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  1. Drakkan

    Drakkan Ogre

    Do you have any reliable Troll Tyrant decks?

    This is what I used .. first 3 maps are quite easy, I only lost on 4th .. then I removed Martyr's for more Nimbuses .. and few other modifications and it was OK (I think I can go No Party Death with it)

    Level 20 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 20 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 20 Dwarf Priest
  2. Accent

    Accent Hydra

    I used a modified version of this deck. Basically, keep the Rust Monsters away from you until you can kill them with one shot. (Or just cross your fingers and hope the AI will use Vicious Bite or Infected Bite instead of Corrosive Touch)
  3. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    Listed a deck here that works for me. If you can duck a corrosive touch, then you neutralise the rust creatures completely for a turn.

    You could swap out the fighter for a mage. Smoke on the first level to block out the ranged mob, fire/flood/lava on the second, lava moat/armour removal on the third and back to fire on the fourth.
  4. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    Step 1: Build a deck
    Step 2: Try beating Troll Tyrant
    Step 3: Cry

    ...All jokes aside, Troll Tyrant is difficult. My reliable deck isn't as reliable as you'd want it to be, but most of the time it gets the job done pretty well. I only have a Human Warrior, Elf Priest, and Dwarf Wizard at level 20 (Next deck down is three level 18 wizards that I am NOT GOING TO USE FOR THIS), so I'm using what I've got.

    MAP 1: Burning Rust Monster smells awful
    This map has large minion groups, so I tend to have Punishing attacks in large quantities on the priest and wizard. Staff of Chask is useful, but Heartripper is usually better because Magic attacks aren't affected by corrosion. Warrior is a block/armor jerk, Priest has lots of roots and healing, Wizard is my typical wizard with Runestones for arcane items and major token staffs.

    MAP 2: Wizard, why did you set the Rust Monster on fire
    The general strategy for this map is to get to the open section of the cave and from there head right. Going this direction means you have a fairly monster-free path to travel. Warrior is blockhound again, Priest is nimbus forever, Wizard is TK and burning.

    MAP 3: I haven't used chops in AGES
    This map is about backing into a corner and chopping. St. Xarol's Axe is a great priest axe, warriors have lots of great axes, and wizards can stand in the back and cast armor removal/volcano/flash of agony/whatever they feel like.

    MAP 4: Whorl you jerk where's my Punishing Beam
    The Troll king is comparable to a Nimble Strike Dwarf in his movement speed, so use his huge bulk against him and lure him into the bottom corner of the board where he can't fit. Storges are easier when there's less of them, and Whorl just needs to be beaten up whenever you get a chance. Warrior goes Bejeweled, Priest is Nimbus/Frenzy, Wizard is back to burninating.
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  5. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    3DWiz. Lava, control and fire. Use lava like flash flood barriers or for damage. Change fire to arcane burst for 3rd map, change back for the 4th.
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  6. Led

    Led Orc Soldier

    I find volcano wiz with 2 support priest very efficient for all 4 maps. My support priest both use 2 st urlics bones for bless and then focus on nimbus. Wiz is all volcano and control. For maps 3 and 4 add some armour removal to the wiz.
  7. jubenei

    jubenei Mushroom Warrior

    yeah i finally did it with mage, priest, warrior and plenty of nimbuses and the new force field. just only tried it once before lol.
  8. ClanCrusher

    ClanCrusher Hydra

    So I've had the chance to try out the three wizard control team several times for this module now and...it's still risky. The first and second levels are fairly reliable with 12 runestones in between three wizards, but there are an equal amount of opportunities for things to go horribly wrong, namely if whichever enemy you're fighting at the time draws two movement cards before you can wall your party off. The third level you can get swarmed in pretty short order and the fourth level...well, Whorl still has one of the most powerful spells in the game and can end one of your characters in an instant. There are several good strategies, but no real perfect strategy and none which I would call 'efficient'.

    I've had about equal success with just a Warrior, Wizard, and Priest team as I've had with tricked-out control wizards, with the only real difference being in how adaptable they were to the fights. On one hand, the varied team I used was a rock that got pounded on. On the other hand, the wizard-control team was a house of cards that can go tumbling down if their one strategy fails.
  9. Just finished for the first time, using a dwarf warrior, dwarf wizard, and human priest, after not having tried it for a rather long time due to frustration with the storges.

    First map gave me by far the most trouble; it eventually came down to goofy situation where my warrior was slowly walking towards the last few sprites with reliable mail and mimetic crown, and firing off the sparks that were frequently since even the smallest burn attachment could trigger the crown.

    Second map caused some trouble due to poor prioritization between trolls and rust monsters. Think I used one revive option. Ended up going heavy on Fiery Stab, lava, slide spells, force field, nimbus to absorb troll attacks.

    Third map -- back against a wall. Volcano, Bless; warrior focused on chops (think I had a Master's Battleaxe and a Hefty Chopper, neither weapon I use frequently); wizard tossed off volcanos, arcane bursts, occasionally drew a boiling armor card. Went surprisingly smoothly this time.

    Fourth map -- Whorl went down fairly quickly but not before doing some damage with a punishing beam and a spark, it was ugly with the storges for a while... troll king was gradually worn down being stabbed with my dwarf warrior (eventually wearing cushioning armor followed by reliable mail, and fairly often nimbus'd) while the wizard and priest would use their armor removal and purge (if troll regen active) and arcane burst (if no troll regen) when possible.
  10. Bykuzplastiku

    Bykuzplastiku Orc Soldier


    Troll Tyrant involves steep learning curve every time you will approach it. Whatever if it is the first time as yours or trying to complete quests (1hp one is tough, but low level is not that much easier) or other tasks (like solo). Personally i hate rust beasts ;) but the whole adventure is well designed. Storges map and trolls make you to learn how to play stationary defence (map 3) or how to manage moves, pushes and slides in your deck (map 2). At the beginning it always seems to be impossible to finish but it is not that bad at the end. Overall in my humble opinion it is one of the two most difficult adventures currently available (taking into account quests etc.).

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