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    This thread was inspired by ParodyKnaveBob esay Campaign is NOT grindy and The nudie run

    This is a story of Anybody's group of characters ...

    Registering accont Anybody

    Greenfang's Challenge
    Just an example of how could high level adventure looks like. 2 maps, and prepared deck of cards.

    Raid on Ommlet
    1 map, 2 simple opponents.
    A new begining. Literally. You start with 1 Warrior. You can choose his race an get character equiped with 1 weapom and 1 pair of boots. Second slot for weapon is empty.
    After completing I got loot containing tresure and was told to go to Armory where I had to sold treasures and buy second weapon for warrior. That was once and only I sold and buyed something.

    Kobold Encampment
    1 map, 3 simple opponents.
    After completing this map, my warrior advanced to level 2 and I had to choose a second character - Wizard.

    Tunnels into Darkness
    1 map, 1 Kobold hero as opponent.

    White Skull Canyon
    2 maps, kobold mage and 2 kobolds
    After I had to choose a third character - Priest. Party is now complete. And Tutorial too.
    Completing this adventure Un-locks Randimar's Rarities and low level adventures Caverns of the Troglodytes, Dungeon of the Lizard Priest, Highway Robbery, Ruby Demon Portal, The Wizard's Workshop.

    ... to be continued
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    Chapter 01

    Let me talk more about Anobody's party adventures.

    Caverns of the Troglodytes
    2 maps, Trog Spearmans and Trog Scuttlers as opponents.
    They use spear - range 2 weapon and moves to keep distance from your characters.
    You have to count with armor thay coul be equiped with.

    The Wizard's Workshop
    3 maps, Tin Golems, Ornithopters and Bronze Golem as opponents.
    This adventure is about importance of armor protection. Golems could have 2 sometimes 3 and in rare occassion 4 armor equiped. Ornithopters use some close range armor removal attacks and fire cone attacks.
    Not hard but time consuming adventure due to armors equiped on golems. My warrior and sorcerer reached level 3.

    Warning: After you first time successfully complete any level 3+ adventure, tutorial adventures disappears. So do not enter them, if you feel you will need more easy training.
    Tip: Characters get XP even if their level is not higher than adventure level +2.

    Lair of the Trog Wizard
    2 maps, Trog Spearmans, Trog Scuttlers and Trog Wizzard itself (of course) as opponents.
    Spear, armors and some long range magic.

    After completing first map I got some surprise. First Legendary item (Unholy Nimbus) was in chest. After finishing this adventure my priest reached level 3 and Anobody raised up to Renown 3.

    Highway Robbery
    3 maps, Goblin Grunts, Goblin Hulk, Goblin Shaman and Goblin Chieftan are waitng to you.
    map 1 - 2 groups of Goblin grunts with lots of blocks - long lasting and boring fight.
    map 2 - one and lonely Goblin hulk. Armed and dangerous, but often clumsy.
    map 3 - Bluk the Goblin chieftain as dangerous warrior for close fight and buffing goblin shaman.

    Another leveling for warrior and mage.

    Ruby Demon Portal
    3 maps, Imps everywhere (Arcane, Fire and Acid) and at last Fire Sprite
    map 1 - many moves and long range magical attacks
    map 2 - it is recommended to not move until acid imps spit their puddles
    map 3 - Victory points occupied by Fire sprite and his gang.

    Level 4 for priest and Renown 4 for Anybody.

    Dungeon of the Lizard Priest
    3 maps
    map 1 - 2 Lizarman warriors with lot of range 2 attacks
    map 2 - Another 2 lizarmen and Black Ooze - do not use crushing weapons on it. Amorphous Body grants immunity against crushing damage.
    map 3 - wariors, netters and Slub Gut itself. Close combat, mid range attacks and lot of curses.

    Eepic treasure, Heavy armor for warrior, level 5 and first (minortoken) for all 3 characters.

    Rescue From Shieldhaven Prison
    4 maps
    map 1 -
    servants are minions = no victory point for their killing.
    Men at arms uses lot of blocks. You have to use clever maneuvring to attack them from behind and/or use magic attacks.
    map 2 - Servants, Man at arm and Guard dogs. Do not try to pet them unless you use realy Big Stick
    map 3 - Dog boy and 3 wild maneuvring, hungry and bitting dogs
    map 4 - servant, Man at arm and armoured dog.

    Another epic treasure and Renown 5.

    Slub Gut's Sanctum
    2 maps
    map 1 - Another party of Lizarman Netters and Black Ooze. Nothing new.
    map 2 - 2 Lizardman Darters and Slub Gut. Shaman curses you and darters do the messy work.
    Good maneuvering is esential here. Darters usually have 2 moves and often some step attack. So they can easily outmanever your characters.

    Level 6 for party members.
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    Chapter 02

    Anybody's party adventure leads you to mines and under frozen earth.

    Diamonds of the Kobolds
    3 maps, Kobold Warriors, Kobold Avengers, Kobold Spearman and Armored Pigs
    Warriors use close attacks and blocks, Avengers use close attacks, Lunging Bash
    and Shambling Bash, Spearmen use range 2 stabs, Pigs have Mail
    and Bite a lot.

    Good positioning is necessary here. Cone and burst magic can withdraw blocks and chop do good work.

    After completing, renown was updated to 6.

    The White Star
    3 maps ful of kobolds
    map 1 - Avengers, Spearmen and Kobold Priest which uses Healing Blessing

    map 2 - two group of warriors and one group of spearmen - Firestorm is your friend :) without it, you will stuggle here for a long time.

    map 3 - two groups of Avengers and Kobold High Priest Pokkin - you will hate his

    Healing Presence and Lifesaving Block
    Using good armor, blocks and healing is not bad idea. Main portion of success lies on chops, cone and burst attacks. You have to deal damage to kobolds faster than they could heal self.

    Warning: After completing you will get White Star Diamond which is unique and will NOT drop in future as a part of loot. So do not sell it.

    First map I had to repeat once. Party characters reached level 7.

    Beneath the Frozen Earth
    3 maps, Trog Gougers, Trog Spearman, Trog Scuttlers and Trog Wizards

    maps 1 and 2
    Crude Plates doesn't prevent damage from Attacks behind - so you have to attack from behind (this is problem in map 2), use attacks with penetrate or some armor remover like Dissolve Armor or Boiling Armor

    map 3
    6 wizzards with ranged spells and lot of moves. Catchs them and kill them before thay spark you to death.

    Renown 7 and second power token (minortoken)(minortoken) for group characters.

    The Throne of Strench
    3 maps, Trog Gougers, Trog Spearmen, Trog Scuttlers and Strench the Pungent at the map 3

    If you advanced here, you should pass through maps 1 and 2 quite easilly.

    On the map 3 keep your characters out of reach (or at least out of sight) of trog wizzard until you eliminate guards. Wizzard has some spare moves, so spare some too.

    Group characters advanced to level 8.
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    41 adventures in Basic campaign (Tutorial included)
    +1 free AotA adventure
    +1 free EttSC adventure
    (+3 more adventures for pizza given by Garry)
    That is Anybody can do.

    BTW: Almost no one MM can be done as Nudie run, can?

    Most of the time this writing took me were used to find and add links to wiki (adventures, enemies, cards, items). And you ask me if I know about wiki. Are you joking?
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    Chapter 05

    Writing this story took me more time than playing itself.
    And is more exhausting too :(

    ... to be continued

    Last done adventure?
    [00-09:30] Guardians of Astral Shrine, Level 13, Renown 13
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    Soooooo, was "Campaign is ..." ever going to be concluded with title blank filled in? $:^ }

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