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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Flaxative

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    I'm going to be closing the contest in a couple days. I'm a bit surprised at some of the choices folks made, but lots of cool designs.
  2. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    What did you expect?
  3. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    I'll share my thoughts when the contest is closed =D
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  4. Vholes

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    WAIT CRAP someone post a joke for me. My password is CT5=PuppiesInTrenchcoat.
  5. ParodyKnaveBob

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    hay volhes ur pw dint werk u mite wont writ support
  6. whoa I actually met the deadline this time
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  7. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Okay, submissions closed (day late due to me being sick :( :( )

    Will try to process all this ASAP, more news soon.
  8. Lord Feleran

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  9. Vlamona

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  10. Robauke

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    Jons Test build announcement already mentions the new item... so... what is it?
  11. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    Uplifting Faith.
    Epic Divine Skill.
    2xWings Of Faith, 1xHover
    Level 15. Minor token.

    Hover on a non-wizard item is something new.

    mod-edit: AA #10 item in spoiler!
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  12. Master Goo

    Master Goo Ogre

    Since it is allready spoiled=) here is its image.


    PS: btw it might find use in Geomancers' adventures.[/qoute]
    mod-edit: AA #10 item in spoiler!
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  13. Robauke

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    they are getting pretty fancy with the AA icons lately.
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  14. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    I'd like to keep all AA #10 discussion in spoilers before the official announcement. Thanks!

    (added spoiler tags to the above messages)
  15. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Wow. A lot of fun, usable items all in one spot when you look at the list like that. $:^ ]

    (...except Fashionable Ball And apologies to its's indeed a fun/funny item...but I see Trip as too much of a death sentence to be usable at minor...although, there I go again, hearing "unusable" and immediately thinking of ways to try to make it

    Oh, and thank you, Pawn. Indeed, some of us just simply like the surprise. $E^ J
  16. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Pie factory is working again! Stats for AA #10 Des(s)ert Island Edition.

    It seems most put their money on supernatural (magic or faith) items. Wizard-only items (staves, arcane items / skill & robes) contribute 30.77 % of submissions, priest-only items (divine weapon / armor / skill & item) 24.36 % and warrior-only (weapon, heavy armor, helmet [-- there was no martial skill submissions]) 21.79 % of total submissions.

    Elves win the race race with 4 skill submissions, followed by humans (3) and dwarves (2).

    If we give each rarity a value (common = 1, legendary = 5) the average item submission rarity is 2.84. Compared to AA #8 stats, AA #10 had more common and less legendary item submissions.

    Top 6 cards in submissions*
    *number of submissions that included the card

    1. Everybody Drink!, Loner, Purging Strike & Smoke Bomb (5)
    5. Entangling Net & Flash Flood (4)

    Rum bottles and barrels, different smoke signals and multi-tools / army knives were a recurring theme.

    180 different cards were in the AA #10 submissions.
    Everybody Drink!,5
    Purging Strike,5
    Smoke Bomb,5
    Entangling Net,4
    Flash Flood,4
    Fiery Stab,3
    Flight Aura,3
    Inspiring Presence,3
    Laser Cutdown,3
    Nimble Strike,3
    Soothing Darkness,3
    Sundering Strike,3
    Toughened Hide Strips,3
    Anvil Strike,2
    Cautious Sneak,2
    Dangerous Maneuver,2
    Demonic Feedback,2
    Ember Burst,2
    Entangling Roots,2
    Escaping Run,2
    Flame Spit,2
    Forward Thinking,2
    Healing Beacon,2
    Hurled Dagger,2
    Instant Burn,2
    Lifesaving Block,2
    Polearm Slash,2
    Quick Step,2
    Reaching Swing,2
    Resistant Hide,2
    Rocket Dash,2
    Simple Bash,2
    Sizzling Bolt,2
    Subtle Parry,2
    Thick Hide Armor,2
    Tongue Lash,2
    Unnerving Strike,2
    Vegetable Parts,2
    War Cry,2
    Word of God,2
    Able Bludgeon,1
    Accelerate Time,1
    Arcane Beam,1
    Arcane Burst,1
    Arcane Curse,1
    Armor of Faith,1
    Auto Block,1
    Barbed Platemail,1
    Blind Rage,1
    Boiling Armor,1
    Boosted Heal,1
    Bronzantium Plates,1
    Burning Fingers,1
    Chain Harness,1
    Chilling Rime,1
    Controlled Overswing,1
    Curse of Fragility,1
    Cushioning Armor,1
    Dancing Cut,1
    Demonic Miasma,1
    Demonic Revenge,1
    Draining Touch,1
    Dropped Guard,1
    Dual Laser Beacon,1
    Elven Maneuvers,1
    Ember Spray,1
    Enervating Touch,1
    Festering Guts,1
    Fireproof Charm,1
    Flaring Laser,1
    Flash of Agony,1
    Force Blast,1
    Friendly Fire,1
    Frost Jolt,1
    Frosting Cannon,1
    Frosting Storm,1
    Gene Therapy,1
    Giant Boulder,1
    Glob of Flame,1
    Gusts of War,1
    Healing Dash,1
    Healing Rays,1
    Healing Spirit,1
    Heavy Armor,1
    Help the Weak,1
    Ill-fitting Armor,1
    Impaling Stab,1
    Impetuous Blast,1
    Invigorating Touch,1
    Jump Back,1
    Lateral Thinking,1
    Long Spark,1
    Mad Dog,1
    Massive Chop,1
    Mimetic Armor,1
    Mimetic Crown,1
    Mind Drain,1
    Monkey Dodge,1
    Monkey Mail,1
    Monkey Maneuver,1
    Mutated Chitin,1
    Mystical Drakehide,1
    Penetrating Lunge,1
    Perfect Block,1
    Potent Stab,1
    Powerful Bash,1
    Predictable Stab,1
    Push the Button,1
    Quick Monkey Strike,1
    Quickness Aura,1
    Radioactive Spray,1
    Raise the Alarm,1
    Scuttle, Team!,1
    Shifty Stab,1
    Shimmering Aura,1
    Shrug it Off,1
    Solid Wood,1
    Sparking Cloth Armor,1
    Spear of Darkness,1
    Spear Thrust,1
    Startling Strike,1
    Stone Feet,1
    Stone Spikes,1
    Strong Bludgeon,1
    Surestrike Blessing,1
    Telepod Jaunt,1
    Tongue Grab,1
    Tongue Storm,1
    Touch of Death,1
    Traveling Curse,1
    Unholy Energy,1
    Unreliable Block,1
    Walk, Team!,1
    Wall of Fire,1
    Wall of Illusion,1
    Weak Chop,1
    Weak Strike,1
    Winds of War,1
    Wings of Faith,1
    Wounded Block,1
  17. Hey who wouldn't want a robe that let's you fly like a dragon if you're on a desert island? :D
  18. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    Who wouldn't want to fly no matter where you are? :)
  19. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

  20. I wouldn't like to fly near an airport, I might get hit by a plane or something and that would be bad.

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