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    Firstly, thank you for responding and keeping this conceit going. I wonder if we'll ever get new items let alone new can still pretend.

    The idea with pacify is that such a play might cause opponents to hold their attacks until your armor is lessened. Thus the enemy may be pacified for a time. Mass calcify is a nice name but, one that's already in use by Magic the gathering.

    Moment of conscience should be very easy to build around with the great versatility in priest decks. But I like your idea even better, as a monster card. Those monsters have a terrible time playing cards like spell skill, etc.
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    I have to agree with @ParodyKnaveBob about Mass Pacify. I get that an indirect effect would be that enemies are less inclined to attack you, but based on that principle you could name Obliterating Spark as Terror because after you fire it people are going to move away and seek cover. I think the card idea is pretty interesting overall, but I'd choose a different name; especially since it's Holy, there are so many options along the lines of Divine Protection or somesuch.

    Moment of Conscience feels quite swingy; at times it'd just single-handedly ruin your day, other days you'd probably want to lead with assists anyway.

    I quite like the idea of Regret, but it honestly doesn't really work out for me flavor-wise. I get it that it's about trying to right the wrong of attacking someone, but how exactly would a warrior suddenly know how to heal people (and why wouldn't they use that knowledge to heal their allies)? Priests know how to heal, but on them Regret would be of next to no consequence if properly built around. I'd personally keep the card design with a different name (Healing Hands or Divine Conduit or something to imply that they just accidentally became a conduit of holy energy and unwillingly heal whomever they attack), and Regret could be something like this instead:

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you play an Attack, discard your oldest card.
    "When I was a kid, I imagined that I'd start adventuring to save lives, to help those in need. And yet all I've been doing is causing pain, suffering, and death, ever since I began. No more. No more."
    Note: Perhaps discard oldest attack card?

    Martyr is just great. No further comment on that. It's a mechanic we could use, it's clean design and works well. (And even works well with Martyr Blessing as a bonus!)

    Heresy is another one of those whose name feels a bit off to me; you'd think that a card named Heresy would reward you for playing unholy cards, not punish you for it. In fact, it feels it should punish playing holy cards instead; you're a heretic, you've dealt with forces that the gods despise, so they revoke their favor from you. And on the flipside, if the idea is that the gods smite you for using unholy powers or attacks, why would they wait with it until you become a heretic? I'd probably call this card something like Divine Feedback or Watched by the Gods or something like that (I agree that none of those names sound like they should be drawbacks but it's what they do). Other than that, the card looks nice, though I think it should say oldest card, not last, as it's the term the game usually uses (not that it matters a lot).

    Cabal is just wonderful. Not much I can add but not much that needs to be added, really, except that amethyst quality might be a bit too much, comparing it with Dwarven Battle Cry. (Though it's obviously better, as enemy priests don't benefit much from it unless they're unholy-heavy, but is it that much better, I wonder? Then again, I don't give quality to my ideas exactly because I'm a bad judge of it.)

    I didn't mean to be harsh or critical with any of these; they're just the thoughts I had when reading them, but I like that still some card ideas are going around and you people are keeping it going. I mean them as constructive criticism if anything, so don't take any of this the wrong way.

    I'm here also because I've had a few ideas of my own. Namely, I've been thinking about buffs. They're often good cards, but at times can cost you games because they take a turn to apply, and under certain circumstances you can't afford that time; so, in a way, one turn is an implicit cost of most buff cards. It's also a factor that doesn't really get played with in card design, so I thought... Why not see what we can do?

    Desperate Prayer
    Assist, Magic Holy
    Create a Help the Weak card in your hand.
    "Please formulate your plea carefully. Requests that make incorrect use of punctuation are dismissed without being read." - Inscription on the altar of Isonius, god of precision
    Note: I've thought of a lot of cards that could be here, such as Heal, Impetuous Heal (god of randomness, with flavor text "beggars can't be choosers" perhaps?), there are a lot of choices but I see no reason to make a separate card idea for each and every one of them. Help the Weak feels particularly flavorful here.

    Unholy Ritual
    Assist, Magic Unholy
    Create an Unholy Wellspring card in your hand. Attach Unholy Ritual to yourself. While attached, Unholy cards in your hand have Mandatory Action. When you play an Unholy card, draw a card and discard Unholy Ritual if it is attached to you.
    "You must be careful as you draw the symbols on the ground and your skin. It takes some time and effort but trust me, once the results show you'll know they're worth the wait." - Obros Skullhome
    Note: worded in quite the roundabout way but I'm not sure how else I'd have done it. Oh well.

    Deal with Demons
    Assist, Magic Unholy
    You take four points of unpreventable Unholy damage. Attach this card to yourself. Duration 1. When this card expires, draw a card, then discard that card unless it's an Unholy card. Repeat this process until you've drawn two Unholy cards or drawn six cards.
    "Good things come to those who wait, especially if they've made the arrangements beforehand." - Obros Skullhome

    Attack/Assist, Magic Unholy, Damage 1, Range 6
    Frenzy 2. Duration 2. Cantrip.
    "Why bother with all kinds of incantations when some well-chosen words can achieve the same thing much faster?" - Vek the Vile

    Assist, Magic Holy
    Heal 4 to your ally with the least health. Ties are resolved in favor of the closest. Cantrip.
    "Don't expect miracles for but a few words muttered under your breath - but the gods may yet decide that you are worthy." - Cardinal Axamander III

    Do nothing. Mandatory action.
    "I'm all good. Just give me a second to catch my breath."
    Note: Yes, I'm aware that this is functionally identical to Prestidigitation, but I wanted a more flavorful alternative for the following few cards.

    Colossal Swing
    Attack, Melee Crushing, Damage 12, Range 1
    If this attack would be blocked, you take two points of Penetrating Melee Crushing damage, that block instead has no effect and is discarded. Create a copy of Winded in your hand.
    "Overexerting yourself in a crucial moment is usually a recipe for a spectacular disaster. But there are times when you have no other choice." - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn

    Arcane Barrage
    Attack, Magic Arcane, Damage 4, Range 6
    Slide 1. Choose up to two targets for this attack. You may choose the same target multiple times. Create a copy of Winded in your hand.
    "Tapping into the pure arcane is extremely taxing on any wizard; I'd not try to pull more stunts like that if I were you. You're lucky you're still alive." - Oberlin Ninetower

    And a bonus for this theme:

    Gathering Storm
    Assist, Magic Electrical
    Create a copy of Eye of the Storm in your hand.
    "You utter the power word, and at first you'd think nothing is happening. And then it begins, subtle at first... The winds grow uneasy, heavy with a quiet, terrible anger the uninitiated won't even notice."

    Eye of the Storm
    Attack, Magic Electrical, Damage 8
    Affects every character within three squares. Mandatory Action. Hard to Block 3. Create a copy of Winded in your hand.
    "They encircle you, embrace you... And then it'll be there before you know. Nobody is the same after witnessing it for the first time. But do not let that discourage you. It is worth the wait."

    That's not all, though, because while I was writing this I got a few unrelated ideas, too.

    Powered Spark
    Attack, Magic Electrical, Damage 6, Range 4
    Hard to Block 2. If any damage from this attack is prevented by armor, target takes that much Fire damage.
    "I'd try to tell you something about electrical resistance but it'd be too much work to fight through your ignorance." - Adze the Lonely

    Magic Missile
    Attack, Magic Arcane, Damage 3, Range 8
    Increase the damage of this attack by the duration of Magic Missile attached to the target. Attach to target. Duration 1. If a copy of Magic Missile is already attached to the target, increase its duration by one turn instead.
    "Not only are they quite painful, there is subtle magic in each bolt that decreases the target's inherent resistance to the next one. I love this spell." - Halpin Halfstaff
    Note: I'm not sure how clear this is, though I did my best. Let's say your wizard has three Magic Missiles in hand. You play the first one on your target, it deals three damage and is attached to the target (duration 1). You play the second one on the same target, it deals four damage (duration one on the Magic Missile attached) and instead of attaching itself again, increases the duration to 2. Then you play the third one, it deals five damage and increases the duration to 3.

    Concussive Strike
    Attack, Melee Crushing, Damage 9, Range 1
    If no damage from this attack is prevented by armor, this attack gains Stun. Duration 1.
    "Ooh, no padding at all. Those are my favorites!" - Thraxar the Slaughterer

    Attack, Magic Psychic, Range 2
    A random Attack, Move, or Utility card in target's hand gains Mandatory action. You choose the target for that card.
    "What's the matter? Why else would you hold that sword in your hand?"

    Delayed Blast Fireball
    Attack, Magic Fire, Range 6
    Target square becomes Delayed Blast Fireball terrain. (This terrain attachment may not be overwritten. At the start of each round, if this card expires this round, it deals 4 Magic Fire damage to every character within two squares.) Duration 1.
    "Just when they think that it fizzled and they're safe..." - Akon the Pyromonius

    Obsidian Blades
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Add 3 damage to Slashing and Piercing attacks you play. Armor prevents twice as much damage from Slashing and Piercing attacks you play. Duration 3. Keep.
    "Sharper than any steel, yes, that's true... Do you ever wonder why we're not using it?" - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn

    Edit: A few more ideas I actually had on my mind while I was writing this and yet somehow managed to leave out.

    Mighty Sprint
    Move 8. Create a copy of Winded in your hand.
    "Sometimes you need to be fast. Sometimes you need to be even faster, but only for a short time."

    Curse of Enervation
    Attack, Magic Unholy, Range 4
    Attach to target. Whenever target plays a card, create a copy of Winded in their hand. Duration 1.
    "Didn't get enough sleep, huh?" - Vek the Vile
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    Gold, Uncommon
    Trait. Attach to self. Duration 3.
    Add 1 Move Point whenever you move under your own control. Does not affect damaging Attack cards. Keep.

    You can imagine I have plenty of item ideas for it. Some bad, some good, some mediocre. Y'know, Card Hunter items. $:^ J Here's a tokenless venture:
    Untrained Celerity
    Uncommon, tokenless (level 8)
    Swift, Scouting Run, Trip
    upload_2019-8-12_3-49-19.png [​IMG][​IMG]

    EDIT: Oh! While I'm here dealing with all this, here's the card I submitted to Aloyzo's Arsenal #26 (with the weird in-hand rules because Flak didn't figure it'd work as a Trait -- and renamed "Blazing Reflexes" because "Heightened Senses" didn't match any of the offered card art):


    I've gotta say, the gold title bar makes it look prettier than the silver. $E^ D
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    I sure would like to use this Swift with Telepod Jaunt, it must be fun. Especially if it's played from a square adjacent to an enemy Hypnotic Beacon. I also really like the wording there, since moving under your own control should also include Sparkling Cloth Armor, and Vengeance... wait, Vengeance? It moves you, but it is also a damaging Attack card, and I wonder if it's the reason why you went with this wording instead of just saying that it doesn't apply to step attacks. Nicely done. (Though I'm not aware of there being a non-damaging attack that moves, so I'm a bit puzzled at that inclusion.)

    I quite like Blazing Reflexes, and I feel it would probably be a good call to make it a boost you need to keep in hand, as it'd be harder to stack Dodges to make an elf all but invincible to melee attacks for the duration. It's also a concept that, to me, feels like it could - and perhaps should - have been made part of the game already. (I probably mentioned this when you first brought up the idea, and if not, I probably just didn't comment at the time.) The game is oddly devoid of any card that actually interacts with the dodgy-movey-boost cards, other than cards that in general interact with everything, and it would be nice to see some synergies.

    Which, of course, inspires me.

    Move/Boost, 6+
    When targeted by an enemy Attack from the front, Move 1. Keep. Free card.
    Move 1.
    "Every now and then, elves demonstrate almost impossible levels of perception and agility, and, according to some observers, start dodging the very moment their adversary lifts their blade. So far there is no explanation."

    Blinding Speed
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you play an attack, if the target of that attack rolls a die for a card that triggers against that attack, subtract one from that roll. Duration 3. Keep.
    "He drew his sword, twirled it in his hand twice, examined my companion, the weakest point on his suit of armor and struck it with unerring accuracy. In the meantime, I managed to reach the hilt of my own weapon with my right hand."
    This should include blocks, armor, and the aforementioned dodgy boost cards. Also Quick Reactions, although I feel that this card should affect melee attacks only, but who knows.

    Mesmerizing Stare
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you play a melee attack, if the target would move itself in response to it, cancel that move. Duration 2. Keep.
    "All the speed of the world will do little good for you if you haven't the will to use it." - Count Yurik

    Boost, 4+
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. When you play a Melee Attack and it affects no one, take that card back into your hand and turn to face your opponent at their new location. Duration 3. Keep.
    "Listen to me. There's more to fighting than just flailing around wildly. Watch your opponent. Read his movements. With some practice, you can discern the direction he's going to dodge. If you can't alter the course of your weapon to hit him, don't push it. Pull back, regain your balance. Trust me, it makes a world of difference." - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn
    Note: With the wording, I assumed that a character who blocked an attack was still affected by it (hence had to block it). I'm not sure how this would work with those untargeted step attacks used just for moving, but that part was not intended.

    Sharp Hearing
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Block and move cards trigger for attacks from behind you. Subtract one from the die rolls of those cards. Duration 2. Keep.
    "When Yosik Songsword tells you that he'd defeat you with his eyes closed, you'd better believe him, unless you'd like him to demonstrate."

    This also brings me to my second point. Dwarves are my personal favorite from the Grand Fantasy Race Trio, for several reasons I could explain and several more I couldn't really (it largely goes back to Tolkien's version of them, of course). I have to admit that in Card Hunter, though, they're likely the least interesting - they do have access to quite powerful cards on their racial skills, without a doubt, but those cards are generally ones available on other items. So while they have some cards exclusive to them, to me, they largely feel a lot less unique than humans or elves, who get to play around with a much larger pool of race-exclusive cards. I remember that the Castle Mitternacht blog post that provided us a sneak peek into the new cards said that dwarves had their trait luck maxed out already, which made me realize that there isn't a single trait card unique to dwarves! (The point was, of course, that they have access to two very powerful traits, Blind Rage and Immovable, on their racial skill, which is not a point I'd argue against.) Toughness and Shrug It Off feel very much dwarven in flavor, and the former sees quite a bit of play, too. Duck and Antimagic Skin are both fairly interesting, and there's of course the pretty powerful, if plain, Dwarven Battle Cry. And with that we reached the end of dwarf-specific cards (except if you want to count Everybody Drink! and Solid Wood, I geuss). So let's see what we can do, shall we?

    Stone Sense
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. When the square you're occupying is affected by a Terrain spell, Move 1. Duration 3. Keep.
    "So deep is the dwarves' connection to earth and stone that they can sense changes in them long before they become apparent to anyone else."
    Note: This looked very powerful to me at first, but now it doesn't really. It protects you from enemy terrain attachments, and I avoided restricting it to trigger only on enemy cards, because using your own terrain cards to move your dwarf would mean that you're trading each of them for a Shuffle, which is bad enough of a deal that I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Permanence of Stone
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. You have Armor 1 for each square with blocking terrain adjacent to you. Duration 2. Keep.
    "Having defended themselves in underground tunnels for centuries, dwarves are without peer when it comes to fighting in confined spaces, and many a warrior fell into the trap of cornering them, thinking himself to be on the doorstep to victory."

    Sound Constitution
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you're healed, add two to the amount healed. Duration 2. Keep.
    "Dwarves can, in fact, be killed, but it is notoriously difficult. They are hard to injure and their wounds close quickly, especially with assistance."
    Now with the ubiquity of Greater Heal I doubt that this card would be a great idea, but before that came around this could've even qualified as interesting, I suppose.

    Force of Will
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. You are Immune to Psychic damage. Duration 2. Keep.
    When an enemy card makes you discard a card, draw a card.
    "The tenacity of the dwarves is widely known, and they can shrug off mental assaults with ease. Some speculate that this is also behind their notorious stubbornness."
    Note: Partially recycled from earlier ideas. Made it trigger on enemy cards only, though.

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you roll a die for Armor, add one to it. Duration 2. Keep.
    When an enemy card would cause you to discard one or more Armor cards, discard this attachment instead.
    "Some say that even the lowliest dwarf has some knowledge of metalworking and smithing, by instinct if nothing else. I fought alongside some dwarven warriors long ago, and I noticed that even after long months of campaigning and fighting through many battles in the thickest of the fray, their armor looked as pristine as though new. I couldn't have said the same about my soldiers after mere days." - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn

    Magic Resistance
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Armor 2. This Armor only prevents damage from Magic attacks. Duration 3. Keep.
    "Stop it! It tickles!" - Zar Deeproad
    Note: I'd originally thought of a trait that grants them armor against fire damage - they're described as highly resistant to fire - but that seemed too narrow, even though it'd protect them from the burn of Fiery Stab and Flaring Torch as a whole, and magic resistance is something often associated with them in more modern fantasy anyway.

    Subterranean Tactics
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you play a Melee Attack, if the target is adjacent to blocking terrain, they take two points of Penetrating Melee Crushing damage. Duration 2. Keep.

    Another version of the same card:
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you move or slide an enemy to a square adjacent to blocking terrain, they take two points of Penetrating Melee Crushing damage. Duration 2. Keep.

    Flavor text 1: "Only a prancin' elf would think that having to fight underground is a disadvantage." - Zar Deeproad
    Flavor text 2: "I've heard of human strategists and their ramblings about how important positioning is. Down here we like to demonstrate a more blunt version of that principle." - Snarri Goldsong
    Flavor text 3: "If you have a problem, talk to the wall." - Zar Deeproad

    I'm sorry guys, I just couldn't decide here.
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    Plenty I could respond to, but I'll hit this in particular:

    I'm not 100% what you have in mind for Telepod Jaunt + Swift + Hypnotic Beacon, sorry. Explain, please?

    Ty @ wording. Glad you enjoyed! $:^ } Yep, I took care to include Vengeance. As for non-damaging Attacks, look again at my previous post, and you'll see one was already included. $;^ D There are more synergies, too -- not limited to dodgey-movey-boost cards, neither. $}^ J Actually, I developed Swift because I was thinking of a very particular post from years ago, explaining how elf wizards could gain any particular advantage -- that the elf race would need a card that synergizes with the wizard class in some special way, which Spark Generator and Spark Inductor do already to little usage, and which the Ancient Grudge combo CM gave us jells with perfectly. Therefore, if you think about it, Swift gives one particular advantage to elf wizards that no one else can pull off! $E^ b (Should you have been surprised I had elf wizards in mind once again? Lol!) And yeah, giving elf warriors 3-space Vengeance sounded way too OP, blech.
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    Permanence of Stone would be completely bonkers on a lot of maps I'd imagine, for a card like that to work they'd need to completely reconsider how levels are designed and where victory points are located.
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    There is little in the way of interacting with hand reveal. I expect this to bring in a ton of surprise:

    Con man

    Duration 3
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. When played or a card in your hand is revealed, a random card with same behavior that turn in your deck is instead shown until it stops behaving the same. Keep.

    I'm getting a bit challenging on this. it's pretty new and not exactly realistic to implement but I suppose that doesn't matter anymore.
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  9. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    If the opponent can't find out that the revealed card is not real by looking at the card shown not doing something it should or doing something it shouldn't, it's behaving the same.
    When picking cards available for replacing actual card, only parts that might trigger within the turn the card get revealed is checked.
  10. Kalin

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    Seems designed to create a ton of bug reports.

    How about this instead:
    Tin Foil Hat (could use a more Cardhuntrian name)
    Trait. Attach to self. Duration 2.
    Cards in your hand are not revealed for any reason. Keep.
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    The thing about Swift and Telepod Jaunt is probably more disappointing than you're expecting. It's simply that since it applies to you moving yourself, Swift should also increase the random move at the end of Jaunt, greatly increasing the unpredictability. The addition of Hypnotic Beacon was simply so that the initial move is random as well. Move 6, teleport, then move 2, teleport, all randomly.

    I agree that I likely went overboard with that one, but despite the fact that I'd now cut it down to Armor 1 per two adjacent blocking squares (rounded up, though), I think you're still very much overrating the original. It feels like a deceptive card that has an absurd ceiling that distracts from the fact how mediocre it usually would be. A few exceptions aside (central square on Forgotten Temple, two squares on Arena Crescent, to look at the current map rotation, or Death March, where this would indeed be really good), you'd have to work really hard to make this more than Armor 2-3, which most of the time would mean that you're tucked somewhere in a corner and well out of the way of everyone, safely ignored. Armor 2-3 is far from bad but also far from game-breaking. Funny that you'd mention the positioning of victory squares, which are generally the most open squares of almost any map, making this card next to useless for reliably holding victory points. Last but not least I'd point it out that Unholy Conduit is a thing and not a lot of people play it, even though unlike Permanence of Stone it protects you from all damage unconditionally, while Permanence doesn't do anything against penetrating damage.

    That aside, I do think it's a good call to tone it down because armor in this game has this very odd non-linear scaling and high values would be pretty undesirable in general.

    I really like the idea, and have been thinking about the practical implementation a bit. I think it's not even that outlandish - you have cards that you can play, cards that have an ability that triggers when something happens, and cards that have both. I'd say that when a card is played or has one of its abilities triggered, it's shown properly. There's a problem on this front, however; let's assume that a Dodge gets showed as a Dynamic Armor, as it would be perfectly possible this way. What happens if you take damage from an Arcane Burst? Dodge doesn't trigger, so the card isn't revealed as Dodge, but Dynamic Armor should've rolled a die - except it didn't, because it's not there. Opponent knows they've been conned. Unless we were to classify them by trigger type, but then the card pool for each would be so narrow that the card would be of little use. Another issue would be traits, which would still work easily (revealed when played) but having an opponent's Mighty Bludgeon immediately turn into a Firestarter would also be a give-away. I guess these points are a bit moot but I like the idea anyway, and I like that you made it show the card as another card from your deck, to avoid things like savvy opponents figuring out that something's off by keeping track of the items on that character or something.

    That said, I think the implementation of the card itself is the biggest problem of all. If you keep it a trait, you need to extend the connery to attached traits, which is probably very problematic; I'd possibly make it a boost card you keep in hand, with Free Card, to avoid that, but that has its own problems, and a lot of them. Basically, if cards from the same item still display the item name correctly, the opponent sees it coming, if the card itself is shown as a different card, free card would give it away, and without free card it'd likely be just underpowered and discarded all the time.

    This is a nice safe alternative, although I'd make it say that cards that cause other cards in your hand to be revealed don't reveal those cards, because I think your cards should still be revealed when their abilities are triggered or when you play them.
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    Since we have move cards that attach: Prowl, move cards that damage Charge, move cards that remove attachments Warp Run, and attachments that are moves Dimensional Traveller, Slippery, I was hoping that the card art used above Blazing Reflexes would actually be used to attach a burning card to all adjacent characters at either the beginning or end of your move 3.

    And of the recent suggestions, I really like Subterranean Tactics the best.

    Force of Will sounds similar to a negative trait deaf that I've proposed before.

    I like @Frostguard 's regret card idea better than mine.
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  13. Frostguard

    Frostguard Thaumaturge

    I've been thinking about wizards. Let's take the elemental ones, for example - fire, cold, electricity. As much as I'm a fan of fire specifically, all three are fairly one-dimensional. I just had this random idea at some point: what if we had cards that interact with them, giving them another angle?

    Roaring Flames
    Utility, Magic Fire
    Trigger each Burning card you control within five squares. Randomly Push 2 affected characters away from you.
    "Flapping around will just make it worse, but when did that ever stop anyone?" - Akon the Pyromonius

    Note: I don't necessarily think it should be triggering the cards as well, but honestly the card's just less clunky to word that way, plus it makes sense from a flavor viewpoint. It would obviously push the card quality up, but it's a bit tricky to evaluate this either way.

    Consuming Flames
    Utility, Magic Fire
    Each character with a Burning card you control attached to them discards their oldest Armor card.
    "It was a nice suit of armor, but don't feel too down. You're next." - Akon the Pyromonius

    Just another throwaway idea. It seems good at first glance, though it'd probably be pretty marginally better than something like Dissolve Armor. Or I'm way off. Beats me.

    Fan the Flames
    Attack, Magic Fire, Damage 1, Range 4
    Slide 1. Trigger all Burning cards you control attached to target.
    "At least that pesky smoke's out of your eyes now, isn't it?"

    Attack, Magic Fire, Damage 2, Range 3
    Slide 2. Burning 2. Duration 2.
    "Not every breeze brings respite."

    Chill Wind
    Utility, Magic Cold
    Each character takes Penetrating Magic Cold damage equal to the number of Cold cards you control attached to them. Affected characters discard their oldest Attack card.
    "The freezing wind bites deeper than any steel, disrupting concentration and numbing the limbs."

    I don't think I can add a lot more to cold that I didn't post here before.

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever an Electrical card you control deals damage to an opponent, Push 1 that character randomly, then set its facing randomly. Duration 3.
    "You say you don't want to move. My spark here says you do. Let's see who's right." - Adze the Lonely

    Note: Electricity is a bit problematic because it doesn't leave anything behind, unlike fire and cold, and it already has a trait. I saw no other way to think of this, though, so here it is.

    A random unrelated idea:

    Unholy Surge
    Assist, Magic Unholy, Range 6
    Target character draws a card. You take one point of unpreventable Unholy damage. Cantrip.
    "The rejuvenating burst of infernal energy surged through him, but we noticed only a moment too late, so flawlessly flowed one of his motions into the other."

    Note: Initially I thought of it as a holy card without the self-damage, something like Greater Inspiration or something, but unholy needs some good stuff, doesn't it? It feels like this would be around gold. A holy version without self-damage could be Emerald-, oddly enough, which seems a bit too high, but Inspiration is our baseline, and Cantrip seems to be worth approximately two quality upgrades (Shuffle to Quick Step, Run to Quick Run, Able Bludgeon to Extra Hack).

    Edit: After some deliberation, I believe that Cantrip on Inspiration isn't worth as much as Cantrip on a move or attack, at least in my opinion. On moves and attacks it's very powerful as it lets you combo into follow-ups without giving your opponent the chance to react or run away. I have no doubt that a cantrip card draw spell is still pretty good, but since you don't know what you're going to draw, it's not really feasible to plan for it. If you have a Quick Run, you can play that Quick Run and then attack someone immediately, while if you just run up to them they might flee. If you cantrip-draw them a card, then... What exactly? People don't react to card draw itself too much, I feel, which lessens the impact of putting Cantrip on it. But let me know if you disagree.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  14. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    I like convulsions the best since it makes sense thematically that electrocution would cause minor movement. The other suggestions seem doable with a small amount of powercreep.
  15. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    @Frostguard, I wanted to make a richer, deeper post, but if I don't write something, I won't write anything, right? In short, I disagree almost whole-heartedly with your Magic Fire stuff, and here are quick reasons why:

    1. Yes, Burning is pretty 1D. Either you're a focused pyromancer (no card pun intended), or you mix it up with other utility. That is, either you're an offense powerhouse with teammates to keep that offense strong, or you dilute your pool with non-Burning.

    2. Magic Armor removal is 100% Acid. You're gonna send @cycosurgeon into a coma. (I'm not talking Memory Loss of course, which does not target Armor.)

    3. None of those should be Utility (including Chill Wind). They each damage HP or hand size.

    Convulsions is more a Handicap than a Boost, but the randomness makes it more like Maze really. It'd be funny to see our first Utility Trait and/or Utility attachment. $:^ P The ting is, a Sparker doesn't want to lose sight of the Sparkee, and that's exactly what Convulsions would do so much, I dare say it'd be the vast majority of the time. Sniping is not Bursting.

    Unholy Surge is interesting. Unholy definitely: Cantrip Altruism should be as limited as possible. Only one item currently allows for it (aside from Radiation silliness of course, ha ha ha ha).

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  16. Christofff

    Christofff Guild Leader

    Love the rich ideas and flavour you have put into these cards. Lets suspend judgement for a moment, and think of the possibilities. Push and slide with fire could have some rich intereactions for fire mage. Same as electricity. And I absolutely love the idea of chill wind, discarding their oldest attack. Great at dealing with one-shot warriors. Maybe if convulsions was unblockable as well, since the idea of facing them randomly, allows the possibility for you to attack once at them at not have it blocked.

    Also love the unholy surge idea with cantrip. Can help you recharge for next round and have the initiative, or give you extra ammo for an extra attack that round.

    Now if I put my judgement hat back on, like another reply I feel the burning mage probably doesn't need additional burning cards, which also slide. But I could be wrong. Personally, I would love to see these slide cards associated with a new type of mage attack, or character....such as rogue, with poison. For example, what if your Cindergale card was exactly the same, but instead of burning 2 and duration 2, it had poison 3, duration 2, and it was called Poison Nova

    Nice ideas Frostguard :))
  17. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    P.S. Yeah, sorry, Chill Wind is pretty neat otherwise. Very flavorful - and I'd say balanced since it doesn't even do much damage, yet helps that bit of damage go through with Penetrating. ~nodnod~
  18. Frostguard

    Frostguard Thaumaturge

    Not intending to turn this into an argument (I mostly agree with your points after all), but if you make a few (more than reasonable) assumptions, then I'd say that the sliding fire cards are already the dilution of your pool of burning cards, just in a slightly different way. Considering that the quality of these cards would be plenty high, you'd take that quality (those tokens) would obviously come from elsewhere. The rest of your burning cards would have a lower average quality, so your damage output definitely would suffer. Let's say that Cindergale is a gold card (as I suspect it would be), then a burning 2 duration 2 (especially at range 3) is a pretty bad deal for that quality. You're still trading damage output for utility, it's just all integrated into your fire cards.

    On that note, Cindergale is a stupid name, it should be a legendary staff or something instead. I should've come up with a better name.

    Either way, I didn't really say that fire actually needs any of this, it was just fun to think about. Variety is a nice thing.

    I see your point actually. I'd generally go one step further and say that perhaps it is a bit too easy to remove armor in the game in general; I believe it could be a reason why Warding Lance ended up not being armor, even though it technically should be, so perhaps it's not a good idea to add more ways to do that.

    I agree with the point on utility, too; I made them utility cards because they're symmetrical in a way, but so is Firestorm which is an attack, so it is moot.

    Christofff, ask and ye shall receive. I actually got some inspiration from your idea, so there you go.

    Envenom Weapon
    Draw a card, then discard that card unless it is a Poison card. Repeat this until you have drawn a Poison card or your deck is empty.
    "Blades kill people? I don't think so."

    Hallucinogenic Poison
    Boost, Melee Poison
    Whenever you deal Slashing or Piercing damage to any target, attach this card to that character. Poison 2, duration 2. Whenever this card deals damage, Push 1 the affected character randomly, then set its facing randomly. Free card.
    "As long as you're not one of the threats he's imagining, you should be fine." - Vek the Vile

    Enervating Poison
    Boost, Melee Poison
    Whenever you deal Slashing or Piercing damage to any target, attach this card to that character. Poison 3, duration 2. Whenever this card deals damage, target discards their oldest Attack card. Free card.
    "The fighting might be entertaining, but the true fun starts afterwards." - Vek the Vile

    Necrotic Poison
    Boost, Melee Poison
    Whenever you deal Slashing or Piercing damage to any target, attach this card to that character. Poison 3, duration 2. Affected character may not gain health. Free card.
    "Just a tiny wound and you get to see half a dozen priests scrambling around cluelessly."

    Virulent Poison
    Boost, Melee Poison
    Whenever you deal Slashing or Piercing damage to any target, attach this card to that character. Poison 3, duration 2. Whenever this card deals damage, attach a copy of it to a random adjacent character. Free card.
    "You're not safe just because you weren't the one who got hit."

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback, everyone!
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  19. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    That's a sweet suite of poison cards!
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  20. Gotus

    Gotus Kobold

    Border heal
    Assist, Magic holy
    Range: 4
    Heal 7. If target 4 squares from you, double the amount of restored health points.
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