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    I agree with @timeracers; There's a reason why there's a wiki page for this game :rolleyes:
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    I wouldn't modify the damage count, only add a 2nd number in Parenthesis.
    I think that in a positionnal game, this information has more weight than others. And I agree that one can't weight in all those datas
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    Or just put the special feature in the parentheses.
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    Here you go with all the new Mitternacht weapons (as of 3.168.0), in case @LieutenantCommanderData wants to update the opening post. I briefly considered adding extra info about steps or special features, but with all the techs flying around I'd probably end up rewriting the wiki. Please do point out eventual mistakes or missing flails.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    52 Brutal Flail
    48 The Inquisition
    44 Final Sword
    41 Inquisitor's Pitchfork
    41 Talissa's Trident
    36 Snitrick's Last Stand

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    47 Stolen Torch
    43 Whirling Flail
    32 Silver Pitchfork
    29 Ravager's Cudgel
    12 Howling Pain

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    30 Dawn Lance
    26 Repelling Flail
    20 Patrolman's Flail
    19 Warding Dervish
    18 Yvette's Betrayal

    32 Grimsong's Scythe
    28 Heirloom Sickle
    26 Startling Flail
    23 Captain Cedric's Vow
    23 Painful Flail
    15 Pitchfork Of Shelter

    25 Trickster's Torch
    22 Blazing Torchsword
    22 Sturdy Torch
    18 Svitlana's Scythe
    16 Mithril Aegisblade
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    Howling Pain is 12 damage.

    Edit: That was fast.
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