Bounty-Hunters Tournament Announcement Info/Sign-up !!!

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Solo OR Team Based Match ?

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  1. SOLO

  2. TEAM

  1. ciopo

    ciopo Orc Soldier

    I'd prefer free use of as many legendary as one would like?
  2. Qivril

    Qivril War Monkey

    Sign Up :
    Forum name : Qivril
    Ingame name : Qivril
    Race\Class : Dwarf Wizard
  3. Please clean up the OP. It's on the border of "still have a ton of questions" and "total chaos". I'm tempted to sign up (and I can even attend this time! No crazy stuff going on) but I'm going to hold off until everything clears up.
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  4. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Rainingrecon : its great that you have questions and ill be more happy to answer you, just ask but be reasonable @Latheviosin , @timeracers , @Qivril and others so for now its challenging enough, are you up to it ?
  5. Glockz4Sale

    Glockz4Sale Kobold

    Sign Up :
    Forum name : Glockz4Sale
    Ingame name : 6ix.Glockz4Sale
    Race\Class : Human Warrior - TEAM
    Would prefer SOLO if spots are still open.
  6. Fifjunior7

    Fifjunior7 Hydra

    This looks chaotic, but a tournament is always fun, regardless of prizes.

    Forum Name: Fifjunior7
    Ingame Name: Fifjunior
    Race/Class: Elven Priest - but I can do anything to accomodate a team!

    Hopefully you sort it out and make it more organized, I would really love to see this come to fruition!
  7. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Good Work Guys,

    We have about 10 participators for now, Keep up the good work...

  8. I don't have any questions that I haven't found the answer to by looking through 2 and a half pages of replies. But I'd like to see the first post edited, re-organized, streamlined and contain more details before I will consider signing up.

    I love the idea of player-run and player-organized tournaments, but I want everything spelled out clearly, so that if there is an argument one player can point at the rules and say "you can't do that because of rule xyz".
  9. I wanna join

  10. Latheviosin

    Latheviosin Orc Soldier

    If legend limit rule cannot be enforced, simplest change would be no legend limit. Of course, I am fully aware that being a veteran player myself with 75% of the legendaries in my possession, this favours me significantly.
    Still, simplest rule, no need for referees etc.
  11. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    The no legendary rule can be enforced. Anyone can send a screen shot to harels84 of the infringement.
  12. Latheviosin

    Latheviosin Orc Soldier

    I guess if all spectators are drafted, sure. No guarantees without dedicated staff, but good enough to deter cheating.
  13. I'm 8 months in and I still don't know the name of every legendary. If newer players join, how do you expect them to know if they're up against legendaries?
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  14. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    True. You can prntScr then save to paint every time you see a rare card then wiki them after the match. Alternatively you can check just a few items which will likely catch a legendary if they are playing a bunch of them. With people checking a few items it will deter the would be cheaters enough because they could just lose the tournament if they are caught.
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  15. I am not going to be opening 10+ instances of paint just so I can screen cap every rare card I see. And truthfully (and also as devil's advocate) if I was to join this tourney, I don't want to police my match while I play, or any match that goes on for that matter. The majority of the responsibilities should fall to the tournament directors and any staff of the tournament. While players should be aware of what they are up against, I think they should focus most of their energies towards the match at hand and not on checking to make sure their opponent's kits are legal.
  16. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    You don't have to open lots of paint you just prntScr, focus paint, ctrl+v, save, new.

    As I said you probs won't need to check more than a few items because they will either be playing no legendaries or they will ignore it completely and play with a bunch of legendaries. You could ask world chat they will likely give you an answer.
  17. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader
    That was a tournament with legendary restrictions and no one complained about it even though they didn't have official referees.
  18. Glockz4Sale

    Glockz4Sale Kobold

    lol trust me people just complain to complain, if you dont like it then dont play no one is begging. if you want to play and have fun then do so i just dont understand the point in raving and ranting about something someone else is setting up if you dont even plan to be apart of what they're setting up. #Food4Thought
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  19. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    Given the comments here, I'm a bit surprised noone poked at my inclusion of the 1 legendary rule, which was in turn taken from jade's co-op tournament.

    I'd love to hear some more perspectives on the matter and how I could improve that facet of my tournament, if anyone'd be willing to drop a few comments here.
  20. So this 1 char vs 1 char or it is co-op?

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