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    Looks like we have perma-halloween
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    I feel this so much. If there was ever an attempt to reboot the game via sequel or transfer it to some sort of community-run operation I would completely be on board with helping out.
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    Copied from their site:
    Game Request Form
    (Redirected from Request Form)
    Request a game you would like to see in the next version of Flashpoint.

    Before requesting a game, make sure it follows these requirements below:

    1. The game is a webgame that's played through an internet browser.
    2. The game is not in the Game Master List.
    3. The game is fully working at the link you found.
    4. The game is not heavily online dependent, such as online multiplayer games, MMOs, or social media games; currently they're too difficult to save.
    5. The game is not a desktop game or mobile game based on a webgame (such as Insaniquarium Deluxe on desktop, or Robot Unicorn Attack 3 on mobile).
    6. The game is not an emulator that's prepackaged with a ROM.
    If, for any reason, the game is not fully working on your device, please ask about it in the Flashpoint Discord server. We will let you know whether you can make the request.

    If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please visit us at the Flashpoint Discord server.

    So, apart from point 4 I think CH falls within the catagories. I've made a request.
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    Great idea. If there will be any chance of making a CH sequel, I'd support it. I still think that CH is one of the best games I've ever played. It's unique, charming and has a great community. This is the only F2P game that I've spent my money on, because the game deserves it. Anyway, I know that making a F2P game as a small team is kinda hard, but with croudfunding we might be able to get a considerable amount of money. I'm sure that there are many players that would contribute in their own way. I could even help in testing or programming if such a need would arise.
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    Would it be possible to code a local offline version of the campaign ? and/or multi through LAN ?
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    Why attempt to have endless contingency plans? Someone with the technical know-how [possibly backed by ThetianKnight/HisRoyalHygiene's offer] could just get Jon's permission make a "spiritual" Card Hunter sequel game instead of trying to keep alive a game that Jon doesn't really care all that much for, anymore.

    Think about it, a well constructed team could make an even BETTER CH; One that credits CH [or at least BM] for inspiration, and plays like CH, as well, but, has new material, less Gary/Melvin/Karen/Mom/Cardotron interruptions, more of an emphasis on in-game storylines, a longer, and more fleshed out main campaign, less useless garbage no one touches [Chests, premade teams], and, best of all, BETTER MP MAPS.

    Just don't ruin it with daily sign in bonuses, VIP systems or, worst of all, ENERGY systems [make a LIVES system that only takes Lives if you lose/quit, instead if you MUST limit gameplay for some stupid reason].

    Pretty sure we could come up with even better ideas.
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    Love this game! Have loved this game since I found it on Kong something like 5 or 6 years ago. Have never yet seen a clone or rip/spin-off and I try to be on the lookout for good stuff in the online gaming world. I'm not a game dev and my coding skills are pretty basic (which is to say laughable). But I write well and my head is full of mostly useless geeky references to popular fiction from the last century. Oh, and I have a good attitude and can play well with a team.

    If I can help in any way that involves time rather than money (which I don't now have), I'd be happy to help. Would really like to see CH not die... ever!

    I came to CH from a background of video-gaming and tabletop gaming (D&D and others). This game is a brilliant addition to both genres. As a tabletop gamer, me and my friends always wanted/talked about running an arena where we could bring our best power gamer character builds and smash em together to see who came out on top. The problem was that the tabletop format was very unwieldy and slow to be trying to run a story-less meatgrinder Thunderdome. We did it once. My druid dropped my friend's much more powerful vampire lord with a Cure Serious Wounds touch attack (positive energy hurts rather than heals undead). It was epic! But it wasn't something we wanted to do every weekend. As a video gamer, I tend toward turn-based strategy. And it's great when, like the Civilization series, you get fans so excited about what they can build in the sandbox that it spawns all the crazy various goodness you can find at

    I don't know if there's any possibilities for CH in modding, open sourcing, or spinning off once the Flash format dies. But it would be neat to be a part of the team that does something with such a great concept. Cheers Blue Manchu!
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    I was going to say that mobile games are the future, but then I remembered that Loots & Legends was made and it didn't work out.
    I was not able to play it when it came out, but, perhaps a game that can be played across different platforms, constant events, user-
    driven content (community maps, cards, and game modes that get added to the game and offer a substancial prize), better pizza-bought
    items, and the occasional ad could help sustain such game?
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    Popped in to say I love this game and will continue to support it, or its spiritual continuation, as much as I can.

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    You know what would be a great going away gift? High quality file assets! Portraits (front AND back), cards, battlemaps, etc. Then we could all make physical fan copies of this amazing game.
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  13. What is your definition of "high quality"? If you're a bit skilled when it comes to (web) programming and light hacking*, the game's loading log (pressing F1 twice to access the log and look out what logging into the game gave you) gives you a whole lot of stuff. There isn't a list of all the sprites, but if you combine what you get and do some logical assumptions about how this will most likely be structured you can access - I'd say - all sprites (and other things) that are used in-game. I'm pretty sure, that the devs know what information can be "extracted" this way, but I can't say for sure, if they would like anyone to download all this, so I won't post any specifics except for this:
    By the time I took over the maintenance of the Card Hunter Utils, there already was a page to see all playable characters and the devs never objected to this page. This - unfortunately - isn't properly working anymore on Stexe's hosting but if you dig into the forum thread you can find this working version (use the version without "dev" in its name and rename all php-files to html if you have trouble opening them in your browser) that you can view locally after download and extraction. There are even all the "angled" versions (like they are used on the board) somewhere accessible, too, but I would have to research this again to find them. And the monsters will be there somewhere, too.

    Regarding the cards, I began to suspect that there are no actual card images on the server but they are constructed based on the card's information (and the card's information is heavily used by the utils). One part of the utils is a page where first neoncat and later I - as best as we could - recreated this procedure so that community members could create their own card images for AA (card) submissions (or forum avatars ;) ).

    For the boards, open the board editor, create something and save it. Then you can see which format the boards are in. I assume the game client will get this exact format for every battle you play. Then again, I'm pretty sure, that each element is loaded separately just like you can construct own maps out of elements. Just don't ask me how to interpret the board format, I don't have a clue, I haven't bothered with, yet. And given that your PC would have to get them sent at some point in time, you should be able to get hold of each board.

    So, given time and skills, everyone can create an off-line/tabletop version of the game. Or even create CardHunter-like boards, cards, characters, etc.

    This all said, and given that all of this was more or less available all the time if you found the utils thread and followed neoncat's and my work on the utils, I feel obliged to say - although this should be obvious - once more: This is all property of Blue Manchu, so ask if you intend to use it for anything not related to the Card Hunter community.

    But sure, an official downloadable archive of all this, would definitely be better than "hacking" the game.

    (*) "Hacking" in this context NEVER meant to manipulate the game! I cannot - and will never attempt to - manipulate the game server!
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    I think it's important to not lose too many players, if the game losses "critical mass", meaning enough players to keep PvP and Loot Fairy fun, the game is likely to go into a quick downward spiral of death!

    Adobe says it will intentionally disable the Web plugin on December 31, 2020. But Adobe Air, which the Steam version is based on, has been outsourced to another company, I think it's was Samsung. (This is from memory.)

    Unfortinately, some people don't use Steam, for some that may be arbitrary preferance, unwillness to agree to their TOS, or the fact that Steam has intentonally disabled XP and Vista the way Adobe is about disable Flash Plugins.

    So... a simple solution:
    I'm hoping the developers can take the time to port the Steam version into a Non-Steam Abobe-Air version of the game, and post it at!!!

    The vital change that I can think of is that authentication... obviously people need a way to login to their web accounts rather than having the new client go through Steam Authentication.

    The only other two things that come to mind are purchases, and that some links (links to the League descriptions and the Meta Server) which open in the Steam Overlay SOMETIMES (sometimes
    they open in my browser, which is would fix the problem if the new copy just happens to work that way.)

    Obviously the game won't directly generate any revenue if/until purchases are enabled, but KEEPING THE GAME ALIVE without fall below "critical mass" for the player base will help it
    continue to generate revenue through Steam, and then, through the web version when online purchase are added.

    All in all, I think it is very important that a non-Steam Flash version be made. If not, I think the online version should force a notice suggestion that people setup a Steam account
    before the game goes away while the online version is still there. I know such a notice could be posted AFTER Flash is disabled (unless there are some horrible web-caching issues,
    possibly ISP-Based that don't allow the pare to update) but putting one up now would give the developers a chance to see how many people will or won't move to Steam, and thereby
    help set to a priority-level to writing a non-Steam Abode-Air version.

    For whatever reason, I find it awkward to navigate this site, so I may or may not post this to a new and/or other threads, so I encourage other people to do so
    if they think it is appropriate.

    I've been a fan for many years, and, in terms of how often I switch back to it while I binge other games, it might just be my favorite game ever! (And I'm 56 years old, so I've had
    plenty of time to have other favorites.)

    I really do hope it stays alive, and I've been concerned about it possibly losing "critical mass" since I've started playing, but have been extremely happy at it's resilency SO FAR!
    (I used to love going to "Friday Night Magic the Gathering" at MIT. The club slowed down, but then, one night, noone actually showed up at the same time as anyone else,
    and it then died suddenly and forever. Doing post-mortem research, many people actually showed up that last night, but not at some the same time, and so it died out on
    what might have otherwise just been a slow night which could have followed by many more night or years of play, hence, one of my reasons to fear such meltdowns.)
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    I've just posted in the announcement forums about the impeding flashpocalypse.

    Yes, the web client will be going away at the end of this year. No, we don't have any plans to make an AIR version of the game that doesn't run through Steam. We'd have to deal with a new system for building this client, distributing it, keeping it up to date, etc, etc. Unfortunately, that's simply beyond our capacity at this stage.
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    Good to know CH will survive via Steam. Ty, Jon.
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