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    Disclaimer: The designs and concepts represented are the exclusive copyrighted designs of Blue Manchu, and may NOT be reproduced in any form without written consent of Blue Manchu. In the event the above design is used without consent, someone will come knocking on your door. If someone doesn't come knocking on your door, that means they are prolly on strike !
  2. Dear Mr.Hurtin

    We´d like you to know that the work conditions you so deem "unsafe", were specifically notified to you in your signed contract in the article 22, subsection 8, of risks and damage. Quoting the article:

    "Adventuring in Cardhuntria ensures exposure to hazardous elements and high risk of injuries, both of flesh and of your equipment. Blue Manchu does not makes itself responsible for damages such as, but not limited to: Spontaneous freezing, arcane shoving, pits of corrosive or superheated liquids, stab wounds, concusive wounds, slashing wounds, third degree burns, sudden amnesia, high-voltage electricity, hurricane winds, melting of work equipment, loss of work equipment, ping-pong bashing, noxious fumes, seed-related injuries and sudden loss of luck"

    As this was clearly included in the contract you so happily signed, your strike will not be recognized by a lawsuit. We suggest you return to your post and continue attaining injuries in the stead of your partners. Your friend Tineva might just be facing the wrong end of a Hackmaster, would you so eagerly neglect your assistance for such a childish motive?

    Signed: Blue Manchu Internship Cardhuntria Supervisor
    Suapp Gotronne
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    Dear Suapp Gotronne:


    Dwarves have little need for words or the law. What we do have are gold, treasures and a perpetually aching back. I offer you gold to look the other way while I undergo my massage and spa therapy in Ommlet's Finest Healing Touch Artisans. (Yes, I'm aware the blasted elves can't do much without my brawn. Such is their nature.) I suggest you accept my offer or face my Legendary Multi-colored Token Axe in a treasure chest Somewhere Out There. I will call off my strike when I'm ready.

    Yours Forcefully,
    Signed: Son of Balor, descendent of Valin the Invincible, Dwarven King of CardHuntria, chieftain of the Ironfists Clan.
    Hurthin Ironfist

    PS: Please learn to spell my name correctly.
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    Hah! Awesome!
  5. Dear Hurthin

    If your motives were such, you could've successfully filed a request for a vacation at the Blue Manchu's Office as, due to your years of service, you are entitled one. I am not entitled or willing to accept your bribe, but will make sure the adequate parties take care of the necessary paperwork to process your due break, however, be aware that further attempts of bribery and/or sudden escapades will be reported to the Blue Manchu Enterprises, and if that happens, I'll personally suggest you to get at least a little handy with the law; the elvish jury wont take lightly to your comments if used as evidence

    Yours Trully
    Suapp Gotronne

    P.S.: Bring it, I have 7 Parries
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    After weeks of deliberation, King Hurthin Ironfist and his royal cabinet determine Suapp Gotronne to be a goblin infiltrator (due to his many parries). Dwarven priest Holy Inquisitor Thor Steelhammer is ordered to apprehend Suapp Gotronne. Rumors from elven lands indicate that the lords are unsettled by the very notion of elvish juries and a high wizard has been sent to capture Gotronne. Meanwhile, Blue Manchu Internship Office denies accommodating any employee by the said name of Gotronne. The hunt is on !
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  7. Cardhuntria's News Front Page

    Suapp Gotronne's Identity Revealed!

    Although initial suspicions by dwarven hunting parties believed that Suapp Gotronne, an individual who commited the crime of masquerading as an employee of Blue Manchu, was in fact a goblin due to fitting the profile he himself flaunted in his last legal manifesto, later investigations (I.E. A lot of smashed goblin faces) revealed that the individual was a human Man at Arms, defense-oriented soldiers trained to fight under the payroll of nobles and who also match Gotronne's taunt of being able to fend off the several deadly attacks King Hurthin Ironfist has to offer.

    After a thorough research, Gotronne's house was found in the outskirts of lizardman territory, which brings more questions than answers. After the door was taken down with fire (Solid Wood can take a beating), they were met by an angry, elven warrior who "Violently spun and knocked everyone away from the doorway like an angry ogre", says the hunting party. This female elf was later profiled as Jorma "Impact" Gotronne, a wimpy looking, yet respectable elven warrior known for large boasts of holding positions and defending her allies better than any dwarf could even strive for with her multiple Rotting Clubs and heavy armor. The elf "Cleaned the floor with everyone's faces to a bright sheen", says Moa, a novice of the dwarven task force.

    When Jorma was finally subdued (It took a while for the hunting team to figure out poking her with long, sharp sticks was a better idea), they entered Swap Gotronne's personal armory. The place was filled up with a dragon-hoard of items, although none very useful for the modern adventurer, suggesting he is currently utilizing the better armaments. Further investigation found a strange room filled with cryptic messages and bloodied corpses. Among these strange phrases were some bizarre examples including: "A new era will begin", "Remember, Remember, 13 of September", and "My St.Portia's Maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil". The fugitive is still free, and these messages are not helping the hunting team finish the investigation. Stay alert of strange mercenaries armed with disproportionately expensive pieces of gear and report all findings to King Hurthin's hold to assist in the hunt
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    The first DM,​
    He taught us to roll the dice.​
    He opened the door to new worlds.​
    For this we thank him.​
    In fond memory of Gary Gygax​
    and in celebration of his spirit and accomplishments.​
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    That's really clever. See what you did with Ben there...
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    Why did the Mushroom get invited to all the parties? Ans: Cuz he's a fungi!
    Happy Holidays ! :)
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  12. Something quick.
  13. A render of the Pizza Girl Karen:

    The skin tone options of the software didn't quite have her color.
  14. Karen giving a stern look.

    I forgot her earrings. I am ashamed! Perhaps that is why she is giving the stern look.
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    Ahahahaha a cute dwarf! Does not strike terror but it is very well made.
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    dunno if this is the right thread for this but here goes: a ss i took from the cellar custom map.


    Elf Conquerer.jpg
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    I think that's actually a Dr. Pepper can, but good catch!
  18. A couple of recolors (more will come in the future):
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    Awesome, Loli. Wish users could upload these (or similar) and use them.
  20. Thanks Flaxative!
    A few more of varying quality:
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