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  1. Updated from Scarponi's original post. Laser attacks are assumed to roll a 3, and with this assumption in mind Push the Button averages 7.4 damage so I rounded down to 7. This slightly undersells laser weapons but I wanted to appeal to the pessimist in all of us. Anyway, here goes:

    58 Bejeweled Shortsword
    57 Laser Broadsword
    55 Chain Cutter
    54 Sword Of The Lion
    53 Energy Fist
    52 Trickster's Maquah
    50 Brawling Laser
    50 Petochl's Sword
    50 Traveler's Cutlass
    48 Barreling Club
    48 Shieldripper
    47 Powerpike
    47 Thick Iron Club
    46 Ruin
    45 Master's Battleaxe
    45 Moonblade
    45 Sundersong
    44 Dragonslayer Sword
    44 Mark 2 Broadsword
    43 Boarding Laser
    42 Sharp Spetum
    42 Marine's Cutlass
    42 Polished Plancon
    40 Bloodchopper
    39 Laserstick
    39 The Hacker's Wrench
    38 Bohemian Ear Spoon
    38 Zoltan's Laser Scourge
    37 Copper Spear
    37 Laser Spear
    36 Barbarian's Club
    36 Axe Of The Titans
    36 Tango Spear
    36 Quick Jon's Axe
    36 Sword Of The Winds
    35 Cryptic Laserstick
    34 Basher's Delight
    34 Reaper's Scythe
    32 Laser Bodkin
    32 Nova Axe
    30 Bronson's Halberd
    30 Hammer Of Bashing
    30 Hu La Houp's Vicious Circle
    30 Laser Rapier
    30 LoPiccolo's Lash
    30 Rapier Of Rage
    29 Killing Laserstick
    24 Pressing Problems
    24 Reap The Whirlwind
    24 Vibrant Pain
    24 Bec De Corbin
    22 Starknife
    21 Cat'Leth
    19 Dancer's Dagger
    19 Carver
    17 Laser Halberd

    56 The Hackmaster
    51 The Bludgeonator
    48 Powerful Sword
    48 The Tenderizer
    46 Colossal Hammer
    46 Slice And Dice
    45 Mazzaram's Mighty Mattock
    43 Long-handled Mace
    41 Riptide
    41 The Lunginator
    40 Enormous Mattock
    39 Unbalanced Greatclub
    38 Double-edged Sword
    38 Warrior's Mace
    38 Heavyweight Mace
    37 Warrior's Axe
    35 Nimble Hatchet
    34 Weighted Cudgel
    33 Gleaming Glaive
    33 Lead-pommeled Sword
    33 The Goldleaf Blade
    33 Silver Maquah
    32 Simple Axe
    32 Militiaman's Pike
    32 Blocking Mace
    32 Flashing Longspear
    32 White Katana
    32 Balanced Rapier
    29 Massive Club
    28 Stout Club
    27 Splintering Cudgel
    27 Sturdy Rapier
    26 Opaline Hammer
    24 Flametouched Spear
    21 Crazy Sal's Halberd
    15 Spear Of Dancing

    60 Mindless Aggression
    46 Infused Greatclub
    42 Zazhetl's Gray Blade
    39 Raxcotl's Hammer
    38 Bloody Battleaxe
    36 The Pulper
    36 Acrobat's Blade
    36 Weighted Shortsword
    35 Sword Of Loud Thoughts
    35 Quornic's Battleaxe
    34 Surging Battleaxe
    34 Heavy Maquah
    33 Glimmering Sword
    32 Thornhill Sword
    32 Rageblood Dagger
    32 Troll's Ire
    32 Hawlic's Handy Axe
    32 Bolg's Big Iron Plate
    32 Assegai
    30 Trickster's Blade
    30 Reliable Axe
    30 Adamant Shortsword
    30 The Perforator
    30 Brass Rapier
    30 Hefty Chopper
    30 Shieldpopper
    30 Itotia Blade
    30 Ztoli Branch
    29 Giant's Battleaxe
    29 Sharpened Pick
    29 Flaming Sword
    28 Club Of Devastation
    28 Shadow Spear
    26 Singing Glaive
    26 Burnished Blade
    26 Leather-wrapped Spear
    25 Gold-flecked Rapier
    25 Hand-held Ram
    25 Crimson Morningstar
    24 Puncturing Dagger
    24 Trident
    24 Enormous Axe
    24 Bolg's Club Of Evasion
    24 Devil Trident
    24 Angerforged Maquah
    23 Enormous Tree Branch
    23 Ettin's Club
    21 Light Mace
    21 Lochaber Axe
    20 Eixocl's Hammer
    19 Bruising Dervish
    19 Pirate's Rapier
    15 Axe Of Evasion

    45 Massive Harm
    42 Beater
    38 Maquah Of Ancient Blood
    38 Dangerous Club
    38 Obsidian Club
    37 Oversized Pick
    32 Darune's Dagger
    27 Porior's Nimble Mace
    27 Silver Rapier
    26 Marblehilt Blade
    25 Trogsbane
    24 Crummy Short Sword
    23 Crude Polearm
    22 Goblin's Club
    22 Piercing Pick
    22 Woodhome's Wound
    22 Blackeye Hammer
    21 Manhunter
    19 Club
    19 Mad Centaur's Spear
    18 Excellent Rapier
    17 Dagger
    16 Simple Dagger
    16 Lunging Spetum
    16 Atchocl's Spear
    15 Rotting Club

    42 The Strongarm
    33 Hefty Stout Club
    32 Leaden Maul
    31 Unbalanced Doloire
    26 Old Adze
    26 Kobold Killer
    26 Vinewrapped Cudgel
    24 Blazing Shortsword
    24 Thick Club
    23 Carved Club
    22 Bulky Club
    21 Heirloom Assegai
    21 Grey Rapier
    20 Keen Baselard
    20 Blunt Sword
    20 Cleaver
    20 Rickety Polearm
    20 Thin Poignard
    20 Flimsy Rapier
    20 Golem Cleaver
    19 Nifty Halberd
    18 Bare Knuckles
    18 Curved Sword
    18 Rusted Blade
    18 Woodsman's Axe
    18 Plain Dagger
    18 Stiletto
    18 Improvised Halberd
    17 Hatchet
    16 Shiny Blade
    16 Light Spear
    15 Lunging Glaive
    15 Slippery Sword
    15 Chipped Dagger
    14 Fool's Maul
    14 Dull Shortsword
    09 Blocking Axe
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  2. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    Between the extra 0.5 damage from rolls and the extra damage from handicaps it seems weird that laser weapons are rounded down.
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  3. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

  4. Vlamona

    Vlamona Thaumaturge

    Maximum damage for Laser strike in multiplayer: You roll a 2. You deal 9 damage. You draw Meltdown. You do 8 damage. To 6 characters. Over 3 turns. 9 + (8 X 6 X 3) = 153.

    Maximum damage for Bersherk Spin in muliplayer: You hit 5 characters with 6 damage and do one 1 damage to yourself: (5 x 6) + 1 = 31.

    Maximum damge for Laser Broadsword in mulitplayer: 654.
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  5. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    I like that idea to make laser attacks roll 3 every time in these calculations because malfunctions are genereally bad.
    Btw does Laser Strike with a roll of 3 and AoA do 17 or 20 damage?
  6. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    I think it does 20 damage.
  7. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    Erratic damage is added onto All out attack, though I'm not sure about punishing attacks or Anvil Strike.
  8. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Punishing attacks and anvil strike don't double with it. (that is why punishing attacks go through lifesaving block)
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  9. Interesting list... It'd be more interesting if you added how many moves each item has next to it though :p
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  10. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    What's more of an 'oh dear' moment is that I know the card make-up of like half of these by heart, yet I gotta use an app or Facebook to remember people's birthdays
  11. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    poor powerpike, best damage output of all range 2 weapons, but with the data that will be provided it will look mediocre.
  12. Galvatron

    Galvatron Orc Soldier

    I see my favourite Trickster's Maquah high on the list. Sadly no step attacks but for elf it can be devastating weapon, with three Parry piercing attacks and two Blows that blow through Realiable Mail and are easily capable of dealing same damage as Bejeweled Shortsword. And just like Bejeweled it's a common item.

    On a sidenote all those weapons that are capable of dealing more damage than listed value should have it listed, example not just "52" but "52+"
  13. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    Also, what I have always done: I have added x damage for penetrating attacks. Usually I've taken x = 1.5 but x = 1 would mean no decimals and also appeal to the pessimists inside us :)

    Edit: But there's no telling where to stop at. Can add damage to chops, Fiery Stab, hard to block attacks...
  14. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    That is true. Double rounding down seems not so accurate.

    Not only the moves are important, but also the standard deviation would be interesting. At least it is the reason why I dont like for example The Hackmaster, while Strongarm gets even better with that perspective.
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  15. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    This. Some items are better because they offer great consistency, while others are better because they are top-heavy but reasonably so. The former is better when you want consistent draw, the latter is better if your deck plays at a slower pace, keeping cards at the end of rounds. See Bejeweled Shortsword and Infused Greatclub.

    The idea behind Infused Greatclub is that you're going to lead with weaker attacks anyway, so in effect you're better distributing damage in consideration of blocks.

    The idea behind Bejeweled Shortsword is that you're going to have every hit be deadly. You can topdeck (i.e., draw from the top of your deck) a 11-damage strike more consistently.

    This is why items like The Lunginator are also viable. You have a top-heavy damage distribution with a tech distribution in the reverse direction. You will likely topdeck a techy attack if you don't have a heavy hitter. You can keep the heavy attacks at the end of the round while you topdeck your techy step attacks.
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  16. mfirpo

    mfirpo Kobold

    Is there a list like this for staffs?
  17. Aerendhil

    Aerendhil Ogre

    Has someone the will and courage to update post Mitternacht ? :)
    also , a synthetic indicator about range could be added (+1 for spear attack, +1 or +2 for step attack)
  18. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    If we do those then we might as way give bash something, and penetrating something, hard to block, when blocked deal damage, what about blocks, and chops, and traits, and blind rage effect, movement cards, large weapon, fiery stab, barge, purging strike, laser cutdown, anvil strike, clumsy chop, polearm slash, all out attack, charge, ...
    Too much complexity if we do all that.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2016
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