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Discussion in 'Castle Mitternacht Playtest' started by Flaxative, Aug 26, 2016.

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    Update 9/30: Public Playtest Start

    Hi folks, attached are the latest versions of the cards.csv and equipment.csv files including Set 5 (Castle Mitternacht) content.

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    I'm not a big fan of short card names that use synonyms instead of just shortened version of the name. I'd like to refer single card with a single name to avoid ambiguity. Of course players give nicknames and acronyms to some cards (and items) and that's fine in my opinion.

    Here is a list of card names with significantly different short name:
    • Spark of Undeath (Zombie Spark): Maybe Undead Spark would be better or at least close to the long name?
    • Creature of the Night (Nightling): This is a border-case in my opinion and I don't really have a suggestion for this one.
    • Wind Dancer (Dervish): I think Wind Dancer is short enough, so this wouldn't need a different short name.
    • Hex of Dissolution (Acid Hex): Again, border-case. Acid Hex is fine name itself, but I like Hex of Dissolution better.
    • Lycanthropic Form (Werewolf): Maybe just Lycanthrope as a short name?
    • Ethereal Form (Spirit): Ethereality? or just change the long name to Spirit Form, which should be short enough itself.
      • I guess changing all three form cards to Werewolf / Spirit / Vampire Form would be the most simple and clear solution, but maybe not as thematic as current names.
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    We did a pass on our card short names. :)
  4. Kalin

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    Short version of equipment file, showing just Castle Mitternacht items:

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  5. DunDunDun

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    What? Naming and noone invited me?
    How silly of y'all.

    Go with 'Lycanthropy' for the Form, over Lycanthrope. Lycanthropy refers to both the affliction and the state, while Lycanthrope refers to a specific individual. Hence the first is more appropriate grammar when referring to a form shift.

    The rest are kinda a bit more challenging, especially to improve over your own suggestions.

    I'm fine with Ethereal Form as the long form, that matches to most other fantasy games, which this game is after all supposed to reference. Spirit Form makes it more race-specific than a general mystic element, so if the intent is to make it reflective of specific beings, then Spirit Form is better. Could also name it Ghostly Form (which is both specific or generalized, depending on how you interpret it) and shorten it to Ghostly, which is nice and simple.

    Hex of Dissolution/Acid Hex works fine, the first is a lore name, and the other is a descriptive name. I'm not keen on sacrificing the lore just for better shorthand. (Though 'Dissing Hex' makes me chuckle.)

    If we're shortening Wind Dancer to Dervish, may as well name the card itself Dervish. Or as you say, name them both Wind Dancer. There's no reason to have separate names on this one, given that they're functionally identical.

    Nightling, Nightwalker, or Nightspawn, I guess. There's not an easy out on this, if you want to keep it as Creature of the Night- and given the classic lore vibe that phrase gives, probably better to keep it.
    (Speaking of, are we swapping Loner on Vampire Blades with CotN? :p)

    Deathly Spark or Undead Spark both work better than Zombie Spark, which is way too specific and counter-indicative. If we're not concerned with having Spark in the shorthand, we could also rename it to something like Shriveling Spark or Decaying Spark, so that you can simply short it to Shrivel or Decay or similar.
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