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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Farbs, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Roshirai has kindly donated some time and bandwidth to start an unofficial-but-heartily-encouraged Card Hunter Wiki: Cardhuntria

    Thanks Roshirai!

    Mightymushroom and Phaselock have started adding content, and it's really great to see this coming together. Thanks Mightymushroom and Phaselock!

    This spawned from the Style Sheet thread, which is the reason we now have forum tags for marking up text as cards, items, and generic wiki links. Now I think the wiki deserves a thread of its own, so here it is. What say you?
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  2. Evolved

    Evolved Mushroom Warrior

    Great work everyone involved, and thanks, lots of valuable stuff here for the game and the community.
  3. daihideo

    daihideo Kobold

    Woo! That's great! Thank you to all involved. :)

    Edit:Also love the "I love you, but your crazy". Old School is awesome.
  4. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Three cheers for the new wiki! Wait, that's hard to do in asynchronous web-based communication. Nevermind.

    To continue a thought:
    Good, and much appreciated, but I was thinking about the small essential graphic at the top of each card. See, the cards are surely coded in-game such that the top graphic is its own file, and could perhaps be extracted from the servers (with permission).

    As it is, the text on a wiki's page is copied straight from the card, as it should be--this enables text search. However, it renders the current preview graphics (taken from the site gallery) very large relative to their value to the reader. Everything's fine for now, but our future selves will find it convenient to refer to the small graphics at will (for compiling card suites just as in the game, for example).
  5. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    You lost me at 'small essential graphic at the top of each card'.... Working on Teleport Other now. Which part of the pic are you referring to ?

    Question: Is it
    a) red circle right at the top ?
    b) red circle below a) ?
    c) red circle below b) ?
    d) red circle below c) ?
    e) red circle below d) ?
  6. keg4

    keg4 Kobold

    Nice! I love wikis!
  7. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    I mean b. There's got to be some basic term meaning "the art for which an artist shed blood and tears such that this card would have a face before the world," and that whole post of mine was filled with flailing to strike upon it. Is it the "card art"? The "card image"? What?

    Everything else whatsoever can be replicated with text on the wiki (and thus be searchable), but we need the "card graphic" somehow.
  8. Roshirai

    Roshirai Goblin Champion

    One thing that'd be good for both the wiki and this forum: a Frequently Asked Questions, based on questions that are quite literally being frequently asked, like stuff about multiplayer, co-op and whatnot.

    Maybe that's worth a separate thread. :)
  9. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    I usually call a card's pretty hand drawn bit its illustration.

    Does anyone have experience with mediawiki templates? I feel they might be useful for cards and items (and adventures and probably some other things).
  10. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    What about it ? I'm a code monkey... And I think we are pretty close to finishing the wiki with whatever that's from the blog and previews. If you wanna try something so that it will make the porting easier, then now's the time. :)

    edit: testing item bbcode Puppeteer's Headband
    edit: It works !
  11. mightymushroom

    mightymushroom Goblin Champion

    Heh - I was just throwing some words up because it offended my sensibilities to have wiki links to empty pages. I thought about using pictures, but I chose to hold off after second thoughts about permissions, the age of previews, and consistency of size. It was Phaselock who really began the process of organization. :) I'm glad to hear someone working on the wiki is a code monkey, as I qualify only for the level of programming pig: ham-handed and grunting all the time.
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  12. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Well, Farbs or Jon or some dev has to commit to a standard interface. Are we going to stick to templates ? or tables ? or lists ???

    As things stand, any contributor (monkey, pig, knight, bear, barrel, bacon...) can just copy the current formatting without doing any coding which makes involvement easy. When we get a few hundred cards to manage, we'll need a botscript...
  13. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    You have no idea the weight lifted off of my shoulders.

    Basic command of one's native language triumphs again!
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  14. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    I'll be happy to help write some sort of botty scripty thing once we've decided to reveal the game content.

    Being a nerdy programmer type, I'm pretty keen on mediawiki's templates. They should make consistent formatting relatively easy.
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  15. mightymushroom

    mightymushroom Goblin Champion

    Well, my plan extended as far as making a standard page, probably in the form of a simple table, for people to copy and fill in the blanks. Though a proper template thingy has obvious advantages. This is just a first pass at putting all possible card information into a list and asking if anybody has other ideas.

    I thought that I might wait a while yet before very nicely asking the devs to fork over all the art assets. They're busy at the moment.
    And I shudder at the mention of botscript (see pig comment). :confused:
  16. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Great ! We'll stick with templates then... :)

    Before I can create a card template, I'll need to know everything about what constitutes a 'card'. Specific questions:
    a) The color of the background in the card name. What does it mean ? Rarity ? Value ?
    b) Do we need an effect template ? If not, how should effects be represented ? reaction vs non-reaction ?
    c) Hybrid cards. How many 'card colors to card type' are there ? I know red = attack, blue = movement and some other basic stuff. Will there be any rainbow cards ? Or is there a limit to the number to the hybridization per card ? :D
    d) dice rolls. Do we need a dice template ?
  17. LightPhoenix

    LightPhoenix Orc Soldier

    It's the card's power tier. Black is a Drawback, and in order of increasing tier: Beige, Copper, Silver, Gold, Green (Emerald?), Violet.

    I believe one of the cards in the Greenfang battle has two colors (Teleport Self); it looked to be Blue and something else (see here). AFAIK, the necessary colors are Blue (move), Red (attack), Black (drawback), White (buff), Violet (utility), Grey (armor), Green (block), and Teleport Self's mystery color (orange?).

    (edited to fix link and add power tier)

    ETA: Definitely Orange as seen here, but I don't know what the color represents.
  18. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    I can guess that the "beige" title is what was once called "paper-like," but I don't recall seeing green and violet. In fact, I cannot find the word "violet" on the forums anywhere. Are these from cards used in the demo, perhaps?

    The orange card background is a "boost" or "positive drawback" last we knew. We had one or two really old cards with that color, too, but that was back when orange meant deck manipulation. Since then, to quote Farbs, "We changed the colours again."

    Would you agree that this post has enough links?
  19. LightPhoenix

    LightPhoenix Orc Soldier

    Bah, my apologies, the second link wasn't where it was supposed to be, it was supposed to point to the same video, but the part where the player receives the sword. You can see in Borgo's inventory that the card Perfect Block has a Violet color. You can also see that on this dev diary, which shows the Violet-tier Perfect Block in addition to a couple of Green-tier cards (Enchanted Mail, Attack Skill, and what I think is Impenetrable Block). I thought perhaps that Perfect Block was violet because the card is green, but there's clearly a green-tier block card in the deck. Given the distribution of cards we've seen, I'm assuming the order is Paper/Copper/Silver/Gold/Green/Violet.

    Also, I think Violet-tier sounds better than Purple-tier. :) It may be under purple?
  20. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Well, it seems like there is no clear ruleset yet, prolly cos everything's still in beta. Imma go ahead with the below for now, feedback greatly appreciated.

    Card power tier
    1-black (see Weak strike from

    Card class
    1-Blue = Movement
    2-Red = Attack
    3-Green = Blocks
    4-Grey = Armor
    5-White = Heals/Buffs
    6-Orange = whatever
    7-Purple = Utility
    13-Black = Trait

    Wiki template users only have to key in numbers and template auto translates to tier/class. I hope there are no in-between tiers, hybrid combos > 3 and what not., fingers crossed. Now to think about effects, reactions and dice rolls....hmm

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