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    Expansion has been released! Working on adding the new cards now.
    *Updated August 2015*

    So you keep losing at Quick Draw, huh? Well here is how to up your game. See next post for some tips.

    Now, for the lists below, cards marked with * have a potential to be better or worse depending on the enemy build/your build.
    Cards with ** are better or worse depending on the Races in play.

    So here is a quick guide to card drafting:

    Gold quality:

    Defender's Block, Toughness, Team Walk, Bless, Gusts of War, Volcano
    Basically, anything that can give you card advantage. 2-for-1 or better. Volcano is a brutal card and should always be kept in mind when facing wizards. Team Walk isn't as strong as it used to be, however moving all 3 characters is still very strong.
    Fireball, Surging Blast, Inspiring Presence*, Sprint, Team!*, Disorienting Block, Potent Spark*, Inspiring Armor
    Fireball can hit multiple targets, even ones out of your line of sight.
    Surging Blast is very versatile since it has movement and damage.
    Inspiring Presence can provide both fantastic healing and large potential card
    draw, especially for warrior/wizard. The key is positioning.
    Sprint, Team! can enable your team to take the VP on the first turn, to pin
    down an unsuspecting opponent with a melee character, or to reposition almost anywhere on the board. Value this card more highly when your allies are melee-oriented.
    Disorienting Block has great versatility overall. It blocks a card, it moves your opponent, and it moves you. Often this card is a 2-for-1 advantage and sometimes 3-for-1.
    Potent Spark has potential to hit extra targets but be mindful of the map, your opponent and your allies! It's possible to get Spark traits as well but be mindful of electrical Immune armor.
    Team Shift, Violent Spin, Muscle Through
    Impaling Stab, Mighty Bludgeon/Mighty Hack, Mighty Spark
    Duck, Absorbing Block*, Shield Block*
    Dynamic Armor*, Grounding Plates*
    Demonic Power, Leadership*, Forward Thinking, Dash, Team!*, Unholy Wellspring, Accelerated Thought, Jump, Soldier!
    Winds of War
    Violent Spin and Muscle Through are very powerful move cards, and their effects are unblockable.
    Impaling Stab ignores armor and has range 2. A very good attack.
    The problem with Mighty Hack is that it only deals 2 more damage than Powerful Hack, ~5 damage more than most silver. Unless you are sure you need the damage, you should consider taking another card.
    Absorbing/Shield Block are both solid Block Any 3+ cards, in addition to their bonus effects.
    Dynamic Armor is very versatile, especially for a dwarf.
    Grounding Plates have a very high armor value, and are strong VS wizards. For warrior (or priest) this will often be the best pick!
    Demonic Power can be used to give an ally a burst of cards to use against your opponents.
    Leadership can allow your characters to discard black/paper cards and racial move cards to access more of the good stuff. Use at your discretion!
    *NEW* Forward Thinking is now a trait, that allows you to keep an extra card in your hand each turn.
    *NEW* Winds of War has long range and should be used against slow dwarf opponents. Now that it pushes 3, it is much more effective (since most cards move 2 or less). Step 2/Step 1 and
    Push 2 cards are common but with Push 3 this card can be a big advantage.
    *NEW* Jump, Soldier! has great utility offensively and defensively. I would not underestimate the potential this card has, it may prove to be top tier.
    Quick Run, Reflexive Teleport, Teleport Self, Scuttle, Team!
    Polearm Slash, Powerful Bash, Penetrating Stab*, All Out Attack*, Invigorating Touch
    Barbed Platemail, Enchanted Harness*, Mystical Wyrmhide
    Consecrate Ground*, Greater Heal
    Arcane Shell*
    There are some strong attacks here, but not as good as the ones above.
    Enchanted Harness has rather poor armor value for a gold card when the best armors you can draft to combine it with are silver or lower. If combined with Thickened Mail/Crafted Mail it can be worthwhile but it is not reliable.
    Consecrate Ground can counter negative terrain, and provides healing and card draw, but it requires good positioning. Arcane Shell doesn't count against your hand limit (which is good!) but the damage boost is unpredictable (see below)
    Soothing Darkness, Slippery, Advanced Battlefield Training, Frenzy Aura, Arcane
    Aura, Horned Plates,
    Pathfinding*, Dwarven Battlecry^*, Scamper
    Slippery is bad, as mentioned, because it lowers the value of your deck and
    feeds you more silver and bronze quality cards. However, in some situations, this card is extremely good. What situations? Well, that's complicated.
    Horned Plates/Frenzy Aura/Arcane Aura are bad because you can't guarantee you
    will get the attacks you need to get the most value out of them. In some
    situations (no enemy wizards, open map), Arcane Aura has great potential but
    *NEW* Advanced Battlefield Training is now Cantrip, so if you get lucky with your other draft picks, you *might* be able to make good use of it. Cards like Sundering/Unnerving Strike or Reliable Mail/Resistant Hide could be quite valuable things to give.
    Pathfinding is another crapshoot. How do you know you'll even draft 2 move
    cards, let alone 2 good ones?
    Let's face it. You know when picking Dwarven Battlecry is your best option. Your
    dwarves- your opponent's dwarves must be >= 2.

    Black quality:
    Always Pick:
    Arcane Feedback, Slowed, Demonic Miasma, Weak Strike, Backbiting Strike, Obvious
    Maneuver, Travelling Curse*
    The best black cards are not traits. They can just stay in your hand, not
    forcing you to discard cards or take extra damage each turn. Travelling Curse
    can be bad when your party lacks hp, and even worse when your party has no
    healing/your opponent DOES. Obvious Maneuver usually has little impact in these
    tiny decks and provides consistency.

    Usually Good:
    Combustible*, Loner, Superstitious
    Ouch!, Mind Leak*, Vulnerable*
    Ill-fitting Armor, Large Weapon*
    Dropped Guard*, Cowardly*, Fright*, Brain Burn, Arcane Curse
    Demonic Revenge*, Trip*
    These traits highly depend on what class you are using, and your opponents as well.
    I would avoid taking Combustible, Mind Leak and Vulnerable if you are facing
    against any wizards at all. However, Mind Leak on a Priest with no magic is
    great. Similarily, Fright and Cowardly on a Priest with no attacks (and some
    other characters to buff/heal) is a risk that pays off. Loner damage is fairly easy to avoid.
    Lastly, Trip isn't too bad on a character as long as they have other ways to
    stay in a good position, like if they don't need to move (eg a priest support or
    control wizard). Trip is probably worse on Temple.
    Demonic Revenge is an awful trait unless you have a reliable way to heal.
    Large Weapon is terrible on most maps (but has no impact on an armor/block warrior), and less terrible on more open maps. On Temple the only good spot is the Victory squares. On Streams there are good spots at VP stabbing range.

    Silver quality:
    Move : Vicious Thrust, Nimble Strike, Dancing Cut, Surging Bolt
    Attack: Fiery Stab, Barge, Powerful Hack
    Block : Surging Shield Block
    Armor : Reliable Mail, Sparkling Cloth Armor*
    Trait : Immovable, Talented Healer*
    Wizard: Resistant Hide*, Wall of Fire, Ember Burst, Deadly Spark, Counterspell*
    Priest: Impenetrable Nimbus
    Racial: Run, Team!*, Elven Trickery
    Step attacks are the best movement cards of all. Always take what you can get!
    Yes, this is the only section where I put them into the Move card list.
    Fiery Stab is a great attack, especially against an unsuspecting enemy with Combustible or Vulnerable.
    Barge is a strong attack, plus you can control your opponents with it, keeping them away or trapping them.
    Sparkling Cloth Armor has great value on any character for positioning.
    Resistant hide is uber-strong when there are more wizards present (including your own!) and works great with Firestorm. Otherwise, it belongs in a much lower tier. Combine with Combustible for hilarious results.
    Wall of Fire has long range, duration and high damage.
    Counterspell is devastating VS wizards. Also see Forgetfulness below.
    I'll point out here that all Move, Team! cards are generally good but YMMV
    depending on your other two characters.

    Move : Escaping Run
    Attack: Potent Stab, Sundering Strike*, Unnerving Strike*, Feinting Strike
    Block : Hard to Pin Down
    Armor : Arrogant Armor*, Heavy Armor
    Trait :
    Wizard: Forgetfulness*, Arcane Burst, Arcing Spark, Short Perplexing Ray
    Priest: Team Heal, Martyr's Blessing, Cleansing Burst*, Unholy Energy
    Racial: Walk, Team!*, Elvish Insight**
    Escaping Run cycles, which can be useful. Arrogant Armor and Forgetfullness
    works best against wizards and sometimes priests, and Cleansing Burst will
    protect against terrain spells.

    Move : Energizing Move, Sprint, Healing Dash
    Attack: Strong Stab, Pressing Bash, Powerful Hack
    Block : Icy Block
    Armor : Crafted Mail, Solid Mail
    Trait :
    Wizard: Sizzling Bolt*, Boiling Armor*, Glob of Flame*, Cone of Cold, Frost Jolt
    : Smoke Bomb*, Flash Flood*, Illusory Barrier*, Punishing Bolt
    Priest: Inspiration, Cause Fumble* (Melee only), Boosted Heal, Healing Blessing
    Fire attacks are good, especially against vulnerable/combustible, but terrible
    vs armor. Terrain effects can be overwhelming if your opponent does not draft
    cleansing or terrain effects of their own. Illusory Barrier in particular is quite versatile.
    *EDIT* Boosted Heal and Healing Blessing have improved! Blessing is now fairly effective healing for the cost, not to mention the benefits of attaching. Boosted Heal can self target now, so it's a much better card.

    Move : Leap*, Jump Back*, Quick Step, Spin Around*
    Attack: Punishing Strike*, Touch of Death*
    Block : Desperate Block
    Armor : Flight Aura*, Spiked Mail
    Trait : Crusher
    Wizard: Acid Jet, Memory Loss, Perplexing Ray
    Priest: Wings of Faith*
    Racial: Lateral Thinking
    Jump Back is another potentially strong card. If you can get this on the right character, in the right position, against the right enemies, it can let you dodge spears and hacks repeatedly. Now that it moves 2 normally, it can be a pretty decent pick. Still situational though.

    Battlefield Training, Wall of Illusion, Elvish Scamper*

    Bronze quality:
    Move : Dash, Flanking Move*
    Attack: Shifty Stab, Lunging Bash, Lunging Thrust/Strike, Penetrating Lunge
    Block : Parry*, Jarring Block*, Dodge*, Catch Arrow* (Note the block types VS your opponents!)
    Armor : Thick Hide Armor
    Trait : Elven Maneuvers**, Hover*, Dimensional Traveller, Altruism
    Wizard: Telekinesis, Force Cone, Force Cannon, Hot Spot
    Priest: Cleansing Ray*, Triple Heals, Help the Weak, Purging Burst*
    Racial: Elvish Insight**, War Cry*

    Move : Run, Brutal Charge, Dodge*
    Attack: Strong Hack, Tricky Stab, Reaching Swing, Predictable Stab, Able Stab, Spear of Darkness, Controlled Overswing
    Block :
    Armor : Hardy Mail, Shimmering Aura*(VS wizards)
    Trait : Any bronze trait
    Wizard: Flame Jet*, Instant Burn*, Flame Spit*, Magma Spray*, Cold Snap, Dissolve Armor*, Melt Armor*, Arcane Beam, Force Blast
    Priest: Twin Heals, Entangling Roots, Mind Worm, Limited Heal
    Racial: Quickness Aura (Dwarf), Scouting Run, Shuffle, Team!

    Move : Cautious Sneak, Charge
    Attack: Trained Bludgeon, Startling Strike, Perforating Strike, Enervating Touch
    Block : Weak Block
    Armor : Chain Harness, Thickened Mail*
    Trait :
    Wizard: Chilling Rime, Fire Spray*, Jumpspark, Short Spark, Arcane Spray, Path of Knives*
    Priest: Light Heal, Healing Pulse
    Racial: Smashing Spin
    Thickened Mail has great value IF you drafted Enchanted Harness first. No exceptions.
    Path of Knives can be devastating depending on a lot of factors.
    And Smashing Spin does very low damage, very low movement. Not useful ...

    Acid Blast*, Shrug it Off, Hit the Deck*, Raging Strike, Whirlwind, Whirlwind Enemies
    Whirlwind and Whirlwind Enemies work fairly well for different reasons. In particular, Whirlwind *might* save your team from a Volcano, and both cards will snatch blocks from your opponent, in addition to ruining their positioning (or not). On average, they make things better about as often as they make things worse, so if used at the correct time, you can often benefit. Use at your discretion.

    Paper quality:
    Move : Walk, Dangerous Maneuver, Lunging Hack
    Attack: Stab, Consuming Spear
    Block : Weak Parry*, Pushback Parry* (VS Melee only)
    Armor : Officer's Harness, Toughened Hide Strips
    Trait :
    Wizard: Stone Spikes, Flash of Agony, Force Bolt, Firestorm*
    Priest: Purge, Savage Curse*, Curse of Fragility, Misguided Heal
    Racial: Skip
    Firestorm can wreck your own team if you aren't armored or have lots of healing. Conversely, if the enemy team is armored or has lots of healing then this card may be worse for you then your opponent.
    Savage Curse is an incredible buff on priests and wizards, who often get few but cheap ranged attacks (Demonic Miasma and Arcane Curse for example), and can easily obliterate a character who is exposed.

    Move : Shuffle, Wild Run
    Attack: Able Bludgeon, Penetrating Cut, Sapping Spear, Draining Touch
    Block : Wounded Block, Flimsy Block*
    Armor : Mail, Reliable Hide Armor
    Trait : Blind Rage*
    Wizard: Burning Fingers, Long Spark
    Priest: Cleansing Presence*, Minor Heal, Surestrike Blessing
    Racial: Block, Soldier!
    Flimsy Block is great for stopping cheap block checking cards (let's say you picked a high quality block card like Block Any 3+), it's also great for stopping Entangling Roots, Punishing Bolt, and any wizard control cards. Use against wizards, mainly.
    Blind Rage is either your MVC or the bane of your existence. Luckily, you always pick it last. Take it if you have lots of step attacks, few attacks, or you have way too much mobility already (team moves, 4+ move cards, etc).
    Cleansing Presence is great if you or your opponent have Volcano.

    Move :
    Block :
    Armor : Weakened Armor
    Trait : Squeamish*
    Wizard: Spark
    Priest: Armor of Faith
    Racial: Attack, Soldier!
    Squeamish is a cheap deck thinner for most characters, however it usually pops up on a warrior (Don't pick!) or a wizard. For wizards, it depends radically on your build. Remember, Linear and Burst cards aren't affected by Squeamish.

    Bad(*): Everything else.
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    A Guide to Quick Draw

    This isn't a perfect guide. You have to make smart decisions based on your team, your opponent, the map, and the cards you have already drafted.

    In short, you have to draft what you need, which is not necessarily the best card given to you.
    You could pack a warrior with up to 60 damage worth of attacks, but you probably won't be able to use any of those attacks if your opponent keeps him 2+ squares away for the whole game.
    Conversely, if you pack your priest with great support cards but few attacks, you might struggle to hold the VP and be unable to damage your opponents.

    Try to balance having both movement effects and damage effects on ALL characters.
    When given the chance to specialize or gain utiltiy/armor/block effects, consider your opponent and the game board carefully.

    Movement is great.
    Shuffle/Walk and all step attacks are VERY useful cards. Similarily, don't be afraid to take Run/Dash or any other movement cards, especially if you don't have any yet. Movement is really good! Make sure that all of your characters have 2 or more cards that move themselves or allies. Remember, if you can't move, you are probably toast!

    Armor is good.
    If you get a chance to get armor for a character with no armor cards yet, it might not be a bad idea. Armor is especially effective against wizards.

    Blocks are good.
    Cards like Hard to Pin Down and Jarring Block will slow your enemy down every turn you draw them. Sometimes they are the key to making a big play.

    Versatility is everything.
    Cards like Cleansing/Terrain effects are very strong in Quick Draw; they can be used defensively to foil your opponent's Lava and Water terrain, and they can be
    used offensively for when you use Volcano. Don't forget that Move Cards (Especially step attacks) are the most versatile cards of all!

    Card Draw can be very useful.
    Traits, and cards like Escaping Run and Cleansing Ray can allow you to recycle your decks and get to your other cards faster.

    Attachment cards
    Any cards, whether they be buffs or Flame Jets, won't go into your discard pile (and thus, back into your deck, and your hand!) until ALL copies are discarded.
    You can use this to your advantage, picking long-duration cards to keep your deck size small for 2-3 turns at a time.

    Look at your opponent's team.​
    -Facing wizards? Grab movement, armor and anti-terrain cards, along with Stone Feet and Immovable if you can. Forgetfulness and Counterspell are your friends.
    Force cards and step attacks are very versatile movement cards.
    -Facing priests? You want Purges and ways to seperate them and prevent them from helping allies. You need enough damage to outkill them before they heal themselves.
    -Facing Warriors? You want ways to keep them away and to strip their armor and blocks. If all they have are attacks, they can be dangerous but not if you stay
    out of range.​

    Once you have picked both of your Silver cards, you need to really start thinking.
    -What does your character need?
    -Do they have enough damage?
    -Do they lack movement?
    -Do they need armor, and should I take blocks if I get them?

    For all classes, remember that there are many, many Bronze attacks but few blocks and move cards. When given the chance, you should take a card that is useful rather than take another attack first. Your next bronze could be anything but it probably will be an attack.

    When drafting a Wizard
    In general, wizards get weak damage ranged attacks and terrain spells. Keeping your wizard alive to whittle down your opponents is the goal, so draft accordingly.​
    -Counterspell, along with high damage and terrain cards, should be meat of your Silver cards.
    -You often get Force cards and Telekinesis in the Bronze section, along with traits.

    When drafting a Warrior
    In general, warriors have many attack cards, so focus on either movement (aggro) or on building a tank (situational).​
    -You get high damage attacks in the silver section (7-11 damage), and still more high damage cards in the bronze section (4-8 damage). Therefore, focus on drafting cards that you need, because more often than not you will end up with some vanilla attacks.

    When drafting a Priest
    In general, priests have few attack cards, so you may have to ditch utility/healing cards for attacks if you don't have a character to fill a necessary melee role.​
    -Focus on getting the strongest utility spells in the Silver section. Cleansing Burst, Mass Frenzy, Martyr's Blessing, Impenetrable Nimbus- This all depends on your opponent and your luck of the draw.
    -In the bronze section look for Purging Burst if you need them, or Entangling Roots. Also, look for high-quality healing cards here rather than the Silver Section (Triple Heals VS Team Heal, Help the Weak VS Heal)

    Terrain effects can either be really powerful or really pointless. You should always have some terrain and counter-terrain play in mind.

    Fiery Stab and fire attacks in general are often good, especially against an opponent with Vulnerable or Combustible. They can be countered hard by armor though.

    Low-quality bronze traits can be very good. Even if you drafted Ember Burst/Wall of Fire/ Gusts of War, picking Spark Inductor will up your deck's consistency and
    give you more high-quality cards.​
    -I'm not going to list all of the bronze traits here, as it really doesn't matter which traits you pick as long as it improves the rest of your deck.​

    Never take more than 3/4 traits! If you hit the draw limit every turn it could be bad for you. If you do end up with too many, make sure you play every card you can so you can redraw two cards next turn.​
    -In extreme cases, you can take advantage of your small deck size to always draw your best cards. It requires you to pick the right amount of Traits, card draw effects, and attaching cards.​
    Similarily, picking Immovable/Crusher/Slippery is generally a bad move if the rest of your cards are not very good. However, Immovable itself can be a very strong trait in the right situation.​

    More traits!
    Cowardly/Fright and even Dropped Guard can be great on a Priest if they can draft some good support cards.

    Harnesses are bad simply because their armor value is poor, and unless you draft multiple armors it isn't worth it.
    Quick Draw (Temple)
    It's easier to get stuck in the narrow passages, and this map favors melee characters. Pick defensive and movement cards, but make sure every character has some attacks, pay attention to line of sight, and pick Burst or Linear attacks to hit targets you can't see. There are very few squares to choose from, but try to take a good position and don't get your characters bottled up behind difficult terrain or stuck behind a wall.
    Quick Draw (Streams)
    Stab cards and Bash cards, along with Telekinesis, Flight, Inspiring Presence, Flash of Agony and more have increased value here. The wide areas favor wizards, but you can still get pinned down if you aren't careful. You need two characters to control the central victory location and prevent your opponent's characters from bursting through.

    So that's all for now, folks.​
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    Nice guide, Jade.

    I think it can't be expressed enough how important movement cards are. Any attack that has a movement component should be highly considered over the other cards. I had a game where I drafted two Elven Warriors this way. It wasn't pretty for my opponent. I also had another where I drafted a single card like that for my Elven Wizard. It allowed for so many different tactical possibilities that I was able to take out an opponent's character 2nd turn. Plus, the movement attacks protect you from Volcano if you don't empty your hand.

    I'd also like to mention that Large Weapon is a horrible trait for QD (unless you're drafting a support priest). It is perpetually on your character. I emptied a hand of attacks and each one failed. I will not make that mistake again.
  4. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    This sums up my feeling on Quick Draw pretty much perfectly! I'd like to mention that if you're block heavy against more mobile opponents or don't have anything else useful in that set of three cards, Spin Around can also be a rather useful card.
  5. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Yes, I don't think I could have stressed the importance of movement enough in my guide.

    Also, I will have to add Large Weapon (which depends on the map) and Spin Around. Spin Around, Like Inspiration/Escaping Run, it's a good way to cycle your cards, assuming that those cards are good.
  6. Dracoste

    Dracoste Kobold

    You linked this in chat when I pointed out how much I like the format but wasn't doing so well. It was pretty funny when I ended up facing you a day or two later. (On that turn when you said, "But what if I Volcano?" I had Lunging Bash on each of my Elf Warriors). I had a pretty good set of cards that game though. It's not often that I'll turn down a Team Run.

    No more Demonic Revenge or Horned Plates for me. I like how you described why you're making the picks that you do, instead of simply listing them.
  7. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Ugh, I hit the 15000 character limit on both posts so I can't add any more to them.

    I think I will have to make a new thread...
  8. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    You could just add new posts to this thread and add direct links to them in the first posts. Thanks for the guide!
  9. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Welp I guess that means I'll be taking three or four consecutive posts, then.
    Better get started!
  10. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    Very nice guide.
    I have small disagreements about certain cards but overall very well thought out and very good advice.
    There is one major disagreement that I feel the need to highlight, Dropped Guard. Now obviously if you drafted a block/armor as a gold it is terrible... but if you didn't it can be a free trait as long as you avoid all defensive cards. It can be a risky strat but it is rare when you have to choose between 3 armor/blocks (happened to me once) and being all offense/support on one character works fine often enough to make it worth having the free trait.

    I would echo ALWAYS pay attention to the class make up of your opponents and ALWAYS draft at least 1 card with movement per character (great when you get down to paper and 1 is waiting for you). I think armor is only worthwhile against a team with at least 1 wiz, especially since mot people will draft the highest damage cards.

    One thing to note about drawing cards, you run a risk of having an empty deck and not getting a draw even if you haven't hit the limit. It only happens about 1 in 3 or 4 rounds so it is not a huge risk, but don't go all out on draws/traits, you need to have something to draw.
  11. Jade303

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    I'm sorry, what is your "major disagreement"? I rate Dropped Guard as 2nd best, "Usually good" tier.

    On a Warrior or Priest VS melee classes, you don't want it in case you draw a Parry/Pushback Parry/Subtle Parry, along with Heavy Armor/Reliable Mail to a degree. On any class VS wizards, you never want this trait on a character who may be exposed because they will get nailed, and you don't want to draft any Arrogant Armor, Resistant Hide, Hard to Pin Down etc because you will lose them some turns.

    Yeah, emphasis on drafting movement cards.... really, really important.
    And I am adding a section about the deck and discard pile in the next edition.
  12. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    No you didn't...
    To me that looks like you say it is bad, which I think is patently wrong... since it seems you meant it as a Usually Good, well I would agree with that. I am not as big of a fan of armor as you so I would always take it once, since having multiple defenseless guys is bad.

    I would agree about not using it against teams with multiple wiz, against 1 wiz armor is good but not as needed.
    I am not the biggest fan of Heavy armor unless it is an elf since you don't want to have a character out of the action for more than a round or 2, and in QD you will draw it it in the first 2 rounds most of the time.

    I think my opinions on blocks is skewed since I don't think I've have the option to draft Parry... ever. Taking Dropped Guard is a risk, but the payoff potential is high vs. taking a Demonic Miasma or Slow for example. It's like having an Obvious Maneuver without having to reveal, but taking Ob Man is a better risk.
    I also think Vulnerable is more likely bad than good (obviously especially against wiz) and not on this (not a criticism but an attempt to help) is Wimpy which I typically avoid on a warrior or wiz, but might take on a priest and try for a support type build.
  13. Jade303

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    OK so fair warning , this guide IS INCOMPLETE. Sorry , it's still on a notepad, I'm working on a new version which will quickly become outdated again. :p

    Heavy armor has a really high armor value, if it appears on a character that is a dwarf/ too far away /you aren't sure that you can move them with another character, then yeah don't risk it. But you have to use your judgement.

    I can't say that picking Dropped Guard over slowed or miasma is a good idea. Maybe taking Dropped Guard over combustible or loner, but I would always pick top tier over mid tier unless I have too many priests/warriors and I want to try a support/aggro character. I just emphasise on drafting good decks, not on drafting "support deck" or "attack deck" or "armor/block deck". You win more games by drafting the strongest cards, not by trying to make a character too focused. You try and focus only on support, you don't always get good support and maybe you are forced to discard a good card.
    It's just like Arcane Aura, sure you could get some awesome attacks and make Arcane Aura worthwhile but you can't guarantee you will get attacks, and drafting decks like that will lead to more losses than victories on average.

    Again, Wimpy is a paper card, so by the time it appears you've already picked your cards and you should have picked some attacks (unless you have some designated fighters and can afford a support priest). In quick draw, you can't always afford to draft no attacks though.
    Wimpy should be a super obvious decision when it pops up, but it tends to be bad more often than good.
  14. Jade303

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    Placeholder #1 for new guide.
  15. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Placeholder #2 for new guide.
  16. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Placeholder #3 for the guide.
  17. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    OK so this SHOULD be enough space (40,000 characters!) for the entire guide. Quite a few of the new cards are Emerald and sadly, won't see any play in quick draw. However, there are a smattering of new cards to be added to the guide along with various revisions**. Stay tuned!


    Laser Spray ***

    Flaring Laser **
    Laser Cutdown ***
    Destructive Purge ***
    Radioactive Goo **
    Radiation Bolt **
    Gene Therapy **

    Adaptable *****
    Cushioning Armor ****
    Auto Block ****

    Radioactive Spray ***
    Genetic Engineering **

    Pull The Trigger ***
    Push The Button ***

    Laser Strike ***
    Laser Bolt **
    Laser Burst **

    Laser Beacon **
    Mimetic Armor **
    Mimetic Crown****

    Laser Thrust ****

    Warp Run ***
    Rocket Dash **
    Telepod Jaunt ***

    Mega Laser ***
    Radiation Bomb ***

    Healing Beacon ****
    Force Field **

    And a bunch of emerald cards which won't be playable for the foreseeable quick draw future.

    ** I have been suggesting changing Invigorating Touch to Silver since before AotA. Also, since I was participating in the Beta for EttSC, I am aware that it is now a Silver quality card and it will be changed accordingly. By the way, it should rate as a 4/5 now.

    So... yeah. Thanks for the reminder Kalin.
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