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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Lucky Dice

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    speaking of a video, thought I'll put this here in case somebody wants to listen to a person for 3 hours instead of 20 minutes like Flax & CT5 do

    direct links to items on the vid soon, I'm really not feeling it today
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  2. haesslicherBob

    haesslicherBob Lizardman Priest

    Did I read winnerS? So there will be more than 1 item? Nice :D
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  3. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

  4. Dargenom

    Dargenom Orc Soldier

    Video 1:
    BlackVoidDeath's Improvised Rocket Boots
    DupleX's Long-Term Planner
    Maniafig's Malfunctioning Purifier
    Pawndawan's Prickly Defense Kit
    Adunien's Mad Centaur's Spear
    gulo gulo's The Neuralyzer of the Magus
    SirSrsly's The Chopaholic
    j3st3r's Colichemarde
    LieutenantCommanderData's Shifty Spear
    Magic Elves' Pressing Problems
    Whammo's Battleaxe of the Berserker
    Obernoob's Vial of Stench
    Potatus' Boreas Staff of Winter
    esthkol's Nervous Self-Defense
    rinco69's Greasy Poncho
    Wildarm's Pocket Rocket
    Robauke's Pike of Pursuit
    think_panther's Forgotten Lore
    Vlamona's Mace of the Battle Nun
    Sir Veza's Axe of Fury
    Founder's Magebane Buckler
    ElderScrolls's Hammer of the Lasersmith
    MathuranF's Mosaic Skipping Rope
    SceoMyntan's Mutated Thorn
    Wandere's Fantastic Contemplation
    Killer74's Heisenberg's Uncertainty Circlet
    jdotri's Supreme Hide
    y0uthpast0r's Electrical Ventricle
    Guises' LoPiccolo's Lithe Leathers
    Lord Patches' Demon's Silver Blade
    Pyrious' Strike Out Bat
    Happenstance's Orcish Stewmaker
    trrst's Rogue's March
    hello world's Parade Flag
    Hidden Jaguar's Quicksilver Coif
    WexMajor's Demonwrath Hammer
    Inkfingers' Excessive Scouting
    Valadilene's Accident-Prone Shield
    timeracers' Flanking Tactics
    Super4011's Fencer's Laser
    hwango's 3-Stage Rocket Boots
    Thyrace's The Rule of Five
    faraway9911's Miniature Toy Spaceship
    Rev_John's Devilish Pact
    un hombre serio's Defensive Axe
    Balor's Portable Igloo

    Video 2:
    Lencrennis' Nobleman's Puddledodgers
    Mikey76500's Emergency First-Aid Kit
    Darkgryffin's All purpose armor
    Punf's Tactician's Clogs
    the real toast's Misguided Savagery
    Scarponi's Dancer's Drainer
    Lockheart Valhallen's Sharp Starched Shirt
    Kashad's Fire Walker's Sole
    Kalin's Autochopper
    Dargenom's Repurposed Guardian Husk
    VermillionOcean's Duelist's Umbrella
    Cycosurgeon's Quarter Pound Chopper
    Harvet's Nimble Guardian
    sidneiscapin's Unholy Life Drinker
    Fanturluche's Deep Reflection
    adajon42's Hammer of the Crazed Blacksmith
    Vholes' Refueled Mediumsword
    BrockRitcey's Barbarian's Club
    Krunail's Automatic Forceshield
    visak13's Enchanted Helm
    Thetianknight's Faulty Finisher
    Mama Mia's Gravedigger's Shovel
    Lucky Dice's The Button Masher
    Master Goo's Overcharged Mini Laser
    Shalicter's Tiara of Alienation
    40c_rudy's Sarissa
    Dieben's Satin Sit-In Zoot Suit
    Entangled Quanta's Vaulter's Pole
    CT5's Oxha's Sparkpinger
    Force.ofWill's The Green Stripper Pole
    Deepweed's Cataclysmic Radcannon
    Grimmace's The Plain Arcane
    Lord Feleran's Cool Shield
    Testlum's Visionary
    Macizo's Crescent Spear
    Haesslicherbob's The Peacemaker
    ztan's All Out of Power
    setharue's Jungle Medicine
    ParodyKnaveBob's Coming Through!

    Cheers for the feedback and the videos LuckyDice! Hope you don't mind me linking each item's part of the videos here! :)
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  5. Dieben

    Dieben Lizardman Shopkeeper

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  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Interesting to hear the opinions on the item(s) I chose. :)
  7. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Good God
  8. @Lucky Dice Kinda sad people don't understand why I named my item as such. I shall enlighten thee. AoE damage can also be called splash damage. What else can protect you from splashes and can double as a weapon for parrying but an umbrella? Also the image of a duelist parrying a melee attack one second, then opening his umbrella to block a fireball is hilarious.
  9. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Oh. Yeah, that makes sense. But only partially - Auto Block is also good against Linear attacks and they don't count as a splash damage. But that's just a minor nitpick. Well done either way!
  10. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Okay, now that Aloyzo has made his choice, here's what happened with the possibility of including the Muscle Through card:
    (tl;dr is in red down below)

    1. Leap is a cool card I like, but is underplayed, questionably itemized, and generally considered overcosted.
    2. How to make Leap more universally usable? Boots fit all races and classes. I'll make Boots.
    3. What card or cards could make Leap more universally desirable? Violent Spin is awesome. Definitely Violent Spin.
    x. ~lots of toying around with different move cards, keeping an eye on token costs, fun factors, etc.~ Any other options? Sprint is probably too much. A Team Move is probably too much. Muscle Through is the same cost as Violent Spin, and it'd go right back into the same "we don't want to play that" pile of items. Healing Dash is another card people would be fine with playing; put Healing Dash and Violent Spin on the same item, and Leap suddenly looks viable, yay. And, a major token does not feel overcosted due to the complete set of cards (Healing+Violent, thus Leap shouldn't be complained about but rather considered for builds). And, it certainly isn't undercosted, making Aloyzo's messenger $;^ b roll his eyes and move on. And, it's kind of neat that it's a pair of Boots with three pure move cards -- no armors, traits, hybrids, etc. ~looking at the card art/texts~ Ha ha ha, putting Violent Spin between the other two could make it look all madcap, like *swinging frantically in the center, flinging left! flinging right!* $:^ ] to just try to solve the name issue, including PMing a couple folks due to imminent deadline, because for once I felt kind of "eh" about one of my creations' names...
    10. Submit.
    (11. Finally hear back from one person (since everyone was asleep apparently) -- who encouraged me to keep the name as it's just fine as-is.)

    So yeah, there ya go, I didn't do Muscle Through simply because the whole felt like a better, more usable, item without it. The half-joke thrown around by CH's playizens concerning Flaxative and Muscle Through literally did not even cross my mind. It was not one slightest iota of a factor. The name, Coming Through!, was 100% coincidence because that one card was long out of my mind by the time I was looking at the flavor of my item.

    (For some items I submit to AA, I start with flavor first, then develop the item/cards from there. Since this AA was about rejected entries and/or cards, I started with a card, then developed from that.)

    Pretty funny hearing a couple people so sure about my motivations, though. $E^ D lol

    And Dieben?
    Thanks. That was brilliant. $}^ J
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  11. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Like Solid Mail?
  12. Founder

    Founder Hydra

    I didn't watch all of Dice's video, I'll admit, but was he actually positive about any submissions (apart from ones with press the button in them?)
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  13. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    I'm positive about most of the submissions, actually! There are some obvious glaring things like a card in an item slot that didn't have this card yet, but other than these, if I say "this item could have..." or something, it's just my take at the item, to make it slightly more attractive or balanced.
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  14. Founder

    Founder Hydra


    Which was your favourite?
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  15. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Other than my own? I probably hadn't said it in the video, the Long-term Planner.
  16. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    Double forward thinking, uh, i would kill for that item.
    I guess the decision was already made so we can discuss items here, eh?
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  17. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    He was positive about my item. I was surprised he thought it was viable for MP, since I intended it for killing Kobolds and Roaches.
  18. Dargenom

    Dargenom Orc Soldier

  19. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Is this the second or third time that video has been linked to this thread?
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  20. Dieben

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