Best Way To Farm Rare Items in Cardhunter?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by betodeth, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. betodeth

    betodeth Kobold

    Hi everyone, i really want to know how people farm rare items, i'm starting to farm first level of cardstock II but the quest only give me commons and uncommonds items, so i guess where do you people farm rare items? Greetings and thanks for the advise, btw i'm a club member.
  2. Armoek

    Armoek Mushroom Warrior

    Winning 3 multiplayer matches every day and doing the quests(No deaths, drawback cards and the specific party ones are mostly pretty easy).
  3. Galdred

    Galdred Mushroom Warrior

    Concerning SP, I find it much more rewarding both in gameplay and loot to do quests for rare+ items : The no death challenge are quite "easy" even with the loot you completed the campaign with. The drawback is trickier, because it is easy once you have a good set of gear with drawback, but if you have to pile cards that do not fit together and have lots of different painful nega traits, it can be a bit hard.
    These two are much easier than the -8 level one, which is much easier than the 1HP one (and it is not advisable to do the 1 HP one before you have very good equipment, as it requires an good number of replays or 15 gold donations to complete).

    The other solution is to go for the golden chests in multi. I usually go for the first or first two chests of the day(1st and 3rd win). I seldom have time for more. I personnaly did a mix of both, and have been quite happy with my item quality (most of my legendaries are horribly underwhelming, but that is another problem)

    As you are club member, you really get more benefit from the quests (compared to non club members) :
    suppose you spent 60 gp on revive :
    Your reward would be roughly : 77% rare, 19% epic, 4% legendary.
    If we value each at their treasure value (it is less than that once you have lots of rares and epic, and are looking for gold to get good epic+ from randimar) that would be : 0.77 * 40 + 0.19 *200 +0.04*1000 = 108.8 so a net gain of 48.8 gp. Now with club membership, it goes to 2*108.8-60 = 157.7
  4. betodeth

    betodeth Kobold

    I need a good deck of drawbacks, ty ppl for the fast replyes, i need to find a good set, but i nearly don't have a idea what build is the better for this task, can anyone help? i mean posting a good and effective build of drawback cards for Sp? thanks a lot!
  5. Armoek

    Armoek Mushroom Warrior

    The thing to remember is that you don't need to have an item equipped in a slot to do the quest, you just can't put a normal item there. This means you can do most of the low level quests without some slots being equipped at all. I went to check my drawback deck but I did not have it saved after I finished all the quests. Runestone is probably my favorite item and carried me through many of the drawback quests. Most weapons with Blind Rage on it can be very good for your warrior.
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  6. spacedust

    spacedust Goblin Champion

    QFT. Runestone is just about the bestest item. That drawback isn't a drawback at all!
  7. SystemIsDown

    SystemIsDown Mushroom Warrior

    I LOVE Advanced Flexibility for doing drawback quests. I run an all human party with one of these on each character. Lets you get those drawback cards out of your hand and hopefully draw something useful.
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  8. kardnel

    kardnel Mushroom Warrior

    Fastest way to get items in this game is to do the level 5-7 single player missions every day. The normal ones, not the quests. You'll accumulate firestorm legendary items reasonably fast by doing this. Once you acquire these you can use them to get through the single player even faster.

    The first PvP win of the day is especially good as well. The third one is okay but grinding campaign missions will be faster.

    Quests drop items in their level range. Once you've figured out which items you want most you should do quests in that level range.
  9. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    I have farmed Defense of woodhome for about 25 hours already. No firestorm legendary yet. I have got some firestorm epics though.
  10. kardnel

    kardnel Mushroom Warrior

    When I say pretty quickly I mean relative to anything else. Indeed it will still be very slow going. Everything in the game is.

    Per day with a membership you'll be finding about 90 items completing these 8 missions. Each item drop has a ~1/500 chance of getting a legendary item. Over the course of a month you'll be getting 2700 items and so find about 5 legendary items.

    If a person wanted to farm specifically for say, the strongarm, then he should expect to play these missions for about a year before (somewhat) reliably getting one. The same goes for finding a *set* of firestorm legendary items. The guys with complete sets of these things don't realize how lucky they've got I don't think.

    The upside to all of this is that if a person got very good at doing these missions quickly they could probably have it done in less than an hour or even quite a bit better once they got some of the firestorm items.
  11. Galdred

    Galdred Mushroom Warrior

    I find quests to be a much faster way to get said items. Sure you can only do these once, but it takes less time to complete the easy quests(no drawback, no death, special party composition) than to do the normal adventure 5 times (which would yield roughly the same number of rare+ items). The - level ones and 1HP ones are probably not a very good way to farm, though (but I find it much less taxing than doing the same mission over and again).
  12. kardnel

    kardnel Mushroom Warrior

    Yeah I agree quests are good to do but as you said you can only do them once.

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