Aloyzo's Arsenal #1 Peer Feedback & Discussion

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Pawndawan, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. hwango

    hwango Hydra

    Congrats to Pawndawan on the victorious entry! It does seem like a fun item, and I look forward to equipping an elven wizard with a pair of them...which is only a practical thing to look forward to because the item will actually be common! Awesome!

    Also pleased to see that my own submission was viewed positively. Looking forward to the next round.
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  2. Fortaleza

    Fortaleza Orc Soldier

    Human Skill LVL 8 Tokenless Uncommon
    Weak Block

    So this could be considered in next Aloyzo's Arsenal or it would be ignored (my last item got ignored so i want a opinion for this future submission)?
    Possible replacements:
    Forward Thinking in place of Leadership.
    Subtle Parry in place of Weak Block.
    Backbiting Strike or Weak Strike or Ill-fitting Armor or Obvious Maneuver in place of Slowed.

    So any combination would be considered?
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  3. Fortaleza

    Fortaleza Orc Soldier

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  4. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    I believe your item was not ignored by the devs. But regardless I can say I haven't ignored it, I just haven't posted my review on it.
  5. Fortaleza

    Fortaleza Orc Soldier

    Untrained Tactics
    Human Skill LVL 8 Tokenless Uncommon
    Forward Thinking
    Obvious Maneuver
    Weak Block or Subtle Parry (LVL 7 Tokenless Rare).

    It's probable the best was it flow another races good Tokenless skills, 2x Trait and a good item at the end. The only problem is that their 2x traits are Boost cards, and this one is Boots + Handicap.
  6. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    I was thinking that this thread would be only for past AA items, hence the topic name Aloyzo's Arsenal #1 Peer Feedback & Discussion and we would continue to use Smithy- Build your own Items to discuss about future items.

    Anyways, here goes. First @Fortaleza's AA#1 submission Behead:
    According to my calculations Behead would be lvl 12 rare (minortoken)(minortoken) weapon, so let's compare it to Rageblood Dagger & Eixocl's Hammer. Strong Bludgeon instead of Raging Strike / Lunging Bash? Yep, too powerful compared to current items.

    Hmm, I don't think I would want to see / use any gold cards (besides Jump, Soldier!) on tokenless human skills. But I think Forward Thinking would be more interesting, since it's currently limited to 1 / deck anyways.

    I really like the concept, but I don't think they would print this as a boot item. I would like to see this as a warrior's heavy armor item. :)

    This would be the first tokenless human skill with two traits, maybe a bit too powerful.
  7. Fortaleza

    Fortaleza Orc Soldier

    It's have Dancing Cut instead of Vicious Thrust to have less total damage and balance it, but devs did say them do not want new ("better") version of items and also do not want to boost Warriors, so i am ok with it getting ignored in video and do not care about it anymore.

    Yes, i did like one good tokenless Human Skill with Forward Thinking too.

    There already Leaden Plate Mail for warrior's heavy armor (no one use it was far i know), and this not much a item for warrior's that need mobility to get close to enemy and Encumber not good for them. IMO it's more to give a boost to defense of Priests and Wizard, Elf Priests and Wizard are super rare cause low HP, maybe this would make them more resistant/viable, and it would not compete with good Divine Armor or Robes slot. Guess Devs also do not want Wizard to have access to Heavy Armor but it's already possible to get Reliable Mail (Robes Of Foz, Raging Battler, Bertha's Big Clogs, Quellic's Boots, Kerrick's Steel Boots, etc ) and the difference not so big.
    Maybe a Shuffle at the end instead of Slowed so it cost a Token and it's similar to Kerrick's Steel Boots (but not sure if it would get used if that did happen).

    Yeah i want humans to have a tokenless skill with two triats like another races too, the only another good alternative (beside a totally new card) that i can make is:
    Dimensional Traveller or Hover
    Dimensional Traveller or Hover
    Weak Block or Subtle Parry

    But that if Devs let humans share the Arcane Skill, Dimensional Traveller would be a weaker version of Slippery, and Hover would let humans move over "difficult"/stopping terrain?
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  8. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Part 1 of the review is here.
    Page 4 of entries:
    #1:This would be the first tokenless item with cold attacks and makes for a nice staff. I approve.
    #2:This would be allowed in handicap quests but it seems too weak. I disapprove.
    #3:This would be a very solid tokenless human skill. I approve.
    #4:This would be the second (majortoken) token costing Divine item and would be a great item at that but it has 1 non-player card. I approve.
    #5:Looks like a cool weapon and the cards in it are strong but not synergetic to make it OP. I approve.
    #6:A very focused weapon but it has cowardly keeping it in check. I approve.
    #7:It is quite focused with solid cards but adds up to level 21 legendary. I disapprove.
    #8:This would add Mud Pit to the game and make a decent epic at that. I approve.
    #9:This would be like a (minortoken)(minortoken) version of submission #36 which I said was OP(#17). I disapprove.
    #10:Joke item is a joke, it is a level 45 if you were wondering. Invalid.
    #11:Too focused and is OP being a level 21 with 6x of Massive Chop which is also a legendary. I disapprove.
    #12:A good divine weapon against blocks except that bad luck is quite bad. I approve.
    #13:Too focused and the main card is very strong with 2 ouch. which puts it conveniently at level 17. I disapprove.
    #14:This would be the first divine item with 2 avenging touches but the nimbus should be a martyr. If it had the mentioned change I would approve.
    #15:Similar to submission #64 but costs (majortoken)(minortoken) instead with the black cards being good. I approve.
    #16:This would be the first arcane item with electric attacks but it wouldn't be competitive. I disapprove.
    #17:The problem is that this has 3 non-player cards and they aren't balanced. I disapprove.
    #18:Not only is wavering faith a non-player card it is not in the Cards file and the item is too weak. I disapprove.
    #19:Warriors don't get ranged weapons. I disapprove.
    #20:Not only does it have 1 non-player card it is also OP. I disapprove.

    Part 5 posted.
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  9. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Part 1 of the review is here
    Page 5 of entries:
    #1:It is only good in rare cases but it is the optimal level(21) to make it worthwhile in those cases. I approve.
    #2:I feel that paying (minortoken)(minortoken) instead (majortoken)(majortoken) at the cost of 9 damage and changing an eleven damage attack to a Penetrating Lunge might be a bit too good. I approve.
    #3:A nice diverse and strong weapon the real problem is that it is a legendary. I disapprove.
    #4:2 cards don't belong and the item would be too strong because it has 2 cycling cards and would be tokenless(level 3). I disapprove.
    #5:This is what I like to see in a racial skill. But I do feel it is tad powerful with having a parry, an obvious maneuvers, and a Run, Team! . I approve.
    #6:It has 2 non-player cards which don't belong in the slot. I disapprove.
    #7:This is a modified version of submission #39 which I said was bad(#20). Also this is a second submission(you didn't delete the prior submission). Invalid.
    #8:It has 1 non-player card but the idea is fun and isn't too OP but the Dangerous Maneuvers doesn't make much sense on a divine item. I disapprove.
    #9:Though Cooling Laser doesn't belong on arcane skills but I believe it is fine. This would be a good skill to get cooling laser but you were likely have all your majors on staff if you were getting them. I approve.
    #10:This would be a solid common if you were looking for whirlwinds and smoke bombs. I approve.

    Approved %: 39.77(rounded)
    Approved: 35 of 88
    Negative %: 60.23
    Negative: 53 of 88
    Disapproved %: 52.27
    Disapproved: 46 of 88
    Almost Approved %: 2.27
    Almost Approved: 2 of 88
    Invalid %: 5.68
    Invalid: 5 of 88
    This concludes my review.
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  10. Kerensky

    Kerensky Orc Soldier

    I got my first dynamic staff today. It's... nice. I really wish it wasn't two gold tokens though, that pretty much killed any chance of it seeing regular use because there are so many amazing two and even one gold one blue token staves. I guess it is just a common though.
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  11. I will definitely be trying this bad boy out in SP, on occasions when I might otherwise use a Stormstaff or Deadly, Deadly Staff. This one has comparable damage, the minor penalty from the Unstable Bolt, plus five step attacks, which I love: I typically have a second wizard carpetbombing the place with Volcanos, and this is yet another way to avoid mobility issues.
  12. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

    There's always a Surging Staff for (majortoken)(minortoken)
  13. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

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  14. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Is anyone going to say something about my item?
  15. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    There's nothing really that could be a good Jack of all trades trait, if you think about it. Unless humans get something like Lesser Contagion or some specific niche they can fill, I don't see them getting anything special.
  16. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

    There's only two other Arcane items with Illusory Barrier that requires (minortoken). I also love Gusts Of War. Overall I have nothing against your "battlefield control" item and would welcome it to the game.
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  17. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    I agree with j3st3ri. It falls nice between Phantom Pain & Round Jade Stone. I like that you managed to keep it only rare and still pack good selection of cards.
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  18. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Just for funzies I am going to organize the submissions from most likes to least in this post.
    Also I will assign them card qualities (like emerald or bronze).
    Amethyst: 20+
    • 23 Borvo
    • 21 Wildarm
    • 21 Jarmo
    Emerald: 12-19
    • 18 Neoncat
    • 15 Pawndawan
    • 14 Qivril
    • 13 CT5
    • 12 DunDunDun
    • 12 Xayrn
    • 12 Inkfingers
    Gold: 7-11
    • 11 Deepweed
    • 11 Kerensky
    • 11 Bandreus
    • 10 Vholes
    • 10 RedNebula
    • 9 hagr
    • 9 metabound
    • 9 Vakaz
    • 8 gulo gulo
    • 8 Scarponi
    • 8 VDZ
    • 7 Harvet
    • 7 billiska
    • 7 hwango
    • 7 Sir Veza
    • 7 Obernoob
    Silver: 4-6
    • 6 timeracers
    • 6 LieutenantCommanderData
    • 6 Pathy
    • 6 GregarFalzar
    • 6 Cottc Cid
    • 6 Drakkan
    • 5 j3st3ri
    • 5 Accent
    • 5 Juxtapostion
    • 5 Magus
    • 5 FrigusMacto
    • 5 Finial
    • 5 HD23
    • 5 killz1994
    • 5 myothername
    • 5 BlackSabbath
    • 5 ArnieBear
    • 4 visak13
    • 4 LeisureSuitLoli
    • 4 Souleye
    • 4 VermillionOcean
    • 4 Stormyknight
    • 4 Merdis
    • 4 esthkol
    • 4 Buntline
    • 4 Fortaleza
    • 4 MathuranF
    • 4 ClanCrusher
    Bronze: 2-3
    • 3 Magic Elves
    • 3 Sentient_Toaster
    • 3 Maniafig
    • 3 Mr. Magnifico
    • 3 BlackVoidDeath
    • 3 Mirkel
    • 3 hatchhermit
    • 3 arkfaint
    • 3 Krodis
    • 3 NIMABI
    • 3 Haxzploid
    • 3 NotYetMeasured
    • 2 ParodyKnaveBob
    • 2 Eren
    • 2 Booka
    • 2 WhiteSorcerer
    • 2 Robauke
    • 2 CKaz
    • 2 Shoat
    • 2 Dingding123
    • 2 Zoom3R
    • 2 Missile
    • 2 Reint
    Paper: 1
    • 1 mikey76500
    • 1 Keys
    • 1 ciopo
    • 1 Killer74
    • 1 Fifjunior7
    • 1 Arrombador
    • 1 JediMage
    • 1 Lucky Dice
    Tar: 0
    • 0 AngryPeasant
    • 0 Soltis
    • 0 poppijoni

    Rating Distribution:

    Average likes: 5.67 (rounded)
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