Aloyzo's Arsenal #19: Drawback Design

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    We have a winner!
    @Pawndawan's Fumbledore's Stone

    Divine Item (lvl 8 Rare, tokenless)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What is Aloyzo's Arsenal?
    The wizard Aloyzo has finally decided to make himself useful, and is now enchanting custom items! The only problem is, he's pretty slow about it, filling only one order each month. He’s also a bit temperamental—every month, he may have some restriction on what kind of item he’s willing to make. Still: he might fill your order! Use the form below to request his services.

    (Disclaimer: Aloyzo is still quite maladroit. In addition to giving his customer the requested item, he probably also accidentally mass-produces it and scatters the copies throughout Cardhuntria.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Aloyzo's Arsenal #19 - Drawback Design
    this month's restriction: make an interesting item with a handicap card!
    submissions open until August 24

    # Order Form

    Every month, you have a chance for Aloyzo to make an item of your choice. To place an order for this month, make a post in this thread. Limit one post per player per month. When you place your order, you must include the following information:

    1. In-game Username
    This is necessary for Aloyzo to deliver your item.

    2. Item Name
    Aloyzo does not guarantee that he will craft your item with the requested name.

    3. Item Slot (e.g. Robe)
    E.g. "Robe" — Aloyzo won't craft your item if you do not specify this.

    4. Cards
    Aloyzo recommends that you only request cards already on existing items of the requested slot, as these enchantments are more likely to work. Dabbling is risky.

    DO NOT submit any accompanying explanation of why your item should be selected. Submit only the above 4 pieces of information. If you need to say more about your item, do it in the submission discussion thread.
    • You do not need to preordain the level or rarity of the item you're ordering, but @Vakaz has set up a tool to make such an endeavor easier if you feel like trying.
    • That said, items of particularly high quality may be too complex for Aloyzo to craft.
    (If your submission would be level 21+, it is unlikely to be selected.)
    • Also, Aloyzo isn't interested in crafting existing items, so please make sure your idea doesn't already exist in-game by consulting the wiki.

    # Clarification of This Month's Restrictions
    Design an interesting item with one or more handicaps (black cards). To qualify as 'interesting,' the handicap(s) chosen should not be irrelevant or forgettable. I'm looking for items that are worth running but have a serious drawback. Any level, rarity, and item slot. Ask in the discussion thread if you have questions about the design challenge. Good luck!

    # Clarification of Number of Winners
    Aloyzo will forge ONE winning item.

    Additionally, Blue Manchu reserves the right to pick any number of bonus winners at our discretion. Do not take this to mean we are likely to do so. The fact that we retain this option does not mean we will exercise it often, and it especially doesn't mean we're interested in hearing from folks about how their submissions qualified as potential bonus winners. (In general, advocating for your own submissions outside the submission form itself is heavily frowned on anyway.)

    # Rewards
    What you get if Aloyzo accepts your order:
    • a copy of your item, delivered straight to your inventory!
    • your item will also be released into the game's loot tables for all Card Hunters to hunt!
    • your name may appear in Card Hunter news!
    • you will also receive an epic chest, a gift from the smiling gods of Cardhuntria!

    # Questions
    Can I submit more than one item?
    A: If you want to submit multiple ideas, you have to do it over multiple months. Only one submission per month!

    Q: I submitted an item last month. Can I submit it again?
    A: Yes, but be warned that it might not be worthy of Aloyzo's consideration if it hasn't already been selected. Also, different months may have different restrictions, so one month's submission may not qualify the next.

    Q: Is there anything that will instantly disqualify my item?
    A: Follow the month's design restrictions and you'll be fine... but if your item name includes references to intellectual property not owned by Blue Manchu, such as Mickey Mouse or Iron Man, Aloyzo guarantees he will change it should it be selected for crafting. Oh, and make sure your design is good—it fits the game, doesn't break anything, etc..

    Q: You've historically only picked items I don't like. Explain yourself!
    A: Okay. Read this post for an explanation of the point of this contest.

    Other questions? Ask in the discussion thread.

    Please only post in this thread to submit an order. Thanks!
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  11. WexMajor

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    1. WexMajor
    2. Hammer of Curses
    3. Divine weapon
    4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    1. Voltaumento
    2. Unkind Rewind
    3. Arcane Item (lvl 15, rare)
    4. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Bouncer gloves
    Level 15
    Muscle through
    2xpressing bash

    Aka the version I wanted to submit before getting cold feets due to a pure move card on a weapon, and the one that felt different enought from pressing problems that I would have liked to submit to reject rounds if oy changing cards was allowed.
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  18. 1. cycosurgeon
    2. Drow Deviousness
    3. Epic Elf Skill Lvl8 Tokenless
    4.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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