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  1. Daoneapox

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    New to game only been playing for about a week or so and after I beat each module I get this extreme feeling of "I never want to redo that crap ever again". The game just feels like a huge up hill battle where I was having fun 1-6 but now entering the 10+ areas are just leaving me with such a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps I am way to casual and not hardcore enough for the game who knows. The constant defeats to relearn a strategy on harder modules to then revisit them and redo them is painful. Not to mention when a certain character has terrible rounds back to back with all armor and walk cards to play. Just seems like everything has to be perfect to even consider beating some modules you have to have this said gear with that strategy and if one round doesn't go as planned then you are screwed.

    I understand the game is a bit RNG based in what cards we draw but i think the game hates me. I can never draw what I need in a high pressure situation with my mages to debuff or discard armor. I hate that I have encountered this road block of no more fun just frustration. Everything passed the gladiator arena is just terribly annoying. Is there a way to by pass this or do I really have to farm like mad in lower levels to progress? I am ok with being called casual or noob perhaps I am when it comes to this game I just don't understand the hardcore torture chamber progression.
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    This is normal. The higher levels are meant to be a challenge for new players. For example, I hated level 4 and 6 of Batford's Manor when I first started. Then your gear and tactics both improve and they get easier. The thing that many new players ignore is that each higher level module really needs a different party build that takes advantage of monsters' weaknesses, i.e. Against the Cockroaches is much easier with two dwarven warriors with a lot of chop attacks and a mage who carries anti-armour for levels 1 and 3, and terrain attacks for level 2's static boss.

    Improve your gear by entering every multiplayer league you can. 50g entry = 12 items (15 with club) including at least 3 rares = ~400g value. Play the fixed deck leagues where all players have the same cards (like Geomancers in this rotation). Often, one win will net you a purple chest and those epics and legendaries you want. And play quickdraw, which will get you to experiment with unfamiliar cards.

    Improve your tactics and gear by running loot fairy twice a day with experienced players via co-op. Watch what they do, whether it's passing to force the mobs to move, waiting to deploy that volcano, etc. Note how many traits and draw cards they include in a deck, and now much armour/blocks/movement they include as well.

    I'd be willing to bet I could run the entire SP campaign using just common items. Could I do that for the first few months I played? No way. But I persevered and you can too.
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    Maybe you just need to take some time off and try multiplayer for a while? I breezed through most of the game until I hit the berserker gnomes (they should not be monsters anyway:)) I'm not in a hurry to finish the campaign now.
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    Am I the only weird one who already had a priest with Purge stuff by this point? Took a Carved Club and Pressing Bashed him off after Purging the trait on him :p
    Just an example of how every level has multiple ways to beat them, depending on a person's perspective.
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    No, you're no alone in this. I'm a casual player by nature, and we're all free to set our own pace. We can get there too, even if it takes us longer.
    On my first run I took some time off to level up new characters and farm a bit at about the time I hit level 12. I dropped very few good items in my first run, and found much better gear while bringing up new 1st levels.
    When it gets more stressful than fun, back off and think about how things work. Consider enemy strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve your own build to defeat them. Play co-op, to see how other people are doing things. Check out the shops in MP. There are higher level common (minortoken) items that can really help. If you get stuck, ask for specific advice about how to deal with what has you stymied.
    Part of it is gear, but most of it is tactics. Learn as you go, and you'll find things getting easier. Right up until you hit the next wall. ;) Repeat as necessary.
    Have fun, and good hunting!
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  6. timeracers

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    I am willing to complete any modules(excluding the legendary level 18 ones) with a 1/1/1 party that only uses commons of the level or below.
  7. wavy

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    As others have said, don't get frustrated by higher-level adventures - your skills and gear will improve, so before too long you'll find that you can get through a lot of it quite easily. Don't forget that you have 100 save slots so you can customise your party for each battle within an adventure. Many adventures will suit 2 wizards + 1 priest or 2 warriors + 1 priest etc instead of the 1/1/1 build that the game leads you towards.

    I've been playing a couple of new accounts just for fun recently and have completed the campaign without spending cash, just using my gold entering leagues, not playing any matches (no apologies to those who hate that approach) and getting the 3 magnificent chests for 5th place. It's good value for gold when you're starting out as well as a good gold sink for those of us who have lots of gold and no guaranteed path to 100% of items.
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  8. There's certainly some difficulty spikes and learning curves to surmount.

    Be sure that you understand the mechanics like how it's determined who gets to act first each turn, the order in which attachments are processed (e.g. all on-character attachments trigger first, all terrain attachments trigger next, then all expired attachments go away), and are considering AI quirks.

    You generally shouldn't rely on individual cards from a 36-card deck, but should ensure that whatever cards you do have are likely to be useful -- IOW, taking an item with multiple useful if not amazing cards will give better consistency than taking an item with one powerful card and two weak cards that don't automatically replace themselves and instead sit in your hand until played or discarded.

    Using traits (even negative ones, with limits) and card-drawing cards (Inspiration, Parry -- against melee opponents, Unholy Energy, Leadership, etc) can be very useful for cycling through decks faster. There are limits to card draw in multiplayer matches but they're not enforced in campaign mode.

    If you need a particular type of card, you either need to cycle through others faster, or have more copies of it. For armor removal -- e.g. Akon's Amulet is a Common item and all three cards involve armor destruction.
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  9. Looks like I avoided a lot of SP pains from playing multiplayer early on. I started MP before lv5 and had at at least 50 wins (maybe even 100 including league) before I finished the campaign, haha.
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