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  1. xienwolf

    xienwolf Goblin Champion

    Then he wouldn't feel like quite as much of a jerk... Or we would have to re-word all of the clues to sound condescending.

    I think having the clues just be breaking the fourth wall is fine.
  2. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Hm. Would make sense for Karen to give hints - she's quite helpful, but that wouldn't make sense in terms of the storyline (no spoilers).
  3. Niali

    Niali Kobold

    Any ranged damage opponent: where there's no cover, use smoke -- they can't hit what they can't see.
    Any ranged damage opponent: Pay attention to what the enemy can see -- mouse over them to check.
    Zombies, ogres, large melee trees: a giant thug with a cold effect on him is a sitting duck for stabs.
    Victory squares: If you can't have them, no one can! Monsters hate lava more than they like victory points.
    Heavily armored opponents: A kept card is an oldest card -- carry Memory Loss if you don't have armor removers.
    Geomancers and rubble: Lava and acid don't hurt if you don't stop there. Make roads through difficult terrain and get out.
    Ogres: Ogres are terrible about friendly fire. Keep them grouped with their own allies if you can.
    Crude Plates: An enemy with Crude Plates is hard to damage, but you can use the knockback to line up chops and terrain attachments.
    Between fights: Don't sell -anything- unless you have about five of it. You'll miss it when everything requires tokens and you have to change strategies.
  4. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Acid forces you to stop too. I use Smoke for all my cleansing needs. And note that Illusion doesn't affect the caster's party.
  5. PurpleFanta

    PurpleFanta Kobold

    I misread the forum :p
  6. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    For "hint submissions," do you mind "suggestions about the hints"?

    I just saw that the second map of Against the Cockroaches advises you to kill the Giant Roaches first. It seems like it crosses the line from "encouraging strategic thinking" to "telling people there is one solution which will always work for everyone" (some players would be better off with an avoidance strategy, and certainly the strategy in similar Servant fights will vary). I think the following gets the same point across while not shutting down alternatives:
    With that in mind, do you have a "style sheet" for these hints? It looks like some hints mention enemies by name while others mention general (and functional) terms like "melee attackers." Sometimes you need to be specific: Skeletons have Only Bones, after all. But otherwise, it's best for player learning to use the general terms whenever possible, because that tells people how to generalize to . . . well, other fights whatsoever.
  7. xienwolf

    xienwolf Goblin Champion

    Thinking of Against the Cockroaches... yeah, personally I always max max movement toward the big guy, and happen to squish a few bugs along the way there.

    One hint which should be there, is to point out you CAN get in melee range of the boss if you move through the difficult terrain in the corner. I have seen quite a few forum posts which imply people don't notice that.
  8. PurpleFanta

    PurpleFanta Kobold

    White Skull Gates - Grouped enemies will both move at the same time when a movement card is placed!

    When fighting Trogs* - Trogs dont like you to stand close to them...

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