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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by XTrueFinale, May 7, 2015.

  1. XTrueFinale

    XTrueFinale Kobold

    Hi everyone

    I'm not sure how big an active community there is on these forums or the game for that matter but curious to know?

    Anyhow I'm up to the last adventure in the campaign and noticed that the campaign or items cap end at level 18. So far I have been a miser in my game and haven't sold any treasure loot that is worth more than 10 gold and just have been hoarding them. So my question is anything else I should be saving my gold for?

    I had a look at the rare item shops, and all the awesome looking gear all have an insanely high price tag...and I'm not sure if that's where I'm suppose to be spending my gold, and not sure if it's even cost-effective if there are alternatives that I don't know about?
  2. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    The current max renow level is 18, which you should be at least nearing if you're close to finishing the campaign. Because gold cannot be converted (back to) pizza, buying new items and signing up for MP leagues (50 gp each for guaranteed 3 gold chests, whether you play single match or not) are the only uses for that currency.

    And yes, epic items costs 500 gp and legendaries 2500 gp, they aren't going to down in price even as you get more renow. Watching threads like The Daily Deal & Rate my Randimar's Rarities will help you to spend your gold wisely.
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  3. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Off the top of my head there are only three ways to spend gold, on new items at shops, to enter leagues in MP and to buy chests.

    Shops - This is probably the most standard usage for gold, check out the faq entry on Shops to get all the details and make sure you're not over paying.

    Leagues - These can be worth entering even if you don't play (though they are lots of fun) as the last place prize is still worth the gold.

    Chests - This is usually not worth it unless you are just really bored or have way too much gold. Before you go an think have way too much gold, check out Neoncat's collection analysis tool to see how much more gold you need to buy everything you don't yet have :p

    EDIT: Oh and before you go and sell all your treasure, be warned it's the only thing you can't find in shops. So, if you're the collector type, you may want to keep one of each treasure (some treasures will never drop after the first time you get them). Eventually you'd be able to join this club.
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  4. karadoc

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    Legendary items really are super expensive - and most of them aren't any better than cheaper, more common items anyway. Before buying a legendary, you really want to be sure that it's something you want to use rather than cheaper items. As Pawndawan said, there are forum threads that can help you with that; and I also recommend browsing items on the wiki. For example, if you are considering buying Ozone Plates because you like the look of the Grounding Plates card, you might want to click the 'expand' button on the Grounding Plates page to see all the other items with that card to see if there is an item you'd like more, or a cheaper item.

    Rares are cheap enough that you can buy whichever ones you like the look of; but epics and legendaries are worth putting some thought in to.
  5. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

    I've only spent gold on shops and bought many legendaries from Randimars / The Daily Deal.

    As said above, if you're insecure what to buy, be sure to follow The Daily Deal thread. Also Peon's 200th Review Bonanza is a good read when visiting Randimars.
  6. XTrueFinale

    XTrueFinale Kobold

    Cool thanks guys so I guess the next and most common question would be now that I finished the campaign, what next? what's the best way to amass gold to get collect better items or simply to get better items?
  7. Rebel7284

    Rebel7284 Ogre

    play leagues. hunt loot fairy.
  8. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    My response to this type of question is always the same, play what you enjoy. Gold and items come from playing in some form, rather than worrying about what is the most efficient was to get them, focus on what are the most enjoyable aspects of the game. If you're having fun you'll play more and be less likely to hit burnout. That means, long term you'll get more gold and items by having fun than by trying to target a specific approach to the game for the sake of collection expansion.
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  9. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

    I like to see what Loot Fairy has to offer on a daily basis. Remember that you can encounter Loot Fairy twice a day. (even three times, but I haven't ever tried doing the things involving that)

    Other than that, I also usually play all the 2 battle adventures and sometimes lvl 1-8 adventures and hope that the Loot Bandit is in one of those.
  10. SirSrsly

    SirSrsly Lizardman Priest

    You can also spend gold on revives when you lose an adventure too many times. Useful for the more frustrating maps
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