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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Wozarg, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    To make it less messy I'm going to start putting the videos here at the top!

    Somewhat boring no gear pvp better to come soontm.

    No party death quest part 1!

    No party death quest part 2!

    No party death quest part 3!
    This one was hell and i lost i think 8 times while practicing before getting it the big guy does sooooo much damage!

    No party death quest part 4!

    Cliffs of the Wyverns premium adventure part 1
    Cliffs of the Wyverns premium adventure part 2
    Cliffs of the Wyverns premium adventure part 3
    Cliffs of the Wyverns premium adventure part 4

    PVP gear walkthrough
    Fair warning i have a accent and i was nervous to the point of sounding like i was lisping and completely nasal if either of those annoy you save your self the pain.

    Dev pvp Jon
    Dev pvp Tess
    Dev pvp Joe

    Swift PVP gear walkthrough (newest )
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  2. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    I'm cool with this if anyone wants to do it. I'd appreciate making it very clear that it's a Beta though and a lot of stuff is still placeholder or not finished yet.
  3. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    There we go guys now who will be the first to post!
  4. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

  5. Joshua

    Joshua Kobold

    So where are the videos being uploaded?
  6. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

    Uh, at the moment people in the beta have the option to make media. It doesn't mean anyone has or is thinking about it. Not that there isn't someone taking footage as we speak, but no one has come forth stating they will be making guide videos or anything else of the sort. You will have to wait and watch the forums and announcements for something to get posted.
  7. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    This isn't shameful beta key begging here, but when I get in the beta I will video document the whole process of me getting into and learning this game and put it on Youtube. I just got a video capture card for Christmas, and am starting to experiment with making videos of playthroughs of my PS3 games, and I would love to try the same thing with my computer.
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  8. Thirandras

    Thirandras Kobold

    U honor us all, MrMojoRisin
  9. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

    Fraps works as well. I'll probably be running that myself on a few things.
  10. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    Can't wait to see it!
  11. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

    We both still need keys. :(
  12. Szczypior

    Szczypior Orc Soldier

    And me too, don't forget about me! Making video shouldn't be a problem for me, but the beta access is :p
  13. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    We're the Beta Key Crusaders, lol!!!

    That's a My Little Pony reference for any non-Bronies out there.
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  14. Necrometzer

    Necrometzer Mushroom Warrior

    Sounds like a good guild name. Can I join?
  15. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    Of course you can!
  16. Necrometzer

    Necrometzer Mushroom Warrior


    Plus, a "My Little Pony" reference coming from Angry Bale Face is extra scary. Very scary.
  17. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    MLP make Angry Bale Face slightly less angry.
  18. Necrometzer

    Necrometzer Mushroom Warrior

  19. Szczypior

    Szczypior Orc Soldier

    We could also form a guild with name "No beta club" as it was in WoW :D
  20. FalconGK81

    FalconGK81 Orc Soldier

    This thread title + the number of posts in it + explicit approval from Jon for beta players to make a video + the complete lack of a link to a video makes me a sad panda.

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