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    Didn't know that this was the previous method of handling reports. Just to make sure you understood what I meant, e-mail support with a screenshot is only for offensive behavior, rest of the report options could be the same as it is now (with the recent-game idea in place)

    Though I do understand that it is a tedious process to go through, how about the server keeps a chat archive for, let's say two days(or how much ever the server can handle without reducing performance). Whenever a report for offensive behavior is given, the server copies a portion of the chat going back to 15-30 mins. This part would be then sent to the support team and they can decide whether to give a ban or not. This way it would work more or less like a screenshot, but the process is easier for the player.
    I do realize that it would be quite tiresome for the support team though.
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    In reply to @ParodyKnaveBob
    Like you said making reporting harder would reduce legitimate reports because of the inconvenience, but reporting is optional, you don't need to report every rule offender to play the game. However getting wrongfully reported and banned also causes inconvenience as you said, but to continue to play the game it is mandatory to go through the inconvenience of emailing devs. Secondly, how fast is immediately? You probably have seen how long it takes the devs to respond to server issues such as it being down. While you are likely to wait less a day you will wait some time, and depending on the time of day you might even wait hours.
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    @timeracers in my recent experience (being banned twice) the devs take about 3 days to respond i.e. not less than a day.

    @PKB maybe if you were unfairly banned a few times your opinion would change. It would only take several dozen un-confirmed email addresses, CH accounts and time. Btw I am not the unscrupulous type of person who would do that, to you or anyone. But sadly this world is full of unscrupulous people.
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    Ouch! That is slower then I thought. So this immediately thing is very immediate at all!
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    For what it's worth, I don't hardly play CH any more myself due to lack of time and honestly, I hate to say it but for lack of intrest in the actual game itself. I will say though that I do hang around the forms and I do read through the threads to see what's going on.

    For a F2P game ran by an unpaid staff of people who work on this game in their spare time just for people to have a cool game to play that is like none other out there from what I've seen, I do agree with some of the points made and I disgree with some of the other points made.

    That being said, like any other multiplayer game out there, there are going to be fair and unfair points with the way players are banned temporily or banned forever. The way I see it that the devs and admins are doing the best they can for not getting paid and giving up their free time for us to have an enjoyable game. I feel for those who have been unfairly banned because there are players who want to be salty, but I also don't feel for those who have been been fairly or unfairly banned that want to shame those who try to help them or even go on a tyrade on other players or the devs.

    In any case though, it's good to see an open dialog going about how this could be possably fixed and then maybe in the future, issues with bans can be resolved in a more precise and timely manner perhaps.
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