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    When you play the single player campaigns as often as I do, you start to notice a few funny things about the AI and how they react to certain situations so I thought I'd share a few stories here of what I've encountered after ruthlessly running the AI through the ringer like a QA department during crunch time.

    My first story comes from the warm jungles infested with monkeys and the most interesting move of theirs known as Pickpocket.

    In this one particular occasion, on the very first level of Attack of the War Monkeys, one of the monkeys swiped Dangerous Maneuver from my priest. Well, as you could probably guess, Monkeys just love moving around so with this shiny new movement card in their collective inventories, they decided to use it to set up flanking. Well, as you know, Dangerous Maneuver has this nasty little side effect of inflicting 3 damage if you end it next to a foe.

    While I certainly don't blame the Card Hunter team for not programming the AI specifics on how to handle each and every one of the cards they might steal from careless adventurers, I still laughed my ass off when every single monkey on the board took three damage, killing two of them and turning my Dangerous Maneuver into a one sided off-brand firestorm. Needless to say, the match ended rather quickly after that.


    My second amusing story comes from the vicious armored dogs who constantly seem to draw their ill-fitting armor at the worst (or best) of times. In this particular amusing instance, the armored dog was standing in front of my warrior, with a priest one square behind and off to the left of him. To a dog loaded with step attacks that sort of distance is nothing and he prepared to unleash a vicious strike against her.

    Unfortunately the armor stayed his paw, and sadly he could not reach his target. Thus fido bowed his head in shame and lay down on the ground, canceling his valiant attack...while completely ignoring the defenseless, card-less warrior who was standing right in front of him.


    So do you have an interesting tale to tell about the follies of the AI?
  2. I have had those monkeys duck firestorm a few times, on one occasion both sides were extremly low on health. GM immediately launches it back but nukes himself first haha much relief on my behalf
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    I was on a recent firestorm farming run in a more difficult level when I drew a Resistant Hide right off the bat. Excited that things were going to be easy I set to work only to have acid put under my feet twice leaving me with no movement after the second acid shot to get off of it. Frustrated that I had no way to preserve my Hide, I resigned myself to losing it only to have the AI drop a bunch of rocks on my head with it's next card replacing the acid with stones! Thanks AI!
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    I played Citrine Demon Portal, 2nd battle just now.The only ones left left on the map were my dwarf priest and a Burning Fiend. The priest had two Reliable Mails on and no fire damage was getting through to her. On the other hand, she wasn't able to pin down the jumpy demon. This tag had been going on for over ten turns when the demon (4 HP left) decided to fireball the priest. Who was 2 squares away. End of demon.

    I'm pretty sure it couldn't take the tedium and decided to end it all. Smart move!
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    Yes, I would be forever crying about the unfairness of the AI having Fireball except for the stunning regularity in which he crisps his own team with it.
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