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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Ben_Lee, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Ben_Lee

    Ben_Lee Art Director, Chief Executive in charge of Laundry Staff Member

    Yeah, this is actually a really niggling animation bug.
  2. Keyser

    Keyser Goblin Champion

    I had the mis-sized card bug today (no screenshot, sorry). It happened when I misguided healed myself, with talented healer on. The card I drew for TH was dynamic armor, which then immediately triggered in response to the misguided heal. The dynamic armor card was small, and stayed small throughout.
  3. Shoe

    Shoe Mushroom Warrior

    When I had that issue it was my healer as all... Although te card I think was rusty armor
  4. Luigisopa

    Luigisopa Kobold

    Hi guys!
    I am not sure where to put this bug report or maybe I am missing something entirely but:
    [[Elvish Insight]] is colored red as an attack card but it should be a white card I think (draw card)?
  5. Blindsight

    Blindsight Ogre

    It's an attack card. It can be blocked and the opponent will WANT to block it if at all possible. Does seem odd to be affected by fright though...
  6. Keyser

    Keyser Goblin Champion

    One could make an argument that it should be purple (as is Telekinesis), in which case it wouldn't be affected by Fright.
  7. Blindsight

    Blindsight Ogre

    True, and that would be pretty valid. I'm not remembering if you block Telekinesis. I don't think I ever have. If you can, then I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be a utility card.
  8. Keyser

    Keyser Goblin Champion

    You try to block every card played by the opponent (even beneficial cards like heals and dwarven battle cry).
  9. Keyser

    Keyser Goblin Champion

    Another mis-sized card. It seems to happen when a recently-drawn card triggers immediately (in this case reliable mail was drawn because of quick reactions).
    Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.52.00 PM.jpg
  10. doom_

    doom_ Kobold

    I also have run into the mis-sized card bug. Reliable mail drawn when quick reactions was triggered.


    Version 0.2.7673
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Low Nest,Room=WVRN (doom_),RoomID=688872,Msg=The active player is now Gary
    BATTLE LOG: Player=Gary,Scenario=Low Nest,Room=WVRN (doom_),RoomID=688872,Event=PlayAction,Action=Wild Spark,Instigator=Rullic,Targets=Warmaster
    BATTLE LOG: Player=Gary,Scenario=Low Nest,Room=WVRN (doom_),RoomID=688872,Event=TriggerFail,Trigger=Surging Shield Block,TriggeringActor=Warmaster,AffectedActors=Warmaster,TriggerType=Action,TriggerLocation=Hand
    BATTLE LOG: Player=Gary,Scenario=Low Nest,Room=WVRN (doom_),RoomID=688872,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Quick Reactions,TriggeringActor=Warmaster,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=Action,TriggerLocation=Hand
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Low Nest,Room=WVRN (doom_),RoomID=688872,Msg=doom_ drew Reliable Mail for Warmaster
    BATTLE LOG: Player=Gary,Scenario=Low Nest,Room=WVRN (doom_),RoomID=688872,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Reliable Mail,TriggeringActor=Warmaster,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=PreDamage,TriggerLocation=Hand
    BATTLE LOG: Player=Gary,Scenario=Low Nest,Room=WVRN (doom_),RoomID=688872,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Raging Strike,TriggeringActor=Warmaster,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=PreDamage,TriggerLocation=Hand
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Low Nest,Room=WVRN (doom_),RoomID=688872,Msg=Warmaster took 4 damage
  11. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    The "Complex reaction" lightning bolt icon in the lower right corner of cards causes a white pixel to appear on the card border under the icon (full size cards only). Browser was Firefox 25.0.
  12. Another sighting of the wee, tiny, not so big card (in both the tray and in the zoom view when it's triggered). I'm pretty sure I've only ever seen it with Monkey Mail, but I've seen it with that card a few times now, possibly because I've been playing the MM#2 supplement more than most doctors would recommend (thanks, tuknir).

    Screenshot 2014-01-14 22.40.20.png

    Version 0.2.8102
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=The Games 2,Room=MM2A (raffishtenant),RoomID=44841

    Obviously not a showstopper. It's actually kind of fun in an "aw, look at the cute widdle Monkey Mail card" kind of way.
  13. Assussanni

    Assussanni Ogre

    I have also observed the above mini Monkey Mail issue. It seems to occur for me whenever an attack causes Simian Reflexes to trigger leading to Monkey Mail being drawn, which then reacts to the attack to try and reduce the damage. This is in line with previous reports involving armor being drawn via Quick Reactions then immediately triggering.
  14. Ben_Lee

    Ben_Lee Art Director, Chief Executive in charge of Laundry Staff Member

    Thanks for all these detailed reports, they are very useful. This bug is actually an animation issue which has been pestering us for a long time... Hopefully we can squash it soon.
  15. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Bug: Ben has yet to draw me in Card Hunter Style.
    Repro: Just look at me!
    Solution: Get to drawin'
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  16. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    Interestingly, I've encountered the opposite of this bug - oversized cards - as well. As far as I can tell, this bug happens when I am clicking in order to hurry animations and a card is brought from an opponent's hand in reaction to another card played, and then put back into the opponent's hand as a large sized card (the size that one would expect to see in the middle of the screen when it is being shown). The card usually re-sizes itself back to normal when the next new round begins or when it is used again. I have the "show each card" setting on in my options, and an animation speed of 8. I suspect that the former of those two settings is largely why I am seeing this bug, as I have never seen it when I have "Show new cards" on instead.
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  17. AngeloVolando

    AngeloVolando Kobold

    While ingame the item Gray Prayer Beads doesn't loads. It acts like it's loadin the item image but I think it's not my broadband connection. Dunno.

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  18. Ben_Lee

    Ben_Lee Art Director, Chief Executive in charge of Laundry Staff Member

    It is showing correctly for me. Have you reproduced this bug?
  19. Xayrn

    Xayrn Hydra

    Bronze Punch, Mesmerising Beacon, and Repulsive have their 'Art' columns marked as 'Done' in the Cards.csv file, but no art seems to exist for them. Easily Daunted also appears to have no art with an unmarked 'Art' column, even though every other card with its column unmarked has art. These cards aren't in the game (although Bronze Punch is also marked as 'Implemented'), but this is confusing for third-party tools relying on the information to determine whether or not to query the server for art.

    EDIT: Somewhat related, the card Lightning Breath has a unique 'D' in its 'Trigger' column.
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  20. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Interestingly, Mesmerising Beacon has art, spelled Mesmerizing Beacon.
    Repulsive does have art.
    I've made some of these changes, thanks to incessant pestering :p
    But, uh. @Xayrn? In the future, can't you just write some specific code to ignore corner cases like these? We reserve the right to have whatever the heck data we want for unimplemented cards without it being a 'bug'... :)
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