Aloyzo's Arsenal Official SUBMISSION Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    You made me think of Yvette. Looked in my Keep some. Checked out the wiki. Not a whole lot to work with, but not a total void, either.
  2. quixote

    quixote Orc Soldier

    By the way, Maniafig's item is level 13.5 and not 6. Those are not Simple Bash.

    Is a Basher Wizard viable? I'm concerned about defensiveness.
  3. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    Bash is considered a Bronze card for Wizards, because Wizards get a discount on most melee attacks.

    I realize my submission might not be very viable, but it's the best I could come up with thus far. :p
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  4. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    All right. I'm trying something funky and would like some critiques.

    Twin-T-FIVE Skidoo
    (if abbreviating name for card info bar: 25 Skidoo)
    Divine Weapon
    so far, always turns out Epic and (majortoken)(minortoken)


    level 17.5 - I'm seriously not trying to min-max the level - if anything, I was wondering how to make it (majortoken)(majortoken) if ppl would be willing to play that - of course, this assumes Aloyzo would allow VSpin on a Divine Weapon, but I believe the heals might help offset its power otherwise, right? - (majortoken)(minortoken) allows 5 VSpins on a priest, whereas (majortoken)(majortoken) still allows 4, thus actually not as big a deal as I first thought


    level 16 - the change from range 2 to range 1 doesn't scream "stay away" quite as much, but it does still at least speak "stay away"

    "23 skidoo!" is an American slang phrase that was in vogue super-early 20th century - it's like saying, "scat! git! begone!"

    Twin-T-FIVE Skidoo is of course a play on words there, but it's also an acrostic for the card names! $:^ b

    Do you think it's unclear enough to add periods? Twin-T.-F.I.V.E. Skidoo? It looks tidier to me without the periods. And, I suppose if a player won one, looked at the name, looked at the cards, and wondered "what?" one might be inquisitive enough (especially with the Twin hint) to compare the rest of the cards' names... or at least ask in World Chat about it, ha.

    Fiery Stab + Inq Strike (lvl 15.5) for fun synergy
    Flaring Torch + Inq Strike (lvl 14) for synergy and theme - although I'm afraid it starts looking too much like an Inq theme than a skidoo! theme
    Vengeance instead of VSpin - in a sense safer since Vengeance is found on Divine Weapons already, but I don't know

    I went with Divine Weapon because I'd clearly need 6 cards to make the acrostic work, and searching for "twin" only gets priestly cards and The Twins "staff" (big huge quotation marks around that being a "staff" lol). If anyone has a different idea for it, though, speak up. $:^ J

    Vampire's Kiss and Entangling Roots seem to me much more like "stay here" cards
    to a lesser extent, Impenetrable Nimbus seems to just be a "now do nothing" kind of card, rather than screaming "vamoose!"
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  5. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    Hey everyone, for my submission do you think this is better or 2x Smoke Bomb and 1x Firestorm for a minor token? Not sure if another tokenless double Firestorm item would be added to the game, especially an epic. On the other hand, 2x Smoke Bomb and 1x Firestorm would never be used when Smoke Pin exists.

    By the way, a squib is a firecracker for those who don't know. The idea behind the item is Firestorm states 5 squares, one letter away from 5 squared, and Smoke Bomb terrain takes up 25 squares. Their artwork goes well together too.

    @ParodyKnaveBob I like the first idea, it is the most on theme with staying away. Violent Spin should be fine, though if you want to be safe Vengeance seems to follow the stay away theme as well.
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  6. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    @Gingrich Yurr: Ty for feedback. As for yours, the Burst 2 on Smoke Bomb is great for month's theme, and Firestorm certainly matches your item's theme by itself, but I don't know how well Firestorm really matches the month's theme -- ahhh, but then I just now got the 5^2 joke for Firestorm, nevermind. $F^ } In PvP, I could see either version used some for block checking plus a new easy-to-get Smoke+Storm tactic it practically creates on its own, but overall, right, Smoke Pin generally takes the cake; Storm x2 + Smoke might become one of the best farming items since you could block so many dangerous enemy lines of sight while continuing to Storm everything on your own -- which like you said might not pass for tokenless and Epic (but Aloyzo's certainly surprised us all before).
  7. quixote

    quixote Orc Soldier

    You see? What a complex game.
  8. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    I really don't think using an obscure saying based on a different number is going to help your chances. I've heard the phrase before, but thought it was a victory cry or something. Also, all my ideas have focused on making the numbers add up so I wasn't paying much attention to the card names.

    Speaking of numbers, during the discussion of Forms I decided my next AA submission should be a divine armor with Vampiric Form. How do I get 25 out of that? Well, the form heals you for 6, so maybe I could find two more cards to heal 19. And it is possible... I found two different ways. And both result in a level 23 item. So close. (I also found a way to get 24 healing on a level 24 item.)

    Do you think there's any chance BM would allow a Radiation Bomb on a double-minor staff?
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  9. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    I found two ways to get 25 healing on a level 24 item. So frustratingly close. (Healing Rays, Greater Heal, Help the Weak or Greater Heal, Greater Heal, Team Heal)

    Absolutely not.
  10. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

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  11. Pyrious

    Pyrious Hydra

    You could do Firestorm, Smoke Bomb, and a handicap trait. That would set the item apart from the other double Firestorm items and give it its own niche. On the other hand, depending on the handicap, it might make Firestorm ranked decks too feasible (like, two Inspiring Presence / Bless / buff priests + one wizard sitting in the corner and spamming Firestorm on small maps).
  12. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Okay, so time and again I'm having trouble figuring out some of the entries' connection to 25 (some I figure out eventually), which leads me to ask... is mine clear to other people?

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  13. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    It took me second, but I did figure it out. A different name might help, maybe something with "triple".
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  14. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    ~sigh~ Because reasons, I wound up writing a LOT more for a LOT longer than anticipated. Lemme uh break this wall of text into spoiler'd chunks and greatly reorganize it all. $:^ [

    Oh yeah, I totally got your game, @Scarponi. It's a kinda similar reason I've been close to explicitly asking Flaxative in the main discussion thread *snicker* if we're good for me to just submit Sabo's Flamespit Staff. $;^ b

    Also, thank you for continuing to champion Shifty Stab as a fine card that simply needs much better itemization! $:^ ]

    Btw, as usual, I'm often hitting Like on impossible items because they're wonderful for other reasons. E.g., don @quixote's Freddy's Razor Gloves? Ha ha ha. (I'm not even a fan of/familiar with Nightmare, and that was great!)

    @Kalin: I actually thought "23 skidoo!" was a joyful interjection myself until I finally looked it up for (ha) the sake of this contest. It's obscure enough that someone might need to learn the definition to fully appreciate it, but I believe it's unobscure enough that many people will at least get the basic wordplay -- which describes a lot of CH humor, actually -- and even with the mistaken meaning, the item's toolbox of cards certainly gives a "yippee!" thought, too, imo (especially if it maxes out at (majortoken)(minortoken), surely due to the "bad" cards, the Twin Heals x2). ~ Just thinking out loud. You bring up arguments I've had with myself already. $:^ P As for the name, are you saying it might need the periods after all?

    Overall lovely, (clocking in at (majortoken)(minortoken) off the top of my head) but mmmmmaaaaayyyyyybe you could use a more flavorful name? $:^ } I'm aware the name is the biggest hint for where it meets the 25 theme, but still... (And sorry, I've no real suggestions atm.)

    @Gingrich Yurr: Pardon my not linking all my sources, but Flak said a level 25 item might pass in this case if not overpowered. Greater Heal x1, let alone x2, and with no bad or antisynergistic cards?! See Flak's Like of @FinalCheetah's Feedback/Suggestions subforum post asking BM to nerf Evensong and/or Greater Heal by itself because of how it becomes such a monotonous, overused item/card in PvP.

    I originally came to tell you your images weren't loading, but now they are, thus whatever. Anyway, since I'm here, and it's already pasted into my post, I'll critique 'cause why not. Very nice (minortoken)(minortoken) staff re: good/bad cards, power of Block, etc.; quite comparable to other CH stuff; looks like BM could've printed this in the Basic set right alongside the Common Overloaded Staff ~nodnod~ other than power order being reversed, which I think looks neat in this case anyway. And yaaay, no nerfed Flash Of Agony! (Was your Daily Deal review of the Legendary Painful Flashstaff your sudden inspiration? lol) Nicely themed, too, what with cards-and-name, plus the month's #25 via damage (ignoring Subtle Parry) and name. $¦^ J (I don't suppose you considered getting any kind of Slashing or Piercing (perhaps even at range 2) card, hm? Just going by quarterstaves at times having a metal point (or two). Oh, but I guess that isn't much of a thing in CH, hm? ~nodnod~)

    Okay, level 25 item, not overpowered, with a bonus of the number 25 hidden within... Lemme give it a crack...

    Twenty-Five Seconds to Midnight
    Robes (greattoken) Legendary, level 25

    Cushioning Armor | Scorching Rays | Zombie Form

    (I originally named it "The End Is Nigh" but then had this little brainstorm outloud:

    or perhaps, "25 Minutes to Midnight" ... or "25 Days Later"? ha ha ha ha … "25 Seconds to Midnight" might be more appropriate... hmm, "2.5 Minutes to Midnight"? ...I'm actually starting to really like the seconds... ah, and looking through entries just now, I see @SpringHeel already used "25 Days Later" with a funny Martial Skill that also uses Zombie Form, albeit with no other link to 25 that I can see

    {end previous brainstorming} ~ "Twenty-Five Seconds to Midnight" is 31 chars long, 3 chars longer than what I believe is the longest name, "St. Yatzie's Genetic Console" .. "25 Seconds to Midnight" is 22 chars and safer .. and then on another note, I just realized it'd be superawesome to get it to 25 chars long, lol. … oohhhh wow … "25 Seconds Until Midnight" is 25 chars long $8^ o hmmmm… (just doesn't have the same ring, though...))

    Perhaps the Armor actually makes it OP (thoughts?), but at least the Handicap is a seriously overcosted and bad Handicap needing serious mitigation from the team. Let that be a suggestion for anyone else trying to up the level while bringing down the value. $;^ D There's no control, there's no cycling, and you get either a one-off Burning / block-checker for your non-Burning deck or a stronger pyromancer -- and of course you're surely spending a (majortoken) for it, jokes aside. (Mimetic Crown is the same B+ level, but dances all around the missing 5 to supplement the Attack's 20 total. Plus, despite being futuristic, imo it doesn't carry the same "future vibe" as the admittedly dreaded Cushioning Armor.) (I also briefly considered Lucky Charm which oddly enough is overcosted for wizards, but it doesn't help fulfill the item's 25 theme (aside from level) nor its theme's cohesion (even if different from "the end is nigh"). Plus, it'd make the item Epic, and I just don't believe those other cards together make a mere "Epic" item! heheh) Still. Zombie Form. Viable item overcharger methinks $:^ J ...especially for wizards!

    (More and more edits on this post... The more I think about this, the more I think I might do this entry instead... unless anyone has any super red flags... I mean, triple pyromancers would have a hard time wearing this; either Warp Run, Shrug It Off, and Lateral Thinking would start filling more slots, taking away from other prevalent items/cards, or they'd have to be willing to start pumping attachments onto a Zombie to knock it off -- and generally speaking, wizards' attachment Attacks go under Cushioning, making it not mitigate the pain at all. Besides that, we all know Penetrating and Armor removal are already popular in the metagame because of Monstrous Hide, Cushioning, Sacred Shroud, etc.! Also, you're not getting Burning Arcane Skills + Scorching Rays + Medium's Garb all on the same wizard; you still have to spread out characters some to combine Curses and Pyromancy. ~ This really strikes me as powerful, yes, of course -- but strangely not overpowered. (But, perhaps it's bad because it can often be so hard for a Meleer to catch a wizard in the first place. But then, wizards can already get two Force Fields, too, which can have similar shutdown results.) Looking very forward to hearing yeas or nays!)

    (With all that said, the cards I picked do look pretty together! $:^ D Heehee!)

    (Fwiw, I considered Rays + Doom + some paper Armor, but I couldn't find any 5 to finish it off. Likewise, I considered Rays + Enchanted Mail (undercosted for wizards!) but then what for the D+ paper card? The 25 is fulfilled, unless we'd, say, only want to count damage, like with Big Zap -- but that has no special theme going, and the purple+green cards feel like they should already bring significant numbers "just because" (and they do meet 25 together). Maze, maybe; the item would be Rare and .. I don't know, again not very cohesive in theme. Boring. (Ooze Maze could generate some sort of theme ideas, though, heh -- although the Frenziable monster card feels like too much extra risk added to an already risky item.) Wild Run feels terrible here, but also 8 is significant enough to stand out, yet again 25 is already fulfilled. Walk is boring and doesn't really fit, either. Blocks don't seem to fit. Inquisitor's Badge grants Immunity, but also has a pesky 1 I don't want, plus feels out of place again. I'm open to thoughts on this rambly paragraph, too. Like, would anyone play Enchanted Mail + Scorching Rays + Maze for a (greattoken), er I mean, (majortoken)? ...and what kind of theme does it invoke? ..alright, now I wanna see it, posting the cards..

    Robes (greattoken) Legendary, level 25

    Enchanted Mail | Scorching Rays | Maze

    I'm surprised. They look more aesthetically pleasing together than I expected. Their combined appearance certainly brings a "powerful magical" feel, even if we all know Maze is … $F^ J yeah.)

    Thinking about it more, my first has a powerful, dark, streaks-of-high-contrast look, whereas my second has a powerful, vibrant, bright, colorful look. I'd say for each, the center card really draws the eye to the triplet's center chiefly, helping to bounce repeatedly between the Armor and the bad card.

    ...all right, no more waiting until the last minute (or even missing the deadline) for me (at least for this month anyway). Gonna submit an entry while waiting to see if anything else relevant gets said.

    I believe this is especially re: @Kalin and @Gingrich Yurr discussing such.


    (That order "tells a story" moreso than the traditional order methinks.) Heals 25, Level 25. (Probably OP, though, since it does feel like an actual level 25 Divine Item.) However, using Vampiric Form on a 25-themed Divine Armor... Yeah, I'm not getting there, either, sorry. $:^ , Still, in a future AA, the Form on the Armor could be a good try. $:^ J
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  15. hello world

    hello world Hydra

  16. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    @hello world: I don't know if Flak would let Aloyzo print another Festering Guts item without super good reason. I'm also not sure if your item carries a 25 theme anywhere but its level... Sorry I don't have more encouraging words. $:^ ,

    New thought on my own (level 25) item:
    25 Seconds to Mitternacht
    ...has 25 characters and retains the "to" instead of "Until," but does the Midnight joke get lost in translation, so to speak?
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  17. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    An alternative name (just because - not necessarily better): The Winning Entry Now Touting Your Fully Inspired Vhole's Experience
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  18. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    The last two cards are Push 2 and range 5. And Festering Guts covers 25 tiles... no, wait, it only affects 24 tiles because the source is already dead.
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  19. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Thanks , @Scarponi ! I'll add it as an alternate name. :cool:
    For those who weren't around at the time, you can search for Vholes' posts in the Announcements forums to view his truly classic submissions.
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  20. mckeen

    mckeen Hydra

    Boring submission i know; both in name and concept... but I would love to see some additional bash in the game. And it is criminal that Bash and Lunging Bash are not on the same weapon already!

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