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  1. This is a weird one that occurs under Steam on macOS. Any time I try to type the letter "e" within the game (while chatting, searching the Keep/shops, naming a party, etc.) it brings up the macOS Character Viewer instead, preset to the "Emoji" tab. If I want to type an "e", I need to copy one into my clipboard and hit Command-V to paste it when needed. Could be worse, but it's fairly annoying nonetheless, and I'm hoping that there might be a simple fix.

    Normally I would suspect that this might be an OS thing, except for a few factors. First, while I regularly use a couple dozen Mac apps that require typing, I have never seen this behavior anywhere but within Card Hunter. In fact, I've never even seen the Character Viewer itself anywhere but within the game. I have no need for it: I don't use emoji via the OS, I already know how to type accents and most other special characters that I might need, and in a real pinch, the Keyboard Viewer (a completely separate app) does everything else I might need along these lines. So I don't see how I could ever have enabled such a bizarre "shortcut," even accidentally—though I've scoured every relevant OS setting I can think of in search of it, just in case.

    Any ideas?

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    I reported this a while ago, not sure what's going on. Chatting in-game is a big part of my experience, so I haven't been hanging out as much

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  3. Thanks for confirming that I'm not mad (at least in this instance). That's another data point, I don't have the "d" problem that you have, just the "e" problem. But I hadn't thought of using a capital E, which looks funny but works fine in search, which is where I do most of my in-game typing these days. I suppose that's a bit less annoying than copy-and-paste!
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    - Drunken curmudgeonly post deleted -
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  5. WTF? That's...honestly not what I expected to see, especially in a thread about some random-ass minor bug that almost nobody is going to read. It's not the Sir Veza I remember, unless it's some sort of playful in joke, in which case I should probably just STFU until I catch up.

    I will say this much: to the casual reader, it might appear as though you're simultaneously apologizing for the abuse that you're currently escalating, in the form of passive aggressively calling your target awesome while attacking all of her recent work without a whit of constructive criticism.

    If this is some sort of trial run, I'd advise against it.
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    Nope, you are exactly right.
    Flax did a great job with storylines, inclusion of tropes from other games, conversion of monsters from other systems and the creation of new ones.
    To me, most felt really grindy. More like work than play. I'm in this for play.
    Some will prefer these modules because they like the style.
    There is nothing one can make that everyone will like.
    I still feel a bit guilty about not liking them, because I'm sure she put a lot of work into them.
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    Aw, I missed it! Veza, you can always DM me your curmudgeonliness.

    (raffishtenant, thank you for your kindness, though i cannot see to what it was in response. if you wish to be even kinder, you can use 'her' or 'their' as the pronoun modifying my work!)
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  8. Whoops! My apologies for the inadvertent sexism, Flax. I honestly never knew your gender but should not have assumed. I've fixed the original post.
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    No problem!! You're great :D
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