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How do you think i did?

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  1. ChadTheRad

    ChadTheRad Mushroom Warrior

    I'm going to start posting videos of me playing the beta to youtube,if anyone would like a link to my channel please let me know,if you don't mind occasional swearing (sometimes forgot i was even filming) but aside from that,anyone is welcome to watch if you want so far only 2 videos are up but there is a lot more that i have Fight Well Cardhuntrians!

    there is the link simply click away and enjoy yourself!
  2. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    First impression is that you really need to lower your ingame sound for future videos, as there's almost no way to hear you. Looking forward to see how well you do!
  3. ChadTheRad

    ChadTheRad Mushroom Warrior

    i noticed that shortly after i started recording and felt a fool xD but i reduced the ingame volume on my other ones that i havent posted yet
  4. Daryl Tay

    Daryl Tay Kobold

    Same comment as Pengw1n! I couldn't make out what was going on, but I enjoyed watching the first 2 nonetheless, and appreciate you making the videos so that us poor people not in the beta can watch!
  5. ChadTheRad

    ChadTheRad Mushroom Warrior

    well what i have to say isn't often important just useless rambleing,as long as you can hear the slices and sound effects thats what matter's,i now have 10 videos up,and the issues with the volume should be fixed,i'm also about to upload my Wizards Workshop one,im mostly level 4 and it's a level 2 adventure but it's a good watch
  6. Sharien

    Sharien Mushroom Warrior

    well the resolution is weird for youtube since they use 4:3 or 5:4 (i am not sure which) so 16:9/10 looks really weird
    and either it is kinda laggy or your fps is pretty not sure
    apart from that its interesting to see other ppl keep going i might stop by every now and then to watch ;)
  7. ChadTheRad

    ChadTheRad Mushroom Warrior

    just doing what i can to ease the pain of people who wanna play,at least you can see some stragtegic manuver's or cards,and get an idea for how the game will be
  8. ChadTheRad

    ChadTheRad Mushroom Warrior

    Just uploaded a lot more stuff i have a playthrough of wizard's workshop and a lot more other small level dungeon's
  9. tha bug king

    tha bug king Kobold

    definitely rad

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