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  1. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Briefly updated to 3.140 changes:

    Added the new MM item: Uplifting Faith
    Added that card redirect(I'm_Here_About_the_Job).

    Ran the card script thing, but it didn't seem to update the rarity on those cards mentioned above, I didn't write it so I'll try and look into it if I get a chance.

    Edit: Fixed it.
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  2. Pawndawan

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  3. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    I think I've added the leagues correctly, with some minor column/order rejigging. Is there a reason for the separation in the PVP maps section? I was going to add the new ones and join them all together, but I'm unsure why it's designed the way it is currently (likely a good reason I don't know about).
  4. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Thanks for adding the leagues. However, I noticed that the following recent additions to quick draw maps are still missing.
    One option here could be just link Quickdraw leagues wiki page link on the front page, so that the front page isn't overly long. The said Quickdraw league wiki page to be created would simply list and link all the current 12 QD leagues.

    Hmm. You mean, the way the PvP maps are currently grouped on the front page?

    It seems, they're grouped by the rotation set. First colum, is the original ranked PvP maps, followed by Crypt, Gladius rotation set and so forth. The first PvP table layout row lists two rotations set per table column (td) and the lower row lists one set / column.

    With the exception of the first column (Temple Tussle, Streams of Blood, Forest, Dungeon, Cave & Bridge) all the rotation sets have been grouped / categorized on the actual PvP map page, so I'm not sure that kind of grouping is needed on the front page.

    If listing all the PvP maps on the front page seems repetitive, maybe the front page could list only the subcategories / set rotations? For that, category for the original six (?) PvP maps (Temple Tussle, Streams of Blood, Forest, Dungeon, Cave & Bridge) needs to be created. However, I'd like for @Flaxative or another ranked veteran confirm, if the Cave map has been withdrawn from the ranked rotation for good.

    Lastly, the PvP maps section as a whole is a bit misleading, because currently it only lists ranked PvP maps (Cave being the only exception, possibly).
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  5. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Ah, cheers for the clarification Pmed!
  6. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Update for 3.144 changes:

    Added the new MM item: Pipes Of Hamelin

    Item Changes:
    ArcaneSkill: Electroporter Novice
    Rarity: Uncommon -> Common
    Cards: [Dimensional Traveller, Spark Inductor, Spark Generator] -> [Dimensional Traveller, Spark Inductor, Powerful Spark]
    DwarfSkill: Apprentice Ferocity
    Cards: [Desperate Block, Blind Rage, Blind Rage] -> [Unreliable Block, Blind Rage, Blind Rage]
    DwarfSkill: Raging Battler
    Cards: [Reliable Mail, Blind Rage, Blind Rage] -> [Toughened Hide Strips, Blind Rage, Blind Rage]

    Card changed as in (
  7. Stuff that STILL should be added
    • A category for AI that include the missions.
    • The new monsters and a category at bestiary
    • The new in game skins
    • The new pvp maps:
      • The Fool's Trap
      • Frozen Tenement
      • Oasis
      • Mushroom Glade
      • Filing Fracas
      • Showroom Showdown
      • Competitive Catering
      • Lichard's Mausoleum
    • Also the reference to the New leagues.
    • Also a reference to the leagues main page (don't know how go here from card hunter main page) IMPORTANT
    • A search option by release for AI (Cards and items)
    • A search option by release for Aloyzo's Arsenal (items)
    • New card Image of Heavy armor (is a handicap not a boost)
    • New card Image of Superstitious (now have keep keyword)
    • New Card Image for Sneaky Bloodsuck (now is melee unholy and they remove the "to yourself" at the end)
    • Add a topic for Cavern of Chaos, and also add the decks of the characters showed here
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  8. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Fine suggestions, I checked couple of those from your list:
    They're are already on the wiki, but not yet linked from the front page: &

    Done. I also updated all the card art from Summer Balance changes.
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  9. Fanturluche

    Fanturluche Thaumaturge

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  10. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Thanks for the catch! ABT card image is now updated.
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  11. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    AI and Demon figures added to wiki. I also tried to clarify bundle figures a bit.
  12. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Briefly added 3.148 item:

    Added the new MM item: Wallbreaker's Chisel

    Looks like there have also been some card updates, e.g. Sprint move points from 8 -> 6, didn't see anything about it in the release post (only a quick look), but I gather there have been some card balance updates? I'll update those as soon as someone confirms I'm not crazy.

    Edit, ignore card updates, I was comparing an incorrect file.

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  13. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

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  14. Vlamona

    Vlamona Thaumaturge

    The category for Tokenless Dwarf skill is missing.
  15. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

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  16. How is this Do list going?
  17. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Slowly, since the only people with wiki admin / frontpage access and monster / item etc. update scripts are MIA.
  18. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    How hard would it be to have the pages for each adventure include the official hints?
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  19. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Away with work but should be able to run the update scripts with some success:

    Castle Mitternacht

    Items first:
    Items with status: Added (297)

    ArcaneItem (30)
    Batnado, Bewildering Triangle, Bimson's Death Moat, Blinking Wisp Bauble, Caustic Rod, Chiro's Cursed Amulet, Disorienting Diadem, Driving Wand, Frightening Wand, Ghostfire Wand, Haunted Bucket, Lich's Locket, Makhail's Cruel Hand, Mesmerizing Wand, Mileta's Rod Of Reflection, Olga's Messy Gland, Phasing Pendant, Poltergeist Pendant, Rasping Vial, Rust Creature Gland, Silverfire Vial, Sludge Pendant, Terrifying Zapping Wand, Trance Spiral, Vial Of Disasters, Vial Of Ectoplasm, Vial Of Spite, Wand Of Caustic Winds, Wand Of The Lost Woods, Wym's Spiteful Bucket

    ArcaneSkill (11)
    Advanced Corrosion, Advanced Ethereality, Battery, Beginner Ethereality, Blinking Spirit, Bump In The Night, Corrosive Ethereality, Focused Corrosion, Focused Ethereality, Novice Corrosion, Vengeful Ethereality

    Boots (23)
    3-Stage Rocket Boots, Angry Jack's Boots, Brash Gumshoes, Captain's Gumshoes, Cautious Sentry Boots, Count Yurik's Slippers, Crazy Sal's Creepers, Cursed Gumshoes, First Responder's Moccasins, Galvanized Zombie Boots, Gumshoe's Gumshoes, Healthy Gumshoes, Healthy Sentry Boots, Ilinca's Moccasins, Old Snarly's Moccasins, Packleader's Boots, Skittish Gumshoes, Survivor's Sentry Boots, Tracker's Boots, Unrelenting Boots, Vampire Knight's Greaves, Volkov's Boots Of Pillage, Vollmond Boots

    DivineArmor (11)
    Brilliant Shroud, Cleansing Shroud, Corrupted Shroud, Coven Raiments, Daylight Corona, Ghoul's Rags, Inquisitor's Shroud, Sanctified Shroud, St. Hedvig's Black Halo, Vampire Knight's Plate, Vankenstein's Machine

    DivineItem (23)
    Andrei's Chiropteran Bundle, Charismatic Teeth, Count Yurik's Teeth, Countess Jovana's Talisman, Creepy Box, Cursed Assassin's Token, Dirty Bundle, Forsaken Earrings, Galvanic Unholy Symbol, Methods Of Undeath, Nightsucker's Goblet, Outcast's Relic, Radiant Goblet, Relic Of The First Vampire, Shock Therapy Kit, Shocking Skull, St. Banesh's Prayer Box, St. Elar's Opposite Droplets, St. Hedvig's Black Bundle, Static Interference, Token Of Moon's Blessing, Vampire's Teeth, Witch's Snare

    DivineSkill (11)
    Advanced Corruption, Advanced Vampirism, Beginner Corruption, Controlled Corruption, Focused Corruption, Focused Vampirism, Ghoulmaker, Perfect Corruption, Stalking Vampirism, Superb Vampirism, Tainted Vampirism

    DwarfSkill (12)
    Advanced Resilience, Apprentice Resilience, Lucky Toughness, Perfect Resilience, Raging Resilience, Reclusive Resilience, Reinforced Doorf, Steadfast Toughness, Subterranean Ferocity, Superb Resilience, Tough Resilience, Unyielding Resilience

    DivineWeapon (22)
    Absolution, Arresting Torch, Blazing Flail, Blessed Aegisblade, Blinding Blade, Charmed Pitchfork, Count Yurik's Rapier, Coven Lance, Faulty Pillar, Flail Of Fury, Flail Of Justice, Healer's Morningstar, Inquisitor's Morningstar, Iryna's Golden Pitchfork, Lance Of Overflowing Light, Monsterbane Axe, Resolute Flail, St. Gennyf's Temptation, St. Hedvig's Black Axe, Tainted Morningstar, Vampire Knight's Embrace, Vankenstein's Pillar

    ElfSkill (12)
    Dainty Silversmith, Drow Rapidity, Elusive Silversmith, Fey Footwork, Fey Insight, Focused Rapidity, Focused Silversmith, Healthy Rapidity, Nimble Rapidity, Perfect Rapidity, Scouting Silversmith, Violent Rapidity

    HeavyArmor (12)
    Galvanized Zombie Plates, Haunted Mail, Inquisitor's Coat, Juggernaut Hide, Recruit's Coat, Snarlcub Hide, Town Ravager's Hide, Trog-forged Junkplate, Vigilant Panoply, Vigilante's Coat, Volkov's Impenetrable Hide, Werewolf Hide

    Helmet (11)
    Chapeau Of The Afflicted Artist, Galvanized Zombie Helm, Helm Of The Inquisition, Howling Hood, Howling Steel Helm, Lantern Helm, Outgrown Helm, Vigilante's Hood, Volkov's Warmask, Watch Captain's Helmet, Werewolf's Horned Helmet

    HumanSkill (11)
    Afflicted Guard, Alpha Positioning, Bossy Positioning, Focused Positioning, Howling Guidance, Paranoid Thinker, Savant Positioning, Shifting Thinker, Subtle Positioning, Venerable Positioning, Veteran Positioning

    MartialSkill (11)
    Ascendant Dervish, Blistering Dervish, Delicate Dervish, Focused Dervish, Focused Lycanthropy, Frenzied Lycanthropy, Howling Lycanthropy, Precise Dervish, Reckless Lycanthropy, Twirling Dervish, Untrained Lycanthropy

    Robes (12)
    Crazed Researcher's Robes, Malevolent Robes, Mantle Of Lingering, Peekaboo Robes, Poltergeist's Cape, Prillith's Frock Of Spite, Robes Of Geomancy, Silverweft Robes, Sky Sentry Robes, Survivor's Robes, Vasyl's Ectoplasmic Raiments, Wym's Emberplasm Dress

    Shield (23)
    Aegis Of The Bat, Ancient Heirloom Shield, Beacon Shield, Blazing Buckler, Captain Teadora's Resolve, Duelist's Heirloom Shield, Dusty Heirloom Shield, Energetic Heirloom Shield, Frigid Heirloom Shield, Inquisitor's Aegis, Lookout's Buckler, Nightmetal Shield, Nightstalker's Shield, Potent Heirloom Shield, Sentry's Last Shield, Shield Of Affliction, Shield Of The Wraith, Sven's Siege Shield, Terror-Forged Shield, Unreliable Heirloom Shield, Vanity Mirror, Volkov's Shifting Shield, Yvette's Downfall

    Staff (22)
    Ancient Linestaff, Belching Specterstaff, Caustic Pain, Chask's Relief, Corrupted Feystaff, Gusting Feystaff, Lucky Caustic Battlestaff, Perimeter Staff, Prankster's Feystaff, Repelling Feystaff, Sentrymage's Feystaff, Silver Justice, Silver Lightning, Silverwood Staff Of The Magus, Smoking Torchstaff, Staff Of Dissolution, Sturdy Torchstaff, Surging Feystaff, True Silver, Unstable Feystaff, Xemu's Conclusion, Young Specterstaff

    Treasure (12)
    Blight Star Diamond, Blighted Idol, Blighted Ingots, Count Yurik's Goblet, Dull Silverware, Ebony Harp, Gold-Capped Tooth, Ivory Harp, Nice Tooth, Portrait Of Countess Jovana, Satin Pajamas, Silk Pajamas

    Weapon (28)
    Blazing Torchsword, Brutal Flail, Captain Cedric's Vow, Dawn Lance, Final Sword, Grimsong's Scythe, Guztuk's Giant Gutter, Heirloom Sickle, Howling Pain, Inquisitor's Pitchfork, Mithril Aegisblade, Painful Flail, Patrolman's Flail, Pitchfork Of Shelter, Ravager's Cudgel, Repelling Flail, Silver Pitchfork, Snitrick's Last Stand, Startling Flail, Stolen Torch, Sturdy Torch, Svitlana's Scythe, Talissa's Trident, The Inquisition, Trickster's Torch, Warding Dervish, Whirling Flail, Yvette's Betrayal
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  20. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    I think all the cards are in as well (but no images currently). Will cobble together a list if I get a chance.

    Edit: Pawndawan pretty much did this on the next page =D
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