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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Torvaldr, Dec 29, 2018.

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    recently, I wanted to generate new Wiki pages from the game files for missing items and cards, but the site uses an out-of-date reCAPTCHA version preventing me from creating an account. After some digging around, I found out there was already a bot (or two) in place, but it was last active in April 2018.

    Is there someone still around with backend access or, for the time being, editing permissions? I'll forward this post via the forum to the Wiki admins I found, but I'm not sure if they'll get notified.
  2. Jayce

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    Hi, I've been somewhat inactive over here for a while, thankfully it's the holiday period, so I had some time to take a peek at your poke =D

    I've taken this opportunity to run the relevant thingies to update the items and the cards, the card one doesn't seem to upload the images, so they might need doing manually.

    It seems like the access to the actual hosting bit has moved location, so I haven't been able to look at that reCAPTCHA issue; I didn't set it up in the first place so I'm not entirely sure what that would entail, I guess switching to a newer version? Someone else may come along and be able to help out with that one.

    I do seem to have the ability to bypass that on the Wiki though, so I could set you up with an account if that's of interest? Feel free to message me directly and we can try and take care of that.
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