the end.

    Also, devs are actively looking for feedback. Here and here.
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    He tells you to do the quests, since you've finished the campaign. Quests are the same campaign adventures but with special rules. Completing one gives you a chest with a guaranteed rare or better. Do them! They're fun, and some of them aren't too hard. (Some of them are brutally difficult.)

    Note one difference: when you lose a map in the regular campaign you have the option to re-do the map for free up to two additional times. Not so with the quests - restarting a map will cost you fifteen gold.

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