Bounty-Hunters Tournament Announcement Info/Sign-up !!!

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Solo OR Team Based Match ?

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  1. SOLO

  2. TEAM

  1. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    forum name : Obernoob
    in-game name : Obernoob
    character class\race : Priest\Dwarf.
  2. wavy

    wavy Thaumaturge

    If prizes are confirmed by BM, then I'm interested. Not sure if comitting to a certain class/race combination is a sensible idea - if I'm on a team, I'll happily play whatever race and class the team needs rather than my own preference.

    If Flax is unsure of what prizes are available, then I know I'm even more in the dark.


    forum name: wavy
    in-game name: wavy
    character race/class: if on a team then whatever complements the team, otherwise I'll try a Human Priest (although I may regret it!).
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  3. Merdis

    Merdis Orc Soldier

    This is weird, somehow I remember participating in in-game peasant tournament only 2 months ago...

    First question, who are "we"? Are you writing in the name of Blue Manchu (with their permission)? Are there more players (not mentioned by name yet) behind the organization of this tournament?
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  4. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    forum name:timeracers
    Character if team: Elf Priest.
  5. Unfortunately I work 10-5 (PDT) on Saturdays now so I will be unable to attend. I wish you all the best of luck and hope someone will make some vods with commentary!
  6. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Harel, maybe I should note before I comment further, I love that you want to get a tournament going and am all for player initiated events. It just seems that as you currently have this conceived, there are a lot of problems that will result in unfair advantages for certain players, or players that come out of the tourney unhappy for various reasons.

    BYEs give a drastic advantage to the players that receive them in a single elimination tournament.

    That's not random, that's assigned. Assigned teams will always result in players feeling that they were singled out or disadvantaged by the tournament organizer. In short, you're setting yourself up for a lot of hate and unhappy participants if the teams aren't truly random.

    Maybe it should just be declared a solo tournament, this would remove a lot of the potential problems I'm trying to note. Or alternately, suspend signups and specific rules until the vote is in whether to have it solo or team and then make participant numbers and everything else determined accordingly.

    How do you intend to be logged into 16 simultaneous encounters?

    Besides the fact that I don't think even BM can track what items were used in a match after the match is over, you seem to be assuming a fair amount of work on their end for your tournament.
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  7. Eren

    Eren Orc Soldier

    I'll try to make VODs with commentary if this is a real thing. That would probably mean me not playing but yeah, I can sit this one out :p
    Anyone willing to do live duo commentary with me?
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  8. This tournament is starting to feel a bit screwy.... I'd feel better about it if @Jon could verify that BM is involved.
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  9. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Merdis :

    1. i talked to BM he authorize that if the community will intrested and sign they support it.
    2. we + the more veteran players behined it im not doing it all by my self, for now another player that played the 2nd peasant and swiss co-op with me.

    Scarponi :

    1. i dont think BYE ticket give major disadvantage even in tennis proffesional sports sometime players get BYE or WILD CARD for the first round but still if its going to be solo and we have 32 players there wont be BYE tickets.
    2. as its seems its going to be SOLO by players voting so everyone will be happy
    3. i see that you have some great questions and im willing to help and maybe you are willing to help and join as a judge or as a player ?

    Eren :

    it will be great if you make vods for the tournament =]
  10. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    If you are referring to me: I am trying to provide some guidance but you can't say I'm doing much other than that.
  11. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Note: We want players to organize tournaments, and if they are well-run and popular we provide prize support. This isn't a blank check, nor a guarantee until specifics are worked out with tournament organizers. Also, we are not making ourselves available to do any organizational or logistical work for the tournament (like checking the number of legendaries a player used in the tournament). We really need these events to be run autonomously by players, thanks for understanding.

    So, to be clear, this event does not have a prize structure set in stone at this moment, and it is not an official/sanctioned event.
  12. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Flaxative : ill take the positives that the community and active players will sign-up to the tournament to make it rewarding one, in the tournament Thread i make ti mention that is up to the guys that signing up to be prizes. i talked to Jon(BM) he say that he will be happy to support it if the coummunity will show intrest and after he review it.

    p.s - As for now the most important thing its to make more peoples to be intrestead in playing a tournament and to enforce rules when the tournament will be played.
  13. ciopo

    ciopo Orc Soldier

    May I ask what is the reasoning behind the "one legendary per character" rule? Item rarity doesn't correlate directly to card power, all this does is skewing things, with builds like bejewelled elves pretty much untouched, while others like flash of agony wizard are impacted a lot by this limitation.

    It feels almost as if you are telling us to play bejewelled :(
  14. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    ciopo : I Think one legendary item per character is essence to keep fair play...
  15. Xayrn

    Xayrn Hydra

    You'd probably be better off not allowing any legendaries at all, since it's much easier to enforce. It's pretty difficult to confirm that someone is only using 1 copy of a particular item when the only way to tell what they have equipped is by the cards they play (and to a lesser degree, the ones they discard). Although the last official tournament also had this issue.
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  16. ciopo

    ciopo Orc Soldier

    That's exactly it however,: It doesn't strike me as fair, because it penalizes some builds more than others while not being exactly representative because item rarity doesn't correlate directly to card power ,Bejeweled Shortsword as a prime example for time unending
  17. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Hey Guys,

    We Just wait and see if wont find out a way to enforce the law of one legendary item we will make it with no legendary items at all or legendary items free(depends on what the community preffers).

  18. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Worth noting that the peasant tournament had referees. Unclear if this one will (who's going to referee it?).
  19. Xayrn

    Xayrn Hydra

    @harels84, since you still seem intent on going through with this, here's what I'd recommend:
    • Decide on a complete, easily enforceable set of rules (Can we use legendaries? How many characters do we get? Is swapping decks between matches allowed?).
    • Make sure it's fair. Preferably, set a registration deadline at least a few days before the tournament date and accept only the first 2ⁿ players registered by that time, allow players full control over their teams within the extent of the rules, and ensure maps are chosen either randomly or predictably.
    • Allow players to self-referee. Players can be responsible for recording their own matches (or having a friend do it) and expected to provide video evidence if there's any suspicion of foul play on either side. With this many simultaneous matches going on, chances of finding enough referees otherwise are slim, and Blue Manchu isn't able to help you out with this.
    • Discuss reasonable, concrete prize tiers based on placement and player turnout with Blue Manchu (I'd suggest asking @Flaxative and letting him relay it to whoever else if needed).
    • Finally, write a clean new announcement post for the tournament detailing all of this. Make sure all rules, prizes, etc are finalized, don't leave out any relevant information, and have somebody proofread it beforehand.
    Don't take all these suggestions the wrong way. Many of us are glad to see the prospects of another tournament. It's just important to have all the logistics worked out before going through with something like this so nobody's left feeling confused or sour.

    Best of luck!
  20. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Hey Guys,

    I really appreciate every one and every comment that have been made here and i know everyone intend to help :

    - I decided rules, FLAXATIVE let me notice that is hard to enforce the "1 legendary item" rule so if we dont have way to enforce it we make on what the participators preffers, as its seems for now that is going to be without legendary items at all.

    - Its going to be solo, so players will have full control on their teams, maps will be generated for the next days for each round diffrent map.

    - Me, Myself i think its great idea because im confident at players dignity to self referee their games, i asked FLAXATIVE to provide the tournament 'battlelogs' but he isnt intend to do that so its going to be self referee one.

    - I talked to BM about tournament with reasonable prizes, he said that he will glad to help if the community will show support and be sign in and after he review it ...

    - I want to take about 2-3 days to see what another players saying about the rules, i know ofcourse that you cant make everyone happy with the tournament rules but still im hoping to make it satisfy enough for everyone.

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