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    Some copy and paste action then some slight changes, done.

    This thread is for getting feedback and discussing items submitted to Aloyzo's Arsenal #3: Custom Item Submissions! thread. Please repost and/or link your item here, if you'd like some feedback.

    Remember to also check out the "official" AA #3 feedback / review / result video:

    Please discuss / give feedback only about past Aloyzo's Arsenal #3: Custom Item Submissions here. I think we should keep things organized and start a new thread, once the next submission cycle (AA #4) is over.

    Other item discussion should be kept in Smithy- Build your own Items thread. Remember that AA rules prohibit discussing about current AA submissions.

    You can get a link for specific forum post by clicking the timestamp at the bottom of the post:

    Hopefully this will further help people to design better items for the upcoming AA rounds and also scratch the "I-was-ignored" itch. :)

    EDIT: Corrected it, @seth arue .
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    Here are my 2 coppers for all the items of the AA3 items, I will try to keep it brief(there are still a lot of submissions to discuss).
    I have decided to add links to the items for your convenience.
    Note: I will not mention the fact that items have monster cards because the restriction suggested it, but that doesn't mean I will not mention that the monster card is OP.

    1: This item is quite underpowered because this is at the lowest level for costing a (minortoken) and has 2 bad cards namely the stab and the trip. I disapprove.
    2: This is a really fun item which can be decently effective when farming some levels but the item is really silly and that is why festering guts got bumped up to amethyst. I approve.
    3: Only Bones isn't a player card for a reason, well actually 2. 1: Immunities aren't fun to play against, specifically when you don't have much damage otherwise. 2: It doesn't make sense for characters to only have bones. I disapprove.
    4: My item so I will let someone else discuss it.
    5: A fun item but isn't very good because ooze shove isn't good, it is like a force cannon which isn't ranged and it doesn't do damage. I approve.
    6: This is OP and this isn't tightly based on Chupacbra(jarring block isn't in either decks), the OP card is Mind Muddle because it is a 2 for 1, you cancel there move and you move them(how about that nice patch of lava). I disapprove.
    7: A fun and effective item that's tightly designed around Storges, the signature card is awesome because you get a card that gets benefits from backstabbing. I approve.
    8: This item is crazy and is too powerful because the signature card is OP, it is like obliterating chop but does 2 less damage so that if this is blocked(by either character(defender's block still does block it for them)) then you keep the attack. We also get massive chop which is extremely powerful and raging strike which doesn't answer the fact that this is OP. I disapprove.
    9: Trip can be quite killer, but tripping sweep gives a 2 duration trip to the enemy that also does 4 damage at range 2 is very strong even for being a gold, but what really makes this item OP is anvil strike. I disapprove.
    10: This isn't tightly themed around a monster(neither retreat nor wounded block(or any good block) is in the deck), but the idea is a fun one. Invalid.
    11: The rating difference between weakened armor and mail is 1, and the rating difference between this and grounding plates is 6, you may say that being forced back is a serious drawback, but if you are a stab warrior than this may be a positive effect in some match-ups. The toughened hide strips are the best armor for being a paper card making this OP. I disapprove.
    12: Pickpocket is OP as a silver because you get a card and deal 5 damage but you do have to be behind them. The other problem is that this isn't tightly based on monkeys. I almost forgot that this is also a legendary. I disapprove.
    13: Compare blizzard breath to cone of cold. The breath does 2 more damage, and purges enemy attachments on those characters, which makes the staff barely OP. I disapprove.
    14: None of these card are found the creature except beam of hate. Invalid.
    15: Neither flash flood nor illusory barrier is in it's deck but flash flood can be excused because the board has water separating the quadrants. This item is a legendary which is as I have said and will continue to say "I can't endorse legendaries without an exceptional reason" . I disapprove.
    16: Teleport Other is a leveled up version of telekinesis, but telekinesis is still very strong. Combine this with 2 stone spikes which are very powerful to end at a nice level 6 which makes this OP. This is also a legendary. I disapprove.
    17: Hard Tin Fist is a 1 rating discounted able bludgeon, which is strong but with 1 terrible card and ending at level -3 really makes this unplayable. I disapprove.
    18: A really cool idea but this is quite unfocused and this is at the lowest level possible for costing a (majortoken)(minortoken), but the signature card is potent and all the cards are good(still an item I won't use). I approve.
    19: Submission failed to follow the rules(max level 21(.5)) and fails to follow this month's restriction. Invalid.

    Part 2 posted.
    Part 3 posted.
    Part 4 posted.
    Part 5 posted.
    Part 6 posted.
    Part 7 coming soon.
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    Part 1 of the review is here
    Page 2 of entries:
    1: Resurrection cards are like healing cards that you can play after the character is dead. Now to this item, the problem is that it is not based on a creature. Invalid.
    2: Submission failed to follow the rules(max level 21(.5)). Invalid.
    3: A tightly themed item around Wyverns which is balanced though their signature card is strong the short spark do make up for that. I approve.
    4: Compare perfect block to parry: Amethyst compared to bronze, but perfect block makes the enemy discard and blocks anything. The other cards are fine so we have a decent item. I approve.
    5: Festering Guts* is a trait which has an almighty effect which can work either way but either way you have a paper card replacing itself. This item has that and the classic resistant hide and a flavor shuffle making a level 5 item that is OP. I disapprove.
    6: ** This is a fun and nicely themed item which isn't too effective, though it has 5 range melee attacks which can therefore gets better boost from frenzy and can be buffed by all out attack, blind rage and more, but can be parried. This is fair considering this has slightly reduced range in comparison to magic attacks. I should remind you that the restriction is 1 monster card limit, so yeah. Invalid.
    7: The big problem with this is that resurrection(the card) isn't worth it, you pay 5 cards so you can revive a guy to 5 health. The other thing is that this isn't based on a monster. Invalid.
    8: This is OP because death meld is a paper trait that has a good effect and the other cards aren't bad enough to compensate. Again not themed properly. Invalid.
    9: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction. Invalid.
    10: Not being based on a monster invalidates this. Invalid. (wow, 5 submissions in a row are invalid)
    11: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction. Invalid. (6 in a row, a real record indeed)
    12: This item is themed but not tightly, but the problem is divine items shouldn't have any of these cards. I disapprove.
    13: I don't care about the balance when this both doesn't follow that slot rules and this has 2 cyclers which are explicitly discouraged. I disapprove.
    14: I assume that this is based on that character in that MM. Contagion is an interesting card, but contagion is OP, take a look at that nimbus, this upgrades it to a mass nimbus! Or look at that Unholy Wellspring we have seen mass frenzy but mass unholy wellspring is well OP. I disapprove.
    15: Submission failed to follow the rules(max level 21(.5)). Invalid.
    16: This would allow you to get more than 2 destructive purges in a deck, though this isn't tightly themed around a monster. Destructive can be quite effective on characters with lots of attachments but fright keeps it balanced. I approve.
    17: Boots have move cards, this doesn't. The theme is solid but you can't have boots without move cards, this would work as a dwarf skill. I disapprove.
    18: This is counter synergetic with itself, reactive trip requires you to be adjacent which isn't what stabbers want to do, the trip is well killer and makes it hard to stay 2 spaces away from the target you want to stab. I disapprove.
    19: Sadly the tightly theming on a monster isn't happening here, I know the 1 monster card limit is hard but that is no excuse. This has a lot of cycling also. I disapprove.
    20: Brachiation which costs 6 rating less than rockest charge and does 1 less damage per space then rocket charge. Demonic Revenge though it costs you 4 health it is a black trait, which makes it good, and toughened hide strips are well awesome, so this is slightly too powerful. Oh and this isn't tightly themed. I disapprove.

    *This was paper and wasn't rare
    ** The rarity of some of the cards were changed to rare, changing the rarity from rare to legendary

    Part 3 posted.
    Part 4 posted.
    Part 5 posted.
    Part 6 posted.
    Part 7 coming soon.
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    Part 1 of the review is here
    Page 3 of entries:
    1: Furious Gnomes don't have half the cards in this item. Also the balance is off because pinning spear toss has a killer halt making for very powerful item though there are other bad cards there are also other good cards. Last but not least, this has a range 5 attack which warriors shouldn't be able to get their hands on. I disapprove.
    2: A fun theme but the balance is really off. Phase shift is the problem at silver= because it gets you both a teleport 6 (makes telepod jaunt look like a joke) and then a rumbling charge. I disapprove.
    3: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction. Invalid.
    4: Not based on a monster. Invalid.
    5: A properly themed item, and a balanced item in most cases but on open maps it is just slightly too strong. I approve.
    6: Shambling bash is like lunging bash except it does 4 more damage for 1 more rating, which would make the item too strong but being at level 9.5 makes it fair. Again the fact that it is a legendary will make me disapprove. I disapprove.
    7: The Hydra doesn't have those cards. Invalid.
    8: Fiery Breath is only in the Hydra's deck. The Hydra's deck doesn't include any of those cards(except Fiery Breath). Invalid.
    9: Unholy Curse is a card that is strong but all the other cards on this item are bad which makes this item bad. I disapprove.
    10: Good theme and nicely balanced. Muscle through is a bit weaker than violent spin but clumsy makes up for it. I approve.
    11: Not only does this have high range attacks with high damage on an arcane item, this also isn't themed on Tsastii. Invalid.
    12: This has the same theme as submission #41, but this is balanced because Rumbling Charge is balanced at gold. Hitting multiple targets can be deadly but this does pays 4 or 5 rating for that. I approve.
    13: Skillful dodge is like dodge but triggers on a 4+ instead of 5+, which is fine because you are paying 3 rating for it. The rest of the cards on this item are fine or maybe even bad, so the item isn't overpowered. I approve.
    14: I love the theme but it isn't strictly themed on a monster. Stink Bomb is like a weaker fireball but priests don't get fireball, but priests do get rad bomb which does the same amount of damage but this has a poison 2 effect instead of a random handicap. Invalid. (else I would approve)
    15: As I said about submission #3 "Only Bones isn't a player card for a reason, well actually 2. 1: Immunities aren't fun to play against, specifically when you don't have much damage otherwise. 2: It doesn't make sense for characters to only have bones." But this is themed which I commend. I disapprove.
    16: This isn't strictly themed on the Ornithopter. Invalid.
    17: This is themed, but this is useless trash, this makes Pain Hat look good in comparison(let me remind you that Pain Hat should be level -3). This shouldn't come as a surprise because this is level -5! I disapprove.
    18: Though this doesn't have the same cards as spiders have, entangling roots is similar to entangle, and penetrating lunge is fine because spiders are nimble. The item is balanced. I approve.
    19: Ogre Bruiser does have all of these cards, but this is too focused on obvious maneuvers which Ogre Bruisers only have 1 in deck! Someone had the idea to make an obviously OP item, namely the maker of this item because obvious maneuvers is OP and ending level 6 is a little too convenient. I disapprove.
    20: Small Pseudopod Strike is OP at bronze= but even bumping the rating up a bunch of times would still keep the item tokenless. So it doesn't matter except for QD that it is underrated. I approve.

    Part 4 posted.
    Part 5 posted.
    Part 6 posted.
    Part 7 coming soon.
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    Page 1 of the review is here
    Page 4 of entries:
    1: Do you know what Flaxative said about cycling cards, he said to not use a lot of them. Themed? Nope. Do I also need to rant about the paper quality festering guts*? Invalid.
    2: Wow, another blue destruction like weapon, what I mean is that it is 5x the same card and a very similar card. And this also is a legendary, a really bad and random one. I disapprove.
    3: Priests shouldn't be able to get firestorm in there decks, radioactive pulse is basically firestorm with rad on top. This isn't themed properly. Invalid.
    4: A well themed item and reasonably balanced item. Compare the difference from sorcerous bolt to arcane burst, and hot spot to lava pool. The cards do synergize nicely but lava pool isn't actually that crazy. I approve.
    5: I can't say this is themed properly, zombies don't bash nor do they have backbiting attacks. Invalid.
    6: This is too strong because psychic blast can easily do 8 damage but with some skill you can get it to do up to 12, and the rest of the staff has strong cards and ends at level 17(which is almost optimal for (majortoken)(minortoken))! I disapprove.
    7: Isn't themed correctly. Invalid.
    8: Neither themed nor balanced. Invalid.
    9: Taunt is silly because it forces that character not to buff allies, also just really OP. Also the gnomes don't block. Invalid.
    10: The Hydra doesn't have any of these card excluding the eyes everywhere, but the hydra does have an AoE like berserk spin but the other cards are too far off the mark. Invalid.
    11: Queens don't exist( in Cardhuntria) and the item is off the balance charts. Invalid.
    12: I know lunging bite is like lunging thrust but the rating is different so I will still say it is invalid. Invalid. (And I thought 6 in a row of invalids would be a 1 time deal)
    13: A well themed item, which isn't powerful but it is a fun item. I approve.
    14: The turrets don't get defender's block or any blocks for that matter. Invalid.
    15: Golems don't get blocks. Invalid.
    16: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction. Invalid.
    17: Paralytic Poison is way undervalued at gold, doing a total of 15 damage over 3 rounds and discarding all their move cards(worse then halt), is way too strong, this should be Amethyst. But back to the point, invalid because this isn't themed. Invalid.
    18: Not invalid because this is themed correctly, but that doesn't stop the fact that no one likes fighting against immunities if they can't hit someone else or answer it. The item is balanced though. Also this can be severely OP in campaign(I think some missions can't stop you if you get this) I disapprove.
    19: Can you imagine the card the card advantage staggering chop can give? 1 and does 12 damage for a gold card, though it does requires positioning and not to be blocked. Having a underrated chop and 2 potent chop cards and the rest being fine cards makes this OP. I disapprove.
    20: Leathery Hide is a card that gives immunities, which aren't going to completely stop you but this will be the bane of volcano wizards but so is resistant hide. Leathery Hide is like auto block but 1oo% success rate and works against terrain and isn't discarded by blocking attacks that target. This isn't properly themed. Invalid.

    *This was paper and wasn't rare

    Part 5 posted.
    Part 6 posted.
    Part 7 coming soon.
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    Part 1 of the review is here
    Page 5 of entries:
    1: The Yellow Dragon doesn't have most of those cards, but you are right that they are similar to corrosive breath(well sorta) except the brain burn. Corrosive Breath is OP as silver and should be at least emerald because it does 5 damage with a 6 range cone and removes all armor. The other cards aren't bad enough to keep this balanced. Invalid.
    2: Bishops(the chess piece) don't have those cards except for bishop heal, so this is invalid. Invalid.
    3: Not themed and a piece of trash. Invalid.
    4: Same as submission #37 but able stab instead of strong stab. Still not very strong but being at the perfect level for (minortoken)(minortoken) makes it playable. I approve.
    5: When did priests get high damage high range attacks? Also this isn't themed properly. Invalid.
    6: Avenging Totem isn't a card, and even if you meant some other totem card, the rules say you can only have 1. Invalid.
    7: A nicely themed and balanced item, though Brains! is strong but the other cards are a tad weak making it balanced. I approve.
    8: Raise the Alarm should be gold, but even if it was gold the item would still be tokenless. The other 2 cards aren't friendly and ending at level 0 makes this a fun but unuseful item. I approve.
    9: Which part of don't include extra info didn't you get? The item is too powerful because it is the optimal level for (minortoken)(minortoken) and the cards are all strong. I disapprove.
    10: Readiness is fair but the counter synergy of superstitious and the rest of the item makes the item slightly weak. I approve.
    11: This is themed on the cameras and is balanced, though I still don't get how people can scan(like cameras do). I approve.
    12: Invisibility is OP and the rest of the item also. This item is also not themed. Invalid.
    13: The chess pieces don't have clumsy neither does robes have armor 5 cards. Invalid.
    14: This item is too weak, it is too unfocused and all the cards are bad. I disapprove.
    15: Gnomes don't get shields(blocks), even if they did this wouldn't be the one they get. Invalid.
    16: Not tightly themed, and firestorm isn't for priests. Invalid.
    17: Not themed properly and Spore Cloud is crazy OP. Invalid.
    18: Storges don't have shifty stab nor do they have range 2 attacks. Invalid.
    19: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction. Invalid.
    20: It is themed on trolls, but it super OP because troll regen is OP. I disapprove.

    Part 6 posted.
    Part 7 coming soon.
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  7. Rohndil

    Rohndil Hydra

    Wow, you're really enthusiastic about AA! Good read, some interesting points about item balancing.

    That's mine. When I did it I had yet to discover the excellent Vakaz's item creator. I basically took cards from Slub Gut's henchmenlizards decks and made a spear, choosing those which had a spear in the picture (yay so original). It seems focused enough to me, and honestly I don't think weakness/strenght should be really relevant in judging the items.

    The major problem is that the Lizarman Spear is just too plain and boring.
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    Actually what starting this was because some people's item didn't get mentioned also because the commentary in the video was not excellent(I disagreed with a point or two), so I decided i will make my review of every item.

    No, the level of power the item has is crucial, because OP items will break the meta and UP items will annoy looters of them(especially legendaries. commons and uncommons also matter because the first time through it will be harder if their are more bad commons/uncommons). But you are right that the theme wasn't interesting enough to be fun. I guess what I mean by unfocused in this case, is that you never know how much damage the next stab will be, but the item is still too weak.
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  9. Flaxative

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    The lizardman spear was actually a very strong submission. Good job Rohndil!
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  10. Fry

    Fry Ogre

    I'm reasonably sure the bishops don't even have Bishop Heal. Mega invalid! :0
  11. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    The Bishop in the league does.
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  12. seth arue

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    Ugh, can't believe I put Brain Burn on my staff...Trip would've been more appropriate, as the yellow dragon actually has it. Also, perhaps I should've pushed for a rockfall, too.
    Probably still wouldn't have been picked, but it'd have been better themed.
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    Part 1 of the review is here
    Page 6 of entries:
    1: I would complain about because warriors don't get firestorm but this simply isn't themed. Invalid.
    2: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction. Invalid.
    3: I'm am going to have to invalid this one because none of the trees have muscle through or barge. Invalid.
    4: This isn't themed properly, nor does follow the arcane item guidelines. Invalid.
    5: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction. Invalid.
    6: Unfortunately Hand of Melvelous isn't themed either(This isn't themed). Invalid.
    7: Most of these cards aren't actually part of the Mind Flenser's deck. Invalid. (7 in a row of invalids, breaking the record)
    8: Though geomancers don't have hot spot, they do have lava pool, so this is themed properly. This is balanced, I find this not very special because teleport other is still a upgraded version of telekinesis. I approve.
    9: Destructive Purge isn't a card that spiders get nor do they get rad bolt. Invalid.
    10: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction(not themed). Invalid.
    11: Blood Disciples don't actually have those blocks even though they are blood related and the item needs to be tightly themed which this doesn't do. Invalid.
    12: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction(not themed). Invalid.
    13: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction(not themed). Invalid.
    14: Someone fumbled their submission(not themed, even the monster card isn't from that monster). Invalid.
    15: Submission failed to follow the rules(a lot of them). Invalid. (a second 7 in a row of invalids in this page!)
    16: This is level 10, not 9. This is themed nicely. I do want to see mud pit in the game, but the combo of them having to spend multiple moves to get out and you have unblockable control cards does seem a little too synergetic, I think this would be fine if this was higher rating. Even if mud pit was changed to amethyst it would still cost a minor, so it is fair. I approve.
    17: Troglodytes don't have ill-fitting armor or chain harness. Invalid.
    18: Submission failed to follow this month's restriction(not themed). Invalid.
    19: Hyper Thalamus doesn't have brain burn. Invalid.
    20: The sharkbears don't flank(flanking move). Invalid.

    Part 7 coming soon.
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  14. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    @timeracers I'm beginning to think I should ask for your advice next time. I enjoy these reviews!
  15. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Go ahead, I have plenty of spare time(as proven by this thread).
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  16. Flaxative

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    Do be warned that quite frequently timeracers' evaluation of a submission is drastically different from Aloyzo's :)
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  17. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Not surprising. I do hope though that the invalids for failing to follow the month's restrictions do agree with aloyzo(do they?).
  18. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    • This post contains misinformation about forum moderation policy.
    If only you could! But then you'd be talking about submissions which is against the rules and you'd be banned. Oh well!
  19. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Ignore this Stexe already. You can talk about submission ideas however you want(smithy thread is recommended), and you can talk about submissions as long as you do in private.
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  20. Flaxative

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    Most of them, though sometimes you don't seem to know that an item is themed after an existing monster when it is :p

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