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    Well here we are, back again. I'm sticking to my promise of sharing every party I build that hits 1700. At the time of the original post I'm a few points shy, but am sharing prematurely to assist some fellow guild-mates. I am confident this deck will easily reach 1700.

    If you're interested in my past decks, you can find the forum posts for them here and here.

    As always, its critical to note the rotation decks find success in. This deck is running rampant in the Citadel PVP Map Rotation.

    Without any further delay:

    [BLK] There Never
    Human Warrior
    Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 4.43.39 PM.png

    [TIE] Was A
    Human Warrior
    Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 4.43.57 PM.png

    [REP] Bodhi Tree
    Human Priest
    Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 4.44.14 PM.png


    I'm glad I finally have another build to share with you all; I'm even happier that this one has some more radical deviations from my last build (given that its still 2 warriors and 1 priest).

    There Never:
    This human warrior utilizes my most favorite new addition to my item collection -- The Strongarm. It is unreal how helpful it is to have such a strong tokenless weapon; if you have the chance, buy this sucker in the shop! The only weapon I recommend more highly is Vibrant Pain, which this warrior also happens to utilize to make up for the total lack of movement on The Strongarm. For the final weapon slot, I still find armor removal to be essential (as you can read about in the last build I posted [see link above]), and The Tenderizer is still my best bet. Yvette's Buckler is not my most movement-heavy minor token shield, but it is my best minor token shield that has some kind of movement on it. Chapeau Of The Afflicted Artist gives another movement, and a way to potentially avoid melee, which is prevalent this rotation. Hawkwind's Moccasins are my best 3 movement boots, with the Escaping Run on it being a particularly handy tech. Escaping Run is so good in fact, that I'm preferring these boots over some other "2 big movements plus 1 trait" boots like Vollmond Boots.

    Hard to believe, but at this point I've actually successfully compensated for the fact that 2 of my weapons have no movement. To pair with all the movement I do have I'm running Focused Dervish. Its there not so much to make use of the blocks themselves, but the blocks become dead cards that pair really nicely with my priest's Leadership.

    Where The Strongarm really shines is freeing up a major token for me to spend on Venerable Positioning. Delegate just wins games. Finally, Aranak's Chain Web is just my favorite minor token armor that I own.

    Was A:
    This second human warrior is where things get spiced up. I'm finally making use of a basher! Between The Lunginator, Zoltan's Laser Scourge, and Galvanized Zombie Helm (which I would admittedly change for a second Chapeau Of The Afflicted Artist if I had it) this guy is packing 8 Lunging Bash's. With the Bruiser trait from Focused Bruising they do a respectable 6 damage! Not to mention all that movement paired with Subtle Positioning helps get my other big hitting warrior into position. AND those bashes set up the opponent for my Laser Whips! Double-edge Sword is there to again pair with my bashes, letting me poke at range 2. The shield and the armor are standard, not much to even comment on. I like Mouse Boots here because the Flanking Moves help me get to range 2, and because they give me passing initiative going into the next round.

    Bodhi Tree:
    Ahhh the good old Bless priest. Love her or hate her, you must respect her. First, let's talk about what's standard. All Bless priests need major tokens elsewhere and thus usually run at least 1 Sacrificial Axe. I'm running 2. By running 2 I'm really freeing up my tokens for some major support, AND I'm making this priest more of an offensive threat. This is important because neither of my warriors have great blocking ability, and if one goes down I need this priest to be able to dish out some damage. For newcomers who don't see the value in Sacrificial Axe, or are afraid of the Vulnerable trait, just know that Pressing Bash does keep you remarkably safe. I'm also running Reynoldo's Boots so when opponents are tempted to target the priest down I'm able to not only escape, but also draw a card as punishment. A lot of priests like Cleansing Shroud as a way to clean up stray Bless terrain, draw cards, get a Greater Heal, proc their Altruism, and free up a major token for elsewhere. I'll take the the one less Holy card in exchange for the Cushioning Armor that Stargod's Raiments offers, as it almost totally mitigates my Vulnerable trait. 2 St Ulrich's Bones is pretty standard, but Flawed Healing Ring is not. It was the last item I settled on, and I opted for it because I had a spare minor token, definitely wanted something with 3 Holy cards for Altruism proc'ing, and because Purge is essential against some high level players that rely on traits. Finally, Alpha Positioning is nice because it again lets me reposition my warrior(s), it gives me some passive healing, Howl, in turn, creates cards that helps me in this priest's hybrid role of damage dealer, and because Leadership transforms dead cards like armor, unreliable blocks, and extra movement, into something more potent. My warriors aren't that heavy hitting, so its nice to be able to draw extra attacks when the opponent isn't expecting it.


    Thanks for reading. I'm especially interested in hearing some options that newer players can swap into this build, as helping them is my primary goal with these posts. I don't have time at the moment to pick my brain and come up with a less legendary-heavy iteration, so I'm outsourcing this task to y'all!
    Since you're just taking notes to beat me in multiplayer, the least you can do is help the new players out with some suggestions :p

    Cheers all!
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    Lol. $X^ D

    Okay, okay, fine, I'll try to help. $F^ D So um...
    In all reality, the problem with trying to de-rarify your build is that it's based upon Rare cards, and focusing on Rare cards often requires Legendary items.

    I mean, like, There Never (the Strong Hack warrior) could swap some tokens by replacing Vibrant Pain with Howling Pain and The Tenderizer with The Inquisition (two Epics instead of two Legendaries), but you're still stuck filling the third Weapon slot. I know there's no real substitute for Focused Dervish, at least in tokenless options, but maybe a less rare (and tokenless) Heavy Armor could free up some power for a Rare Blackeye Hammer or Epic Grimsong's Scythe or Epic Maquah Of Ancient Blood.

    On the other hand, Was A (the Lunging Bash warrior) seems to need a whole rewrite if you start replacing stuff, especially if you want those Laser Whip finishers. Looking through the wiki, maybe Epic Scourge Of The Overmind + Epic Exocl's Hammer + Rare Goblin's Club/Rotting Club? You'd probably want to stack more party-wide Leadership, though... Yeah, I don't really see Was A getting lots of substitutes without a complete change-up into something else.

    That's my 2 gold coins' worth anyway.
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    I appreciate it! I think you've hit the nail on the head. Its a hard task, which is admittedly the primary reason I avoided it. But here are some quick "run of the mill" options for brand new players that want to use 2 warriors:

    There Never could run something like:
    Howling Pain
    Bejeweled Shortsword
    Double-edge Sword

    This is a totally reasonable weapons set-up that actually has more movement and a very similar damage output. Also two strong range 2 penetrating stabs to somewhat dodge the armor problem.

    For Was A Eixocl's Hammer is a great alternative! TBH, this is the first Bash warrior I've had success with for a reason -- its not a very strong niche for warriors, especially in the "budget" realm. Probably better off running 2 Double-edge Sword for more penetration through armor, especially if you're pairing it with the changes above. I think Leadership still pairs really nicely with Double-edge users, because some of those cards are underwhelming. For the third slot maybe chuck in some Bashes just to keep this guy at range 2, or try some Unnerving Strike options for block removal. Tossing on your best legendary can sometimes be valid too. Of course, if you're brand new to the game another Bejeweled Shortsword could be in order.

    It should also be noted that this Bless priest is really strong because she is really focused. If your item collection is thin, items with Bless aren't always the best "splashable" options. Bless is good here because I can reliably get it down by round 2 or 3, keep it down the rest of the game, move opponents off it, and clean up the spares with Cleansing Ray (which in itself has major draw power). I assume Impenetrable Nimbus is still pretty splashable in low level meta and would pair nicely with a priest who had 4 Vulnerables but also wanted to get up close and deal damage.
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