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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Led, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Led

    Led Orc Soldier

    Hi guys,

    Been away for about 6 months, this game has that funny ability to bring me back. I just have the 1 game and like magic, I’m hooked.

    I think I was paralyzed by choice the last time I was playing. I made it upto 1750 running 3x human (6x deadly deadly wiz) but then when the inevitable changing builds got the better of me I fell back down the rankings and moved onto another game.

    This time when I came back I found myself sitting down at about 1450 elo, (don’t remember my last few games before I left but it must have been very ugly). With wiz now out of my system and in the past having exceeded 1700 elo with 3x priests I decided to have my 1st serious run at 2x warriors and 1 x priest. (yeah yeah vanilla werewolf team, but hey I played this game 4-5 years and never really followed the meta). I started off with 3x humans using vanguard like I did with my wiz and was winning a few and climbed back to 1600 elo. I then switched to flying dwarf warriors and since then only lost 1 game putting my Jan season win rate to 80% and back up to 1734 elo and climbing.

    I have not played much since the latest expansion with the form cards but I am really enjoying the diversity that they have added and my new team is the 1st that incorporates the new cards.

    I finding a hard time thinking what should be my 3rd warrior weapons (using 4x howling pains), if I go token light then it adds options. Question for other top werewolf warriors, what’s your 3rd weapon slot items or do you just got for 6x howling pains.

    If anyone uses discord and wants a friendly chat and game feel free to send me a PM. More than happy to help a new person out, I have a lot experience with many gimky builds.

    I have been checking the forums a lot and read almost every post but as we all know there is not much work reading most of the time so thought I would share this with you guys.


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  2. Led

    Led Orc Soldier

    One other question. Do people still get blitzed with loosing 6-0 or when they drop out of a match. I been looking at the records and it does not appear to show blitz anymore.

    Also another question....i have never been involved with the alonzo arsonal items. I would like to contribute some ideas. Is there a site that we use to create the items. I dont really know how everyone gets the images loaded the way they do or how they work out the item costs.
  3. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Welcome back, @Led!

    I'm no top werewolf warrior player, but I suggest you take a look of the Deck building subforum:
    Some recent 2 war / 1 pri builds from there:

    More info about blitzes that are no more:

    Not really a site, but many use resources below (taken from the Aloyzo's Arsenal opening post, emphasis mine):
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  4. zuzzu

    zuzzu Kobold

    Welcome back Led.
    I've never been a competitive player, but due to a lot of experience on playing and using werewolves, here are a few tips for what you may need:
    -werewolves, as all forms, are very weak to destructive purge, Inquisition bolt, entangling roots, other than regular purges and fire attachments, even if in a lower grade. The lack of blocks makes those attacks etremely hard to prevent; therefore, pick some form of countermagic for your char. Even a flimsy block can make the difference here.
    -For a similar reason, do not put expensive traits on your werewolf, as they will be probably get deleted anyway;
    -Again, put more blocks you can, and focus less on mobility, as you should for regular warriors.

    Overall there's nothing much to say about werewolves, they're a bit op but the randomness balances them at the end.

    Even if you like to stay competitive, if in the future you feel like the meta is no more interesting to you, the lower rantings (1200-1400) are much more interesting as you can try a lot of new strategies without being annihilated fast, and the variety of deck and formations is very interesting. give it a try :).

    Sorry for the bad english, and have a nice game.
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  5. Led

    Led Orc Soldier

    One thing I have learnt with the werewolfs is that they have so many traits. When paired with a buff priest you just end up cycling off the buffs. I am still working out what weapon on my priest to replace Evensong with as I already run marters blessing and dont really want the mass frenzy as more often then not it just pushes off my martars.

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