Aloyzo's Arsenal Official SUBMISSION Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    For the new Reject Round I've compiled a few of my favorites. I've scrolled through the old Aloyzo's so you don't have to. Some of you have many great submissions and I only recorded one for each of you (I think.)

    @Pawndawan s Mantis Mail: Barbed Plate x2, Clumsy

    @ClanCrusher s stalwart shield: Shield Block, Shield Block, Parry

    @doog37 s Obvious Command: Dash, Team!, Shuffle, Team!, Obvious Maneuver

    @Fortaleza Mutant Grub Egg Hide: Leathery Hide, Toughened Hide strips x2

    @Wildarm telling gesture (human skill): 2x Jump, Soldier!, Obvious Maneuver

    @ciopo Precocious Toughness: Toughness, Mail, Ill-Fitting Armor

    @Wandere cumbrous spear: potent stab x2, strong stab x2, reactive trip, trip

    @Benhimself Mutanthide boots: Phase Shift, Brutal Charge, Mimetic Armor

    @haesslicherBob Avenger: shambling bash, lunging bash x3, able bludgeon x2

    @Obernoob Vile of Stench: Stink Bomb, Unholy Wellspring, Demonic Miasma

    @3beaner Mummy's Shroud (divine armor) Only Bones, Hand of Death, Slowed

    @Arrombador Geomancer's Ring: Lava Pool, Path of Knives, Force Cannon

    @Hidden Jaguar Druidic Barkskin: Solid Wood, Entangling Roots, Entangling Roots

    @Frostguard Garcotto's Cleaver: Staggering Chop, Obliterating Chop x2, Powerful Hack, Chop, Fumble

    @Vholes Ziggurat Spike: (shield) Bloodied Block, Wounded Block, Hemorrhage

    @Accent Advanced Agility: Pathfinding, Elven Maneuvers x2

    @Harvet Forcebubble coat: (Heavy Armor)Force Field x2, Dropped Guard

    @GregarFalzar Careful Tutor: Advanced Battlefield Training, Battlefield Training, Subtle Parry

    @Vlamona Cardhuntrian Army Knife: (weapon) Mighty Hack, Sundering Strike, Unnerving Strike, Nimble Strike, Pressing Bash, Purging Strike

    @Rohndil Mageslayer Helm: Counterspell, Reliable Mail, Quickness Aura

    @Punf Fencer's Foil: Feinting Strike x2, Dancing Cut, Lunging Thrust, Parry, Subtle Parry

    @Dargenom Traveler's Versatile Sidearm: Chop, Lunging Thrust, Perforating Strike, Bash, Tricky Stab, Backbiting Strike

    @Killer74 Acrobat's Club: Violent Spin, Dodge, Surging Shield Block, Barge, Nimble Strike, Lunging Bash

    @Juxtapostion Master's Rapier: 2x Feinting Strike, 2x Unnerving Strike, 2x Tricky Stab

    @QuickJon Brittle Scythe: Massive Chop, Reaching Swing, Predictable Stabx2, Backbiting Strike, Jarring Block

    @DupleX Pointy Stick: 5x Predictable Stab, Obvious Maneuver

    @Brobat Main Gauche: (shield) 2x Subtle Parry, Lunging Thrust

    @Han Lee En Garde: (weapon) 2x Parry, 2x Laser Thrust, 2x Feinting Strike

    @BlackVoidDeath Radioactive Kit: 2x Radiation Bomb, Radiation Bolt

    @xaryn axe of the aggressor: All Out Attack, 4x Massive Chop, Dropped Guard

    @mikey76500 Emergency First Aid Kit: 2x Boosted Heal, Help the Weak

    @Vakaz Flower of Pyres: Flame Jet, Fire Spray, Melt Armor

    @Maniafig Boppsy's Bopper: All out attack, Powerful Bash, Shambling Bash, Lunging Bash, Able Bash, Bash

    @Jezterscap Flash Freeze: 3x Freeze, 3x Flash of agony

    @VermillionOcean Ocean Blizzard Pop: Gusts of War, Ice Bolts, Brain Burn

    @Fortaleza Dancing Boots: (boots) Jump Back, Hard to Pin Down, Dodge

    @j3st3ri spine of the acid fiend: Acid Pool, Acid Spray, Acid Jet, Dissolve Armor, Telekinesis, Acid blast

    @Dieben Satin Sit-in Zoot Suit: Cushioning Armor, Stone Feet, Martyr's Blessing

    @rinco69 capoeira boots: Violent Spin, Jump Back, Sparkling Cloth Armor

    @Urban Minotaur Demonskin Vestments: (robe) Fireproof Charm, Demon hide, Hover

    @trrst oblivio: Memory Loss x2, Perplexing Ray x2, Short Perplexing Ray

    @hwango Manifold Crying: Dwarven Cry, War Cry, Cowardly

    @Kashad Wand of the wonderful wizard: (arcane item) Whirlwind Enemies, Whirlwind, Telekinesis

    @Raziel17 Little Overjoyed Vest of Embracing: Mimetic Armor x2, Boosted Heal

    @Bigbadbackstab Sky piercing drill: Inspiring Presence x2, Righteous Frenzy

    @Whammo Battleaxe of the Berserker: Unstoppable Chop, Massive Chop, Strong Chop, Raging Strike, Blind Rage, Fumble

    @Sir Veza Axe of Fury: Massive Chop x2, Strong Chop x2, Blind Rage x2

    @Founder s Rainbow Sceptre: Potent Stab, Blind Rage, Consecrate Ground, Lifesaving Block, Violent Spin, Purge

    @Super4011 s Fencer's Laser: Laser Thrust x2, Vicious Thrust, Lunging Thrust, Lunging Hack x2

    @Scarponi s Dancer's Drainer: Dancing Cut x3, Enervating Touch x2, Spear of Darkness

    @HisRoyalHygiene s Faulty Finisher: Controlled Overswing x2, Laser Cutdown x2, Lifesaving Block

    @Testlum s Visionary: (Human Skill) Forward Thinking, Team Shift, Subtle Parry

    @hello world s Fast Slicing: Slicer x2, Extra Hack

    @think_panther s Unlucky...for them: (Heavy Armor) Unlucky, Unlucky, Frenzy Aura

    @WexMajor s Enough is Enough: Battle Rage, Blind Rage, War Cry

    @Valadilene s Darkmagic's Dual Implements: Scorching Rays, Ice Bolts, Gusts of War, Jumpspark x2, Friendly Fire

    @ParodyKnaveBob s Full Scream A Head: (Helmet) War Cry, Spiked Mail, Bull Rush

    @Darkgryf s Face Cleaver: Double Axe to the Face x2, Berserk Spin x2, Strong Hack x2

    @Kalin s Green Flame: Scorching Rays, Ember Burst, Flame Jet, Instant Burn x2, Friendly Fire

    @Potatus Dual Barrel Flare Gun: Fireball x2, Ember Burst x2, Sizzling Bolt x2

    @Magic Elves Maztec Army Knife: Sundering Strike, Unnerving Strike, Lunging Thrust, Predictable Stab, Weak Chop, Ouch!

    @Deepweed s Booming Bugle: Force Cone x2, Big Zap

    @Shanomo s Drumsticks of Percussive Concussion: Anvil Strike, Unnerving Strike x2, Startling Strike x2, Ouch!

    @gulo gulo s Siren Song: Wall of Water x2, Scream x2, Stone Spikes x2

    @BawlingBrawler s Ocarina of Crime: (Elf Skill) Elven Trickery, Elvish Insight, Loner

    @Mama Mia s Bass Droppin (elf skill): Slippery x2, Hit the Deck

    @Galvatron s Tap Shoes: Quick Step x2, Energizing Move

    @ElMath s Orderer of the Immortal Council: Demonic Power x2, Invigorating Touch x2, Demonic Feedback x2

    @tolkien Snarri the Black's Blocking Axe: Massive Chop x2, Dancing Cut x2, Axe Block x2

    @Pokemaster131 Hydra Fang Staff: Fiery Breath, Flame Jet x2, Flame Spit x3

    @Fanturluche Manticore Cape: Thick Hide Armor, Mystical Wyrmhide, Fly

    @MathuranF Atchocl's Stake: Vengeance, Inquisitor's Strike x2, Penetrating Lunge x2, Punishing Strike

    @Gingrich Yurr Snitrick's Sacrifice: Bloodied Block, Wounded Block, Shifting Block

    @timeracers The Bronze Prince's Spear: (divine weapon) Shifty Stab x4, Unholy Frenzy x2

    @Aerendhil Svitlana's Trophy: (Heavy Armor) Monstrous Hide, Inquisitor's Badge, Ill-Fitting Armor

    @SceoMyntan s Snarri's botched inquisition: (weapon) Inquisitor's Strike, Fiery Stab x2, Warding Lance, Trip, Howl

    @Maloqi Nicky Nine Towers: Surging Blast x2, Chilling Rime x2, Burning Fingers x2

    @Robo11500 Svitlana's Fey Steel Cutlass: All out Attack, Dancing Cut, Extra Hack, Warding Lance x2, Flaring Torch

    @Force.ofWill Xander's everlasting shroud: (robes) Arcane Shell x2, Dimensional Traveller
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  2. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Interesting choice.
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  3. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    I liked the Bronze Prince's Spear and Nicky Nine Towers because they both used cards exclusively that quoted their namesake.
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  4. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    And now if timeracers deletes his post, it will look like tolkien is over complementing timeracer's submissions!
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  5. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    I have changed my item

    You can have the one I discarded if you have no ideas
  6. gulo gulo

    gulo gulo Guild Leader

    Haha, I had forgotten I submitted that staff. Thanks for the memory.
  7. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Tfw nothing you made is on the list...
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  8. gulo gulo

    gulo gulo Guild Leader

    All of you can pick which one I submit again:

    Siren's Song
    a level 12 epic staff, (minortoken)(minortoken)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The Neuralyzer of the Magus
    a level 15 common staff, (majortoken)(minortoken)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    Scream is a card i'd like to see in the game. In player's hand, I mean.
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  10. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    I'm hardly happy when zombies get to stun me.
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  11. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    Just imagine stunning THEM!
  12. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    In MP both players are going to get the chance to stun each other.
  13. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

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  14. Robo11500

    Robo11500 Mushroom Warrior

    My item my need to be changed to this... if I can do that? also it was my Aloyzo's Arsenal #14: Trick or Treat #2! submission.
    1) Robo11500
    2) Brother Arun's Bane
    3) Arcane Skill
  15. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    According to the rules if you change your submission from current to this then the AA#18 submission would no longer be a resubmit. I would recommend not resubmitting any variation of that item.
  16. Robo11500

    Robo11500 Mushroom Warrior

    So items with cards like Extra Hack or monster card are allowed?
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  17. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    For resubmission you are allowed to post any prior submission that you made or someone else made and gave permission to use. For the other option you are allowed to but it is risky.
  18. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    For Polar Electromancy if it gets made, I would suggest using the winter store snowflake on an arcane skill scroll. Or one could use the Traveller From The North tome in a different color.
  19. Pokemaster131

    Pokemaster131 Lizardman Priest

    I feel like this item should have a Doom on it.
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  20. Fry_The_Guy

    Fry_The_Guy Lizardman Priest

    Good call, I am going to change the item dramatically to focus it around doom instead of touch of death

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