AI hard missions and their quests

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    I found works really well
    I wish I had remembered the evil hourglass, that should have made things easier.
    I barely beat it though. Oddly I was down to my dwarf warrior and trapped in a corner with the cake and mini cake minions. Even though I was surrounded by cake and unable to move, the cakes kept using their move cards and taking damage from the "ready to strike" card.
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    Tomb of Saving / No party deaths (also fits for regular hard of course:D)
    Due to Telekinesis and Flash Of Agony nerfs - these adventures became some more tricky.
    (Though Swarm of Bats with minor token added in expansion, i find it easier here to use Teleport Self).
    1st and 3rd are very fast to deal with, 2nd requires some attention.
    Stage 1 items in spoiler (1st try)
    One of wizards teleports to VP and slide foe out of it, next turn take it and win.
    Same time priest blocks The Rock with him nimbused body or kite it.
    Good Divine Weapons here are also: Silver Scalpel and Arresting Torch.
    Tip: Entangling Roots do work on The Rock.
    /add: now i think for priest it might be better to take full deck of Entangling Roots/
    Stage 2 items in spoiler (couple restarts)
    Priest with nimbus keeping agro of all foes, wizards do build a wall trying to keep safe distance.
    Removing armor and using Flash of Agony time to time. Due to random spawn of enemies and bad draws might require restarts.
    Stage 3 items in spoiler (1st try)
    Priest rush to agro, removing armor from Phylacteries, dealing with'em with Flash of Agony and/or Volcano. Usually very fast stage.
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    I cant win the Free Engraving part of The Tomb of Savings, using the premade party.. Is there a guide for that? It is exceptionally annoying to have to kill all 6 Tombstones in the same round.

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