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  1. TheIvyX

    TheIvyX Orc Soldier

    You can spend 20 minutes in Quick Draw (per player) to pick your deck which usually takes a while just to setup. Losing feels horrible since you spent all that time just to lose, and winning doesn't personally feel good (unless you haven't already gotten your early golden MP chests).

    What if Quick Draw was actually Quick Draw and you only had half the time [10 minutes] to pick your cards? Better yet, what about a FOURTH [5 minutes] of the time to play a match? Although, this seems a bit extreme due to lag but that's the point. This would be nice to have as a means of thinking on your toes and act fast.

    Maybe call it Quicker Draw...

    You gotta be quick or you lose!

    Did your opponent play aggressive because they have a Mighty Bludgeon card or was it because it was in the heat of the moment?
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  2. mikey76500

    mikey76500 Hydra

    If I'm completely honest, Quick draw is already radioactive enough as it is WITHOUT making it even MORE luck-based.
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  3. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    I don't think reducing the timer is the right thing here. A past suggestion was to draw your card choices while your opponent is choosing to save some time. Or just have simultaneous drafting (is anyone actually watching what their opponents are rejecting?).
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  4. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    I personally never touch PvP QuickDraw because waiting for my opponents to pick a card is even more boring than waiting for them to play one. Reducing the timers would go a long way to making the process less tedious, though I'd personally rather have more PvE QuickDraw content instead.

    I never have to wait for good old Gary to make his moves. :p
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  5. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    How about splitting the difference for playtime. 7 1/2 minutes could be quick enough IMO. Throw a bone to the impatient or easily bored players to see how it goes. Worst case, it can be deleted from the rotation if it doesn't work out.
    If entirely new content would be too much work, revising the adventure(s) with the lowest play rate(s) might be a good way to test this.
  6. TheIvyX

    TheIvyX Orc Soldier

    7.5 minutes makes sense from a "competitive" standpoint, but I don't see it being a reasonable time since no other league has a starting time that ends with xx:30. Perhaps make it 8 minutes exact as a compromise.

    Decreasing the timer would increase the incentive for players to choose their initial cards faster, as mentioned from Maniafig:
    Aside from lowering the timer to make matches faster, the other idea that I had was to decrease the amount of cards a player can hold. This means going from choosing 7 cards to anywhere from 6 and below. To compensate, make the cards have higher qualities overall. This means starting out with green/purple cards (this immediately gave me the feeling of wanting to try this out when I thought of it). Maybe even make the current Quick Draw start off with higher quality cards.

    On the topic of leagues, is there a reason why their schedule is super-stretched out? It's 90 minutes to be able to enter and 90 or 120 minutes to play out your games, and each league is 5 hours in between. I suppose it's to make players more focused on Ranked matches, perhaps?
  7. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    And to be able to track match times. Every 5 hours is pretty easy to remember.
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  8. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    I voted yes, I want quicker draw. I've played QD maybe once or twice in the past year or two. Enter on a whim sometimes. I just don't enjoy any longer having to rebuild partyanddecks match after match after match.

    However, as always, I absolutely voice no to the time limit dropping: With 20 minutes each on the table, yes, someone can take 20 minutes to pick cards, but then one has 0 minutes to play them and loses; contrariwise, someone can pick any ol' rectangle with words on it in less than 1 minute total, then have 19 minutes to lose with whatever terrible, unplanned picks, lol. (The devs' line "Gary is hilariously bad at QD" never seems to leave my mind on this!) More realistically, a match may have a player take 3 minutes to pick cards vs. the opponent taking 8 -- leaving 17 minutes vs. 12 to play these cards.

    I want Quicker Draw but not quicker time limit (especially where it affects play). I would love for each player to pick asynchronously (choose at the same time instead of back and forth), but 1. the player who takes 3 minutes would then have to sit for 5 minutes waiting for the opponent taking 8, and 2. let's face it, the QD mechanic is akin to each character playing 7 modified Inspirational Thinkings in a row. Choosing the cards has to fit within the CH design and mechanics. Another note: newbies have to read each and every card to understand what's going on, especially with all the stuff one likely has not seen in campaign yet; that's 63 cards to choose from and another 21 played by the opponent -- needing reading time also squeezed into that 20 minute time limit.

    That said! We do have something of a quicker draw: Entropy Wars. Random sets of everything already prepped -- now play. Much, much quicker setup for each match. Maybe if Entropy Wars would replace some QD spots to show up a lot more than once-a-year-or-so... (...then maybe I'd actually play more leagues, heh.)

    @Scarponi's Walpurgis Night league idea has similar merit, dealing with randomness while having some idea what your opponent could be up to nonetheless. (For anyone who missed it: Each party consists of a dwarf, a human, and an elf, but each character only has one actual card in deck to draw: Walpurgis Night.)
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