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    Good Job... Swapping Parry could be called Do-Si-Do Block, but might too American centric of a reference.

    Reminds me of an idea I had but never bothered to post, Sidestep - Block Melee 3+, Blocker moves 1 step to the right and attacker moves into blocker's original space unless block is unable to move. Figured the mechanics might be tough, but I liked the idea of the block drawing someone in. A poor man's version of Disorienting Block.

    What type of card is Reminder? A trait a utility? I like it, but not sure if the mechanics would fit into the game.
    Resonance Armor - interesting idea I'd prefer a 3+ roll unless you are going for a low level armor.
    Off Balance - I love this card Although I'd go with Encumber 1
    Poor Little Thing - Brilliant. Not sure what type of item it would fit onto (Shield or Armor most likely) and it would be very powerful.
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  2. timeracers

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    It's good at bronze-(C-, 2)
    A tar trait is strong for having the handicap that your first move has encumber 2 and until then you can't block.
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  3. Fanturluche

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    Delayed Pain
    Assist+Attack, Magic Holy, range 6
    (This card uses a Pain value. I thought it could replace the duration value in computer memory, if we state the attachment is removed at the start of turn, but I'm not sure the duration value can go high enough)
    Attach to target. Duration 1. Initial Pain 2. Whenever target should take preventable damage, add this much to the Pain value and reduce this damage to 0. When this attachment is removed, deal unpreventable Holy damage equal to the Pain value to the target.
    (Short version: all damage done to the target is delayed until the start of next turn)
    This spell used to be cast to listen to the last words of the dying. Until one of them decided words were not as good as acts.
    You've got up to midnight. Wanna go dancing?

    Double Cut

    Attack, Melee Slashing, range 1, damage 3
    Attack the target twice.

    Trait. Attach to yourself. Duration 3.
    When you are affected by a card used by an ally, you turn to face them. You may block cards played by allies.

    Dual Block
    Block any, roll 3+
    If this blocks a Melee card, create a Missile Block card and put it in your hand. If this blocks a Magic or Projectile card, create a Subtle Parry card and put it in your hand.

    Odd Block
    Roll 4+, Block any odd-valued damage (1, 3, 5...)
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  4. Pyrogoth

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    With the rise of Aloyso's Arsenal, may be there will be a card creation competition someday ? Or some similar event.
  5. Benhimself

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    I imagine making a new card is a lot more work than making a new item.
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  6. Flaxative

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  7. Pyrogoth

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  8. Vlamona

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    Melee piercing
    Damage 2, range 1
    If this attack is blocked, draw a card.

    Quick Hack
    Melee slashing
    Damage 1, range 1

    Dance Can-Can
    All characters in your line of sight turn to face you. Unblockable.
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  9. Slayer696

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    Freezing Wind
    Magic cold
    Damage 2, range 5
    Linear, Encumber 2, duration 2
  10. eldecrok

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    Any anti-healing magics or attacks?
  11. Purge / Purging Burst / Purging Strike.

    Healing isn't terribly efficient unless Talented Healer is in play. Without it... you're spending a turn, at most healing 8 via Greater Heal -- a gold card of which no item has more than one copy other than the major-token Medical Kit, and meanwhile that homicidal elf with Blind Rage and Mass Frenzy for +4 damage can do 11 w/ a Vicious Thrust or 15 with a Powerful Hack.

    If Talented Healer is active, of course, well -- +2 heal power AND it's cantrip. So... purging the Talented Healer is big.
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  12. Pyrogoth

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    Always. Take. Purges.
  13. Han Lee

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  14. Heh, true. I'd be reluctant to rely on cushioning armor against players because it's easier and cheaper to stack armor removal than it is cushioning (for a wizard, anyway; or a priest using Savage Curse when your cushioning armor is your oldest card), and warriors have some armor-penetrating/breaking as well, but it'll work.

    Towards the end of the final map of the Troll Tyrant my warrior managed to get the cushioning armor-then-reliable-mail combo meaning Grendel couldn't hit for more than 3 points. Should have hired a sorcerer, Grendel.
  15. Pawndawan

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  16. Mama Mia

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    Guarded By Angels
    Block Magic. Block Projectile. 6+. This card does not count against your hand limit at the end of the round. Keep.
    You never know when gods are on their good side.

    Stress-racked Reflexes
    Block any. 1+. Gain +1 roll for every card played this round. Resets each round.
    (Notes: So if you have this at the beginning of a round and you play a card, this becomes a 2+ block)
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  17. Fanturluche

    Fanturluche Thaumaturge

    Two-time Dash
    Based on a suggestion from BlackVoidDeath
    Move, Gold quality?
    Move 4.
    At the end of this move, create and put in your hand a standard move card determined by the distance to your starting point. (0 gives Dash, 1 gives Run, 2 gives Walk, 3 gives Shuffle, 4 or more gives nothing)
    (This card is not appropriate for minions)

    Magic Marking (alt Evil Eye)
    This idea comes from card suggestions from GregarFalzar and Kalin
    Utility, Magic Arcane (alt Magic Unholy), range 4
    Attach to target. Duration 2
    Target can be targeted by anyone regardless of line of sight. (range still matters)
    You can run but you cannot hide.
  18. Han Lee

    Han Lee Guild Leader

    Russian Roulette
    Magic Arcane, range 4, attack 0
    Roll 6+ to attack 8. Keep. Attach Fright to self.
  19. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Drop Caltrops
    (Helmet specific card)
    Color: Black or Purple? probably purple
    Rarity: rare
    Rules: Character's square becomes Spiked Terrain. (Stop. At the start of each round character takes 6 points of piercing damage.) Duration 2
    Rationale: I wanted at least one way for warrior's to interact with terrain. I usually do so by packing many step moves to get off of them. But this would be a interesting situational card that you could play on yourself even if you have no moves left to minimize magma, preserver armor, or negate a laser beacon or move beacon.

    Possible helmets: spiked helm: Barbed plate, horned armor, drop caltrops or Decrepit helmet: Ill-fitting armor, Drop Caltrops, Ouch
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  20. peonprop

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    This is waaaaaay too good. Blanketing a 5x5 square in Spiked Terrain is bad enough to get out of but you also attached a short ranged Fireball. I don't know how to fix it but it desperately needs to be toned down.

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