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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Jon, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

  2. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

  3. Niali

    Niali Kobold

    The Wimpy trait triggered twice for a Kobold Avenger (Pekeng in the picture), reducing the damage of a Lunging Bash from 3 to 1. Duration remaining on Wimpy was 1 (would fall off at the beginning of next round). I note that the target could not be pushed because of another character in the way; possibly both the move mechanic and the attack mechanic triggered Wimpy under these conditions?
  4. Dash

    Dash Mushroom Warrior

    This bug just happened for me too, here's some relevant info:

    There were 2 Kobold Avengers in the group, both alive with low HP. I went first this round, and on my first turn I killed one.
    Then, on the KA's turn, it played one Wimpy and the other remained in hand (maybe it was slotted to go to the other KA, now dead?).
    Both the attached Wimpy and the one in hand triggered.
  5. Niali

    Niali Kobold

    Oh wow. Thank you Dash, that's way better detail than I provided. I'll take notes on the kind of detail to send in the future.
    I can't say that this exact scenario is what happened to me, because I didn't look up enough detail -- but there's nothing in the above that is expressly inconsistent with my experience. It could easily be the same bug.
  6. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    It is the same situation. You can see in your screenshot that the group holding the Wimpy is down to one member. And, as I mention here, it happens because the game doesn't allow putting more than one handicap on the same minion of a group.
  7. Darkgryf

    Darkgryf War Monkey

    was just playing in a quick draw league and the opponent had a 5 hp elven warrior a used righteous frenzy on my wizard and surging bolted the warrior, the warrior lived with 1 hp. I can find no reason why this happened as no cards were in his hand or was he under any buff.
  8. DupleX

    DupleX Champion of Cardhuntria

    Frenzy applies 1 less damage to magic and projectile attacks, so the frenzy 2 from Righteous Frenzy only increased the damage by 1.

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