2 queries - access to Celestial Path and the pirate skins

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by CKaz, Sep 14, 2022.

  1. CKaz

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    So I'm diving back in and trying to catch up with everything - a lot remains the same, but enough is rebalanced (more than a few passes) or different (have to dip into crafting yet) I have some work to do.

    Celestial Path is one where I own that [and what looks like all the modules, I thought I might have had one to buy] yet The Hidden Celestial Path is locked. Now I read Cardstock 2 secret preview is supposed to unlock it, but I did that long ago. Am I bugged, should I try doing it again, has that changed...?

    [I bought all the modules available to me back in the day but I had hoped there were more to get, ngl]

    Checking out Cuthbert's Costumes, I can buy all the skins I don't have for pizza if I want, outside of Pirates surrounded by thick chains. I just fought and 'freed' the pirates as part of the new Pirate quest chain, but maybe I'll just keep plodding - are unlocking these related to the new [free] module series or no?

    Well good for now, I'm sure I'll have other questions soon :)

    Cheers! CKaz
  2. CKaz

    CKaz Goblin Champion

    So I did Cardstock 2 again and it's still locked, doesn't seem to be a Celestial Forge module [craft expansion related I take it], is this treasure hunt pizza buy only?
    I'd always buy the modules so this might even be a first, though I can't be sure as it has been so long lol.

    Imagine there is 3 [only] so will the 40+60 pizza cover them all or is there more afterwards, which might also be only available to individual pizza purchases?

    Edit - hmm maybe I've found the answer, 2 separate treasure hunts [of 3 ea] to buy if I have it right?

    Edit edit - I think I did all up through AI, but never got Castle Mitternacht, was it a buyable expansion?
    Where does it start/can I still do it? Not really seeing that on the map and I don't see it for sale on Steam [shows the 4 I did buy and they seem to be all the ones available].

    Ty! CKaz
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  3. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    If I'm reading the adventure file right, Castle Mitternacht is three modules, one free. Beat Metallic Monstrosity (free) to find CM (northwest corner of map).

    Celestial Forge is two modules, have to pay for both.

    Eastpass is seven modules, all free.

    Note that in game terms, "unlock" means it shows up on the map. You always have to pay pizza or buy a bundle to remove the lock icon.

    And you need to beat all of Eastpass to get the figures.

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