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  1. BlackVoidDeath

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    The Card Hunter Winter Boxing Tournament

    Looks like Boxing's back on the menu, boys!

    Do you think you have what it takes to win?
    Do you have the strength, skill or cunning to champion in the second cardhuntrian boxing tournament?
    Well here's what to do:

    1) Sign up in this thread by posting "I have what it takes" and your username on the live server before the November 27th.
    There is a maximum of 24 players for this tournament so dont wait around.
    There is also a cap of 4 players per guild that may join, with the exception of the Sorcererers of course.

    2) Everyone signed up will be randomly assigned an opponent who you must defeat to move onto the next bracket.

    3) Reach the finals and win pizza, everlasting glory and be home for christmas.


    The matches will be played in a 1v1 format where each player control 1 character.
    Each round will be played best out of 3 games.*
    You may change character and deck between games.*
    Each player must score 5 victory points on the vp terrain to win but eliminating the opponent's character is also an automatic win.
    You may bend the rules with * if both players agree, for example by playing 1 match instead of 3.
    If anyone fails to follow the predetermined rules or uses a banned card they will be disquallified from the tournament unless the opponent agrees to give them a second chance.

    1st - $10 Pizza Code
    2nd - 4 Epic Chests
    3rd - 2 Epic Chests (each)
    *All prizes supplied by our great chefs at BM, though probably mainly falk.

    Banned Cards
    Flash Flood,
    - More may be added and I am open to suggestions.

    Each bracket must be completed within 1 week:
    Round 1 and 2 (if there are byes) must be completed before December 4th.
    Round 3 (2 if there are no byes) must be completed before December 11th.
    The Semifinals must be completed before December 18th.
    The Finals must be completed before December 25th.
    You will be able to view the brackets when I create the challonge page.
    If this is not enough time for you, do not sign up for the event, but if lots of people say that 1 week is not enough I will change the timeline.
    Equally if 1 week is too much for everyone I will note that you do not have to play your matches within the specified weeks, these are simply the deadline dates and the matches can be played at any point before the deadlines.
    If a match within an outdated bracket is not resolved I will flip a coin and move one of the players onto the next bracket.
    If a player shows that they have attempted to contact and schedule a match before the deadline they will automatically move onto the next bracket.
    If a player is unable to make the deadline and their opponent agrees to extend the deadline they may do so but you must also plan ahead to make sure you will have time to sort out the next round as it will cut into the next week.

    Report match results in this thread and to make my job of sifting through these posts easier please organize your match schedules in forum PM rather than in here, this being with the exception of the finals as some players may want to watch the final battle!
    If you have video recording software it would be great if you would be able to record the battle(s) and post them in this thread, player commentary is encouraged.

    *Note: All terrain within the 4x4 other than VP is difficult.

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  2. squirrat

    squirrat Orc Soldier

    I have what it takes

    Question: How many power tokens will you get? I assume it's going to be the standard PvP 4 Gold, 4 Blue.

    Banned card suggestions: Telekinesis, Winds of War, Gusts of war
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  3. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    I have what it takes.

    Probably. $F^ b
  4. Gast86

    Gast86 Ogre

    I have what it takes.
  5. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Yes you will be allowed to use the standard MP 4 (majortoken) and 4 (minortoken).
    I will not ban these three cards because without control wizards become redundant in this tournament.
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  6. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    I have what it takes.
    Gingrich Yurr
  7. mckeen

    mckeen Hydra

    I have what it takes...
  8. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

  9. Santandrea

    Santandrea Kobold

    i Have what it takes

  10. Paper Crit

    Paper Crit Orc Soldier

    I have what it takes ... Time and being slightly masochistic ;)

    Paper Crit
  11. TheIvyX

    TheIvyX Orc Soldier

    I have what it takes.

  12. 277353

    277353 Kobold

    I have what it takes acc name: GasterBlasterMaster
  13. 3beaner

    3beaner Guild Leader

    I have what it takes


    ban: Bless, Nimbus, Vengeance, Lycanthropy and Howl
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  14. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Alright, lets review these in order:
    Bless - not going to banned for sure because who in the right mind will use it over consecrated ground:
    a. no one will use it for only 1 character and b. there are no good items with it for 1 character (martyr).
    Nimbus - not going to ban:
    Priests need something of an advantage to be playable and from previous experience I can tell you that priests dont work in this league with or without nimbus.
    Vengeance - not going to ban:
    An 8 damage card vs warriors, this is basically the opposite of blocking mace but for wizards rather than warriors. Its a gamble from the user and could pay off.
    Lycanthropy - probably wont ban:
    There is not enough movement in a lycan deck for this map and especially if you draw lycan vs a TK wizard you basically forfeit approx 3VP (/5).
    If anyone have actual reasons why they think any of these or other cards should banned I would be glad to hear them.
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  15. aspire43

    aspire43 Kobold

    I have what it takes.

    Account: aspire43

    Bans: I'm new to this, but the card I'm most curious about is Immovable because it shuts down a LOT of your opponent's options. It potentially makes the game a lot less dynamic, and may decide games somewhat randomly based on when it's drawn. Any thoughts?
  16. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Again, immovable is a gamble - it can either be an incredibly powerful card for 2 rounds (vs wizards) or a silver quality trait that does nothing and lowers the overall quality of the other cards present on the same item and/or makes you waste a token on the immovable item (vs warriors).
    I wont ban immovable.
    I am surprised no one has mentioned it yet so I will address it before hand:
    Force Field is one card that is fairly powerful all round (vs both wizards and warriors) and there are not many reasons why I should not banning this card but I will state them anyway:
    The card is gold quality which requires the user to spend a token which usually means that that character has a much weaker selection of attacks.
    Also because the map is mainly difficult terrain by the time the character gets to the opponent their Force Field duration will run out and they will have wasted a gold card or if they keep the Force Field in their hand at the end of the round instead of using it they would be sacrificing space for attack and movement cards.
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  17. aspire43

    aspire43 Kobold

    Not to contest your decision, but I must point out that Immovable is certainly not a meaningless card against warriors. Even if the bash/ready to strike archetype isn't a contender, which I'd be surprised to hear, there are still cards like violent spin and disorienting block that can be used to wrestle away VP locations or escape being pinned. If your opponent has no plans to disrupt your positioning, I would say that's more a gamble on the opponent's part than your own investment by including immovable. It's also stronger than vengeance against wizards because it denies TK. Given that there's so much difficult terrain, denying telekinesis seems more important, and winds less so.
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  18. dakuan

    dakuan Kobold

    i have what it takes - El Viejo Dakuan
  19. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    I know you covered vs. Telekinesis already, but I'd like to point out that wolves have 4 Moves out of 9 total "static" cards (neither Trait nor Howl) -- 3 of those Moves potentially causing damage, and 1 Free Move that on this map guarantees reach-opponent-and-attach-Frenzy-2 (or flee opp and land on VS of course, ha ha). The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to agree with @3beaner on Lyc Form and consequently Howl. Hm. However, wolves do have counterplay; it's just, usually, the main way to counterplay them is to build specifically against them (or join their moonlight escapades). Not the only counterplay of course, but they're annoyingly strong against so many other deck archetypes...

    From there, I'd suggest that Telekinesis should only be banned if Nimble Strike is also banned. (And I can't say that sounds terrible, banning both TK and NS...) Perhaps instead of TK, though, only Asmod's Telekinetic Chain should be considered? $;^ J
  20. 3beaner

    3beaner Guild Leader

    Oh, I thought this was the 'what should be banned in ranked' list. My bad :rolleyes:

    Like PKB I respectfully disagree with you about 'not enough movement', for the reasons he stated. In addition it has built in armor 2 and is a reliable source of monster hide, AoA, penetrating damage and sundering strike with very little token commitment. What other class has that advantage?

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