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    I dont understand
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    I'm game director now, and as my own boss I can spoil whatever I want whenever I want.
    • The "A" in "AI" stands for April. The "I" is actually a Roman numeral 1. Next year around this time, we'll release AII.
    • We were unable to find a good balance point for Elven Maneuvers, and so we're replacing it alongside the new AI stuff. "Elven Dexterity" is a bronze trait (duration 2) that functions like Dodge on a 6+.
    • Mental Flensing is coming to player items.
    • "Aristocat" players will enjoy the AI content. Every new item is an exciting legendary.
    • AI won't raise the level cap. (In fact, we're bringing back level 1 adventures for our 'Apprentice Invasion' storyline!)
    • There is a new league called "Smash the Jar," in which you play as Cardhuntrian children engaging in birthday party revelry.
    • There is a new league called "Jumbo Japes," featuring 3x3 monsters.
    • Some new ranked maps require flight or teleportation. Literally if you don't have these keywords in your deck, you will automatically forfeit.
    • In order to keep paying our server costs, we decided to offer a new perk to club members: the Loot Fairy will appear at every module if you're a member.
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    It all sounds so legit...
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    That's how we get you off guard.
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    Snickersimba is secretly john and is never random or annoying. He also knows that flax is secretly attracted to lawnmowers and spreads peanut butter on random strangers toes while they sleep
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    Have you hidden a real one in there? :eek: :eek:
    Oh please don't let it be flensing
  8. Flaxative

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    Truth and Bull**** are just two sides of the coin known as Falsehood. *whistles*

    But yeah there's a lot of real stuff in that list.
  9. Dieben

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    I'll be bold and guess that numbers 2, 5, 7, and 8 are possibly legitimate. (Elven Maneuvers change, Level Cap unchanged, Jumbo Japes, and unqualified decks auto-forfeiting.)
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  10. SirSrsly

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    You can target yourself with Deadly Spark

    You can kill yourself with Acid Jet's impact damage (not the terrain damage)
  11. Fanturluche

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  12. SirSrsly

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    If you use Muscle Thru on the Boulder in AI, you can find a hidden Mew!
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  13. Macizo

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    I heard if you let the boulder hit all yours characters you cam get the hidden item "burrito" that is a legendarys tresuare.
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  14. SirSrsly

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    After you win your 20th MP chest there is a hidden counter. On your 40th "chest" you get to fight against Dad!
  15. Scarponi

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    In a custom league called "Clean Your Room!"
  16. Potatus

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    This is NOT a rumour, this is NOT a wild guess and this is NOT a lie, this is a FACT here it is:

    If you close Card hunter, power off your device, drink a glass of water and wait 5 minutes, you will be magically "TELEPORTED" to a SERVER called REAL LIFE keep this a secret...shhh....shhh.....
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  17. Magic Elves

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    I hear that...

    The AI expansion may be released very soon!!!
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  18. Deepweed

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    Nice one with revealing the league name, revealing that AI really didn't raise the level cap, and the hints about the ranked maps and AI item rarity distribution. :)
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  19. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    Released in april.
    Uncanny dodge.
    Legendary arcane and divine skills.
    Level 12.
    Smash the jar.
    No idea about this one.
    Lichard mausoleum and showroom.(feels like I'm missing something because this is the pure unadultered truth and the others are exagerations, maybe the lie it's the fact that it doens't say that you need at least 12-16 sources of fly/teleportation to draw them before it is too late and to not lose to telekinesis)
    Hard adventures give a guaranted rare.

    Can somebody figure out what is the deal with the third to last and with the second to last statements?
  20. Potatus

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    Jumbo japes might be office mix. imo
    Without fly or tp in festive gathering it can be hard to move pass the difficult terrains.
    The last one is a joke.

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